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Name: Randolph James

Birth: 12/12/1844 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA

Death: 18 Apr 1914 Zalma,Bollinger,Missouri,USA

Father: William James

Mother: Catherine "Cassie" Lawson


Birth: 18 Mar 1928 Oklahoma

Death: 27 Jul 2008 Lenapah, Nowata, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Noah M James

Mother: May Eula Shufeldt

Name: Randolph Edward James

Birth: 12 Mar 1925 Terrel, Lee County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 17 Jul 1982 Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA

Father: Henry Adolph James

Mother: Ruthie Bateman

Name: Randolph James

Birth: 20 May 1892 West Virginia,United States of America

Death: 30 Aug 1962 Grant, Indiana, United States

Father: David D James

Mother: Mary Jane Denton

Name: Randolph Ellis James

Birth: 02 May 1873 Portsmouth, Norfolk County, Virginia, USA

Death: 21 Jul 1951 Portsmouth, Virginia

Father: Randolph Benjamin James

Mother: Sarah Ellen Ball

Name: Randolph james

Birth: 05//0/2/24 Pender, North Carolina

Death: 11//0/1/88 NC

Father: Rogers James

Mother: Signora Lee

Name: Randolph james

Birth: 1750 West Witton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 1815 West Witton, North Yorkshire, England

Father: Abraham James

Mother: Ann Holmes

Name: Randolph William James

Birth: 8 Jul 1899 Clifford, Pennsylvania

Death: 15 Jan 1955 Blakely, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Simeon Riker

Mother: Margaret James

Name: Randolph C James

Birth: 11 Feb 1857 Kentucky

Death: 7 Mar 1919 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: John James

Mother: Sarah Sallie Moore

Name: Randolph James

Birth: 18 MAR 1928 Lenapah, Nowata, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 27 JUL 2008 Lenapah, Nowata Co., Oklahoma, USA

Father: Noah James

Mother: Eula Mae Shufeldt

Name: Randolph Milton James

Birth: 4 Oct 1910 Virginia

Death: 6 December 1972 Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, USA

Father: Harry Nelson James

Mother: Ida Belle Henry

Name: Randolph James

Birth: 1899 New Brunswick

Death: Not Available

Father: William James

Mother: Elizabeth James

Name: Randolph Benjamin James

Birth: Nov 4 1833 North Carolina

Death: Nov 30 1887 Portsmouth, Virginia

Father: Nathaniel James

Mother: Mary F ELLIS

Name: Randolph James

Birth: January 1870 West Witton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Mar 1932 Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: William James

Mother: Josephine Mason Collinson

Name: Randolph James

Birth: abt 1914 Georgia

Death: Not Available

Father: Haskell Emory James

Mother: Mary Whitmire

Name: Randolph Arthur James

Birth: 13 Jul 1925 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA (Watts

Death: March 30, 1989 San Jose, Santa Clara, California, USA

Father: Simon Ernest James

Mother: Laura Barnett

Name: Randolph James

Birth: 1916 South Carolina, USA

Death: 16 Mar 1990

Father: Jim S James

Mother: Martha James

Name: Randolph James

Birth: 20 May 1892 West Virginia,United States of America

Death: 30 Aug 1962 Grant, Indiana, United States

Father: David (Davy) (Daniel) James

Mother: Mary Jane Denton

Name: Randolph James

Birth: 090943 South Carolina, USA

Death: 06 17 1990 South Carolina, USA

Father: Johnny Randolph

Mother: Private

Name: randolph James

Birth: 4/20/1958 Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina, USA

Death: jan 27/2008 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Elizabeth Jones

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