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Name: Roxie Edith Brown

Birth: 08 Jan 1915 Atoka, Atoka, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 28 Jan 1992 Mojave, Kern, California, United States of America

Father: Bailey Edward Brown

Mother: Sarah "Beulah" Mae Allen

Name: Roxie Jane Brown

Birth: 14 Dec 1885 Westmeath Township, Renfrew County, Ontario

Death: 19 Aug 1971 Dinsmore Saskatchewan

Father: AUGUSTUS Caesar Brown

Mother: Francis (Fanney) Labow

Name: Roxie B Brown

Birth: 17 Nov 1904 Tuckasegee, Jackson, North Carolina, USA

Death: June 9, 1993 Haywood County, North Carolina, USA

Father: James Daniel 'Bud' Brown

Mother: Huldia Brown

Name: Roxie Ann Brown

Birth: 5 May 1913 Montgomery, Tennessee, United States

Death: 26 Sep 1984 Redford, Wayne, Michigan, United States

Father: John Franklin " Frank " Brown

Mother: Sarah Jane " Jannie " Sparks

Name: Roxie Hayden Brown

Birth: abt 1870 Clay County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 05 Nov 1955 Sherman, Grayson, Texas, USA

Father: Hayden Wilson SAVAGE

Mother: Isabelle Hadden HAMILTON

Name: Roxie Fanny Brown

Birth: 19 Nov 1922 Hagarville, Johnson, Arkansas, USA

Death: 26 AUG 2001 Harrison, Boone, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: William H Brown

Mother: Maude Gosnell

Name: Roxie “Ratcliff” Brown

Birth: 7 August 1911 Kentucky

Death: 16 May 1990 Floyd, Kentucky

Father: Louis W. Brown

Mother: Sally Vance

Name: Roxie M Brown

Birth: 15 Feb 1897 Kentucky

Death: 16 Apr 1971 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Father: William Everett Brown

Mother: Sarah A "Sally" Emerson

Name: Roxie Marie Brown

Birth: 20 Jul 1911 White Oak, Adair, Kentucky, USA

Death: 4 Sep 1995 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA

Father: John Sam Brown

Mother: Nancy Griffitts

Name: Roxie Ann Brown

Birth: 12 Jun 1889 Abbeville, Wilcox, Georgia, USA

Death: 26 May 1989 Fitzgerald, Ben Hill, Georgia, USA

Father: William Larkin Brown

Mother: Susan Laticia Wilcox

Name: Roxie Lee Brown

Birth: 5 Aug 1900 San Saba, San Saba, Texas, USA

Death: 24 Aug 1952 Menard, Menard, Texas, USA

Father: George Henry Brown

Mother: Dora Alice Terry

Name: Roxie Alice Brown

Birth: 21 Aug 1892 Butler, Butler, PA, USA

Death: 11 May 1960 Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, USA

Father: David Alonzo Brown

Mother: Amanda Elizabeth Stillwagon

Name: Roxie Ann Brown

Birth: 03 DEC 1854 Weld,Maine

Death: 20 Jan 1913 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, USA

Father: (Charles) Wilson Brown

Mother: Cynthia White (Brown) (Masterman)

Name: Roxie A Brown

Birth: 1 January 1893 Hall County, Georgia, United States of America

Death: 26 November 1978 Lula, Hall, Georgia, USA

Father: Jonathan Pascall Brown

Mother: Mary Ann Powers

Name: Roxie Ann Brown

Birth: 17 Nov 1882 Capleville, Shelby, Tennessee, USA

Death: 21 JAN 1968 Shelby, Tennessee, United States

Father: James Norton Brown

Mother: Anna Finley

Name: Roxie Lou Brown

Birth: 2 May 1897 Fleming Co. Kentucky

Death: 19 Aug 1975 Elizaville, Fleming, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: Joseph A Brown

Mother: Ida Jane Tune

Name: Roxie Brown

Birth: 24 Feb 1896 Wilston, Oklahoma

Death: 23 Feb 1952 Springer, Colfax, New Mexico, USA

Father: James William Brown

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Gatchel

Name: Roxie Marie Brown

Birth: 22 June 1899 Butler Co., KY

Death: 30 Jul 1988 Jefferson Co., KY

Father: Charles Henry Brown

Mother: Georgia C Ferguson

Name: Roxie Ella Octavia Tidwell Brown

Birth: 09 08 1874 Georgia

Death: 10 7 1943 Hillsborough County, Florida, USA

Father: John W Tidwell

Mother: Harriet Adams

Name: Roxie A Brown

Birth: 1 Jan 1893 Polksville, Hall, Georgia, United States

Death: 26 Nov 1978 Maysville, Banks, Georgia, United States

Father: Jonathan Pascall Brown

Mother: Mary Ann Powers

Name: Roxie Pearl Brown

Birth: 21 January 1883 Pulaski County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 5 April 1952 Radford, Radford, Virginia, USA

Father: Edward Alexander Brown

Mother: Jerushia/Jerusha Ann "Annie" Eaton (Brown)

Name: Roxie Almetta (Lucy) Brown

Birth: 9 Oct 1886 Missouri, USA

Death: 29 Aug 1936 Christian, Missouri, USA

Father: Robert Samuel Brown

Mother: Mary Alice Fielder

Name: Roxie M Brown

Birth: 8 Sep 1886 Rowan, North Carolina, USA

Death: 06 Apr 1971 Salisbury, Rowan, North Carolina, USA

Father: Joseph Alexander Brown

Mother: Margaret H Holshouser Brown

Name: Roxie Brown

Birth: abt 1873 Georgia

Death: 1943 Carroll County, Georgia, USA

Father: Elbert Brown

Mother: Rosa Mcgee

Name: Roxie Eulalah Brown

Birth: 19 June 1878 Iredell, North Carolina, United States

Death: 31 May 1936 Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina, USA

Father: Anderson Brown

Mother: Rebecca Denny

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