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Name: Robert Ernest Pratt

Birth: 12 Nov 1927 Los Angeles, California

Death: 12 May 1986 Westminister, Orange, CA

Father: William Thomas Pratt

Mother: Josephine Frances "Babe" Dimino

Name: Robert Earl Pratt

Birth: 25 Mar 1900 Jack, Dent, Missouri, USA

Death: 24 Oct 1976 Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas, USA

Father: Robert Benton Pratt

Mother: Anna Eva Allen

Name: Robert F. Pratt

Birth: 29 Oct 1924 Waukegan, IL

Death: 13 May 1987 Waukegan, IL

Father: Robert Westin Pratt

Mother: Anne Elizabeth Nitsch

Name: Robert Thomas Pratt

Birth: 17 May 1924 Allen, Ohio, United States

Death: 1997 N. Hollywood, CA, USA

Father: George Lionel Pratt

Mother: Gladys Marie Rutledge

Name: Robert Wilson Pratt

Birth: July 10,1917 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 10 Dec 1989 Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Charles Eckert PRATT

Mother: Mildred Fearman Graham

Name: Robert Isaac Pratt

Birth: 8 March 1875 North Gower, Ontario

Death: 19 May 1930 Ottawa, ON

Father: Isaac Pratt

Mother: Sarah Pettapiece

Name: Robert Milton Pratt

Birth: 3 Mar 1874 Novelty, Knox, Missouri

Death: 20 Dec 1940 Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas

Father: John Pratt

Mother: Celia Frances White

Name: Robert Lee Pratt

Birth: 23 Jul 1873 Wayne, Kentucky, USA

Death: 2 Jun 1955 Fresno, California, USA



Name: Robert Elmer Pratt

Birth: 15 Mar 1876 Warren, Ohio, USA

Death: 25 Dec 1959 Hillery-Batestown, Vermilion, Illinois, USA

Father: Robert Pratt

Mother: Sarah E Wharton

Name: Robert Ervin Pratt

Birth: 15 JUN 1935 Robertson, Tennessee

Death: 05 Jul 1997 Buried in Martins Chapel Cemetery, Robertson Co., Tennessee

Father: Robert Ervin Pratt

Mother: Ruby Pauline Glover

Name: Robert Pratt

Birth: 12 December 1845 Brandon, Rutland County, Vermont, USA

Death: 8 August 1908 Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Sidney Wright Pratt

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Harkness

Name: Robert Fulton Pratt

Birth: 31 Jan 1887 Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA

Death: 25 DEC 1960 Cleveland, OH

Father: George Pratt

Mother: Alice Ella Taylor

Name: Robert Wilson Pratt

Birth: 30 Sep 1826 Athens, Athens, Ohio, USA

Death: JUL 1888 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Capt. David Pratt

Mother: Julia Perkins

Name: Robert Frederick Pratt

Birth: abt 1899 Upper Holloway, London, England

Death: Mar 1967 Redbridge, Greater London, England

Father: Edward Henry James Pratt

Mother: Kate Lovegrove

Name: Robert "the younger" PRATT

Birth: 03 Jul 1786 Colyton, Devon, England

Death: 17 Sep 1854 Delavan, Tazewell County, Illinois, USA

Father: Robert Pratt

Mother: Elizabeth HODGE

Name: Robert Pratt

Birth: abt 1813 England

Death: 09 May 1875 Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia

Father: Richard Hodge PRATT

Mother: Ann ALLEN

Name: Robert Pratt

Birth: 1865 Orton, Westmorland, England

Death: 15 Dec 1932 Tebay, Westmorland, England

Father: James Pratt

Mother: Annis Morphet

Name: Robert Pratt

Birth: 09 Aug 1719 Smallburgh, Norfolk, England

Death: 11 Sep 1794 Smallburgh Workhouse, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England

Father: John Pratt

Mother: Mary Maryson

Name: Robert Lindsay Pratt

Birth: 1 December 1847 Greenwood, Greenwood, South Carolina, United States

Death: 17 Jun 1897 Ninety Six, Greenwood, South Carolina, United States

Father: John Laurens Pratt

Mother: Mary KAY Pratt

Name: Robert Delaney Pratt

Birth: 22 Feb 1889 Terrell, Kaufman, Texas, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1970 Lindsay, Garvin, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Alexis Briscoe Pratt

Mother: Mary Elizabeth McGinnis


Birth: abt 1778 Kettle, Fife, Scotland

Death: 30 Oct 1857 Kettle, Fife, Scotland

Father: John Prett

Mother: agnes lindsay

Name: Robert Pratt

Birth: October 1864 Cliff cum Lund, Yorkshire

Death: 16 Mar 1944 Howden, Yorkshire East Riding, England

Father: George Pratt

Mother: Hannah Husband Bond

Name: Robert PRATT

Birth: 02 MAY 1832 Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Death: 01 OCT 1902 near Armington, Illinois, USA

Father: Robert "the younger" PRATT

Mother: Mary HARVEY

Name: Robert Bertran Pratt

Birth: 21 Jun 1890 Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, USA

Death: 1 Jan 1935 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Father: Lansing Taylor Pratt

Mother: Ella C Woods

Name: Robert Whitlock "Bob" Pratt

Birth: 14 Nov 1915 Dexter, Cowley, Kansas, United States

Death: 20 Sep 2007 San Diego, San Diego, California, United States

Father: Robert Greenlees Pratt

Mother: Hope W Whitlock

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