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Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: 10 February 1591 Pitsford, Northamptonshire, England

Death: 14 Jun 1670 Worcester, Worcestershire, England

Father: Edmund Skinner

Mother: Bridget Ratleiffe

Name: Robert SKINNER

Birth: 1 May 1801 Ash Priors, Somersetshire, England

Death: May 23, 1883 Champaign Co, IL

Father: John Skinner

Mother: Elizabeth Joyce

Name: Robert Carroll Skinner

Birth: 3 Oct 1924 Nogal Mesa, Lincoln, New Mexico, United States

Death: 2 November 1977 Houston, TX

Father: Robert Conda Skinner

Mother: Ethel Olive Greer

Name: Robert Arlon Skinner

Birth: 19 SEP 1890 Roby,,TX

Death: July,31,1991 Medford, Jackson, Oregon, USA

Father: John David Skinner

Mother: Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Weatherby

Name: Robert Wallace Skinner

Birth: 19 Jul 1920 Phelps, Ontario, New York, USA

Death: 24 Dec 2009 Geneva, Ontario, New York

Father: Edney Milton Skinner

Mother: Bertha Mitchell

Name: Robert Conda Skinner

Birth: 18 Apr 1885 Bonito, Lincoln, New Mexico

Death: 3 Aug 1931 Carlsbad, Eddy, New Mexico, United States

Father: Rev. John Henry Skinner

Mother: Pinkie Alice Skinner

Name: Robert Thomas Skinner

Birth: 31 Aug 1846 Union County, Kentucky

Death: 15 Oct 1914 Webster County, Kentucky, USA


Mother: Susannah Jane (Susan) Dye

Name: Robert Jasper Skinner

Birth: 02 Jan 1851 Jonesboro, Missouri, United States

Death: 2 March 1942 Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA @ dtr Lulu Dawson's home

Father: Richard Cornelius Skinner

Mother: Ann Elizabeth "Aneliza" Dent

Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: 03 Jun 1824 St Johns, Newfoundland, North America

Death: 24 Oct 1913 Leyton, London, , England

Father: Thomas Skinner

Mother: Anne May

Name: Robert Mills SKINNER

Birth: 08 MAY 1926 Neenah, Winnebago Co, WI

Death: 06 AUG 1981 Thousand Oaks, Ventura Co, CA

Father: Robert Emory Skinner

Mother: Bernice Elizabeth BROWN

Name: Robert J. Skinner

Birth: Mar 1792 Carlisle, PA

Death: 26 June 1849 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States

Father: Robert Skinner

Mother: Unknown Jones

Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: 31 January 1772 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey

Death: 23 February 1856 Somerset, Perry County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: John I. Skinner

Mother: Rebecca Todd

Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: 7 July 1915 Strawn, Livingston, Illinois, USA

Death: 17 September 1965 Crystal Lake, McHenry, Illinois, USA

Father: Robert SKINNER

Mother: Emma K. Peterson

Name: Robert SKINNER

Birth: 28 Oct 1883 Strawn, Livingston, IL

Death: 6 Dec 1959 Livingston County, Illinois

Father: Hiram Root SKINNER

Mother: Alice Adelia Page

Name: Robert Henry Skinner

Birth: 11 July 1854 Georgia, USA

Death: 11 JUN 1936 Neshoba co, MS

Father: John William SKINNER-JEN-+

Mother: Louisa Sarah Brooks

Name: Robert Nelson Skinner

Birth: 9 March 1881 Carbon Cliff, Rock Island County, Illinois, USA

Death: 13 June 1972 Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota, USA

Father: Julius Cezar Skinner

Mother: Ella Augusta Stevens

Name: Robert Emory Skinner

Birth: 11 Aug 1898 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 20 Aug 1960 Los Angeles

Father: Alfred Mills Skinner

Mother: Mary Robertina... Chapple

Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: 17 Jul 1775 Harbourton, Mercer, New Jersey, United States

Death: 10 May 1836 Hope Twp, Warren Co, New Jersey

Father: James Skinner

Mother: Mary Butler

Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: abt 1822 Barrowford, Lancashire, England

Death: 24 Mar 1890 Barrowford, Lancashire, England

Father: William Skinner

Mother: Susan Brown

Name: Robert Henry Skinner

Birth: 1840 Clyst St George, Devon, England

Death: 24 Nov 1919 Bristol, England

Father: Robert SKINNER

Mother: Mary Hollway

Name: Robert Hiram Skinner

Birth: 12 Sep 1901 Newton County, Mississippi

Death: 25 May 1925 Laurel, Jones, Mississippi, USA

Father: Robert Hugh Skinner

Mother: Lelia Elizabeth Shepherd

Name: Robert Battaile Skinner

Birth: January 26, 1842 Caroline, Virginia, United States

Death: November 11, 1922 Port Royal, Caroline, Virginia, United States

Father: James Skinner

Mother: Susan Perry

Name: Robert Mc Kay Skinner

Birth: 5 Feb 1858 Thurso, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 25 May 1954 Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Skinner

Mother: Jessie McKay

Name: Robert Charles Skinner

Birth: 16 June 1815 Tower Hamlets, London

Death: 17 Mar 1894 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Father: Josiah Skinner

Mother: Lydia Aldridge

Name: Robert Skinner

Birth: 30 Jan 1815 New York, USA

Death: 8 Dec 1892 Brodhead, Green, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Robert (William) Skinner

Mother: Susanna Macomber

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