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Results for "robert french"

Name: Robert L French

Birth: 05/07/1861 North Orange, Franklin, Ma

Death: 1951/02/26 Glen Falls, NY

Father: Josiah Adams French

Mother: Emeline Ermina Nourse

Name: Robert Verle French

Birth: 6 Jan 1935 California, USA

Death: 3 Feb 1985 Sacramento, California, USA

Father: Harry Angus French

Mother: Mary Vayle Cook French

Name: Robert Nelson French

Birth: October,15 1923 Sardis (Mason County), Mason County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 16 April 2002 Sardis, Kentucky, USA

Father: Hugh Jefferson French

Mother: Nancy Jane Buckner

Name: Robert A French

Birth: 1906 Kansas

Death: December 23, 1982 Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Father: Harry Paul French

Mother: Emma Lorena Andrew

Name: Robert Thomas French

Birth: 1836 Stewart, Tennessee, United States

Death: 7 Dec 1908 Stewart, Tennessee, United States

Father: Samuel French (MaryA)

Mother: Mary Ann Jackson

Name: Robert French

Birth: 19 Nov 1921 Toledo Lucas, Ohio

Death: Aug 1978 Northwood, Wood County, Ohio, USA

Father: Raymond Silvester French

Mother: Irene Anderson

Name: Robert Joseph French

Birth: 1927 Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, USA

Death: 02 Aug 2009 Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina, USA

Father: Robert Joseph French

Mother: Florence Charitina Sheridan

Name: Robert Philmore French

Birth: 11 May 1885 Richlands, Tazewell, Virginia, USA

Death: 21 Aug 1915 Ada, Mercer, W-Vr

Father: John French

Mother: Harriett J Lynch

Name: Robert Lee French

Birth: 30 Aug 1892 Randell, Jewell Co, Kansas

Death: 12 August 1963 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Robert Berry French

Mother: Juliette E. Andrews

Name: Robert French

Birth: 1747 Maulden Bedfordshire, England

Death: 1808 Maulden, Bedfordshire, England

Father: John French

Mother: Elizabeth Cud

Name: Robert French

Birth: 01 Nov 1778 Rye, Sussex, England

Death: 11 Oct 1845 Bexhill, Sussex, England

Father: Joseph French *

Mother: Lydia Guest

Name: robert french

Birth: 1931 Sweetwater, Nolan, Texas, USA

Death: 17 Oct 2014 kanfman, Texas, USA

Father: Tom Taylor French

Mother: Willow Dean Reagan

Name: Robert Wayne French

Birth: 21 May 1932 Estill, Kentucky, USA

Death: 18 September 2016 Eaton, Preble County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Ernest French

Mother: Katherine May Hunt

Name: Robert E French

Birth: Jan 1845 Connecticut

Death: 14 Feb 1917 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Israel French

Mother: Caroline Tolles

Name: robert french

Birth: 29 Oct 1862 Potterspury, Northants

Death: Dec 1935 Southam (6d 994)

Father: George French

Mother: Ann Smith

Name: Robert James French

Birth: 2 Nov 1857 Pickering, , Ontario, Canada

Death: 17 Jul 1916 York, Ontario, Canada

Father: James French

Mother: Janet Rae

Name: Robert French

Birth: 30 Aug 1878 Kentucky, United States

Death: 16 Feb 1969 Flint, Genesee County, Michigan

Father: Gordon French

Mother: Kiziah F. Moore

Name: Robert I French

Birth: 8 Apr 1876 Plainfield, Bremer, Iowa, USA

Death: 19 MAY 1913 Clarksville, Butler Co., IA

Father: William Henry French

Mother: Eliza Scott French

Name: Robert L French

Birth: 1868 Georgia

Death: 29 Nov 1938 Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida, USA

Father: Robert French*

Mother: Susannah Gilley*

Name: Robert A. French

Birth: 16 Oct 1929 Cortez, Colorado

Death: 15 February 2002 Waterflow, San Juan, New Mexico, United States

Father: Robert Andrew French

Mother: Marie Elizabeth Wilson

Name: Robert Reason French

Birth: 06 Feb 1864 Van Zandt County, Texas

Death: 31 Oct 1939 Dallas, Texas

Father: James P French

Mother: Susan Hollowaa

Name: Robert FRENCH

Birth: abt 1866 Illinois

Death: 25 Apr 1939 Inglewood, Los Angeles, California

Father: Robert Herbert FRENCH

Mother: Eliza Jane Matheny

Name: Robert A French

Birth: 14 Aug 1862 Tennessee, United States

Death: 18 Dec 1918 Spink, South Dakota

Father: Anderson Glass FRENCH

Mother: Martha Jane STANTON

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