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Name: Roy Alvin Skinner

Birth: 27 Aug 1879 Milam County, Texas, USA

Death: 14 Mar 1974 Davidson, Tillman County, Oklahoma, United States

Father: William Pinckney Skinner

Mother: Mary Jane BOZEMAN

Name: Roy Morris Skinner

Birth: 11 Apr 1893 Belton, Bell, Texas, United States

Death: 14 Sep 1984 La Crescenta, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Burton Grant Skinner

Mother: Martha Mariah "Mattie" Sawyer

Name: Roy Hannibal Skinner

Birth: 5 Apr 1882 Osage, Mitchell, Iowa, USA

Death: 1944 buried Murdoch-Linwood Cemetery) Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa

Father: William E X Skinner

Mother: Luracy D Edgington

Name: Roy Cash Skinner

Birth: 4/28/1894 Centralia, Washington, USA

Death: 15 Dec 1933 Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA

Father: Frankland Lord Nelson Moses Skinner

Mother: Arabel Cash

Name: Roy Merle Skinner

Birth: 15 May 1924 Butler, Montgomery, Illinois, USA

Death: 24 Oct 1988 O'Fallon, St. Clair County, Illinois

Father: Vernis Ray "Bud" Skinner

Mother: Augusta Viola Crawford

Name: Roy Stanley Skinner

Birth: 29 June 1922 Brashear, Adair, Missouri, USA

Death: 8 Apr 2011 Keizer, Marion, Oregon, USA



Name: Roy Garfield Skinner

Birth: 14 JAN 1883 Plattville, Kendall, IL

Death: 21 JUN 1949 Kendall, IL

Father: Morgan Alexander "Dick" Skinner

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Smith

Name: Roy Chester Skinner

Birth: Jun 1881 Michigan

Death: 1964

Father: Samuel Skinner

Mother: Margaret V Skinner

Name: Roy Merritt Skinner

Birth: 5 Dec 1885 Albion, Noble, Indiana, USA

Death: 31 May 1964 Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana, United States

Father: Merritt Clark Skinner

Mother: Henrietta Susanah Skinner

Name: Roy Emerson Skinner

Birth: 1 September 1894 Longview, Champaign County, Illinois, United States of America

Death: 7 September 1962 Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: William Sherman Skinner

Mother: Lou Harriet Dunn

Name: Roy Vernon SKINNER

Birth: 18 Jul 1905 Novesta Twp., Tuscola, Michigan, USA

Death: 25 Mar 1973 Caro, Tuscola, Michigan, USA

Father: "Willie" William F. SKINNER

Mother: Amelia DARLING

Name: Roy Odis Skinner

Birth: December 25, 1906 Dublin, Erath, Texas, USA

Death: 22 Aug 1984 Carbon, Eastland, Texas, USA

Father: Augustus Romulous Skinner

Mother: Mellissa Skinner

Name: Roy Gordon Skinner

Birth: 18 Aug 1915 Nogal, Lincoln County, New Mexico, USA

Death: 9 January 1974 Las Cruces, Dona Ana, New Mexico

Father: Roy Gordon Skinner Sr.

Mother: Clara Averil Adams

Name: Roy Jurgens Skinner

Birth: 26 Jul 1906 California

Death: 24 May 1983 Lewiston, Trinity, California, USA

Father: James F. Skinner

Mother: Dora Weisman

Name: Roy Clifford Skinner

Birth: 19 Mar 1874 Plymouth, Juneau, WI, USA

Death: 11 Feb 1965 Eagle River, Vilas, Wisconsin, United States

Father: William Thompson Skinner

Mother: Sarah Jane Bassett

Name: Roy Jay Skinner

Birth: 28 March 1913 Alpena, Jerauld, South Dakota, USA

Death: 25 Nov 2000 Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa, USA

Father: Robert Nelson Skinner

Mother: Grace G Sill

Name: Roy Nathanial Skinner

Birth: 10 Jul 1893 Hermitage Township, Hickory, Missouri, United States

Death: 30 Aug 1929 Saline City, Saline Co., Missouri

Father: Richard Oria Skinner

Mother: Isabella Epsey Belle Frazier

Name: Roy Parker Skinner

Birth: 2 Aug 1879 Barton, Orleans, Vermont, USA

Death: 9 Jan 1944 Newport, Orleans, Vermont, USA

Father: Charles C Skinner

Mother: Julia Mariah Lyman

Name: Roy Francis Skinner

Birth: 07 Aug 1881 Colona, Henry, Illinois, USA

Death: 15 Sep 1963 Colona, Henry, Illinois, USA

Father: William Orrin SKINNER

Mother: Anna Katherine ( Kate ) Humberstone

Name: Roy Leonard Skinner

Birth: March 6, 1909 Stillwater, Payne, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 1 Nov 1995 Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Father: Charles Wilson Skinner

Mother: Estella May Skinner

Name: Roy Churchill Skinner

Birth: 08 Oct 1874 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 10 October 1919 Wellesley, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States of America

Father: Joseph Crandall Skinner

Mother: Alice Frances Gilbert

Name: Roy D Skinner

Birth: 27 Sep 1886 Perry, Dallas, Iowa, USA

Death: 18 December 1909 Perry, Dallas, Iowa, United States

Father: Ira Benton Skinner

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Danuser

Name: Roy Allan Skinner

Birth: 6 april 1924 auckland new zealand

Death: 29 Sept 2014 Howick Auckland New Zealand

Father: charles james skinner

Mother: annie nicholson

Name: Roy Thomas Skinner

Birth: 8 August 1908 Spartanburg Co., S. C

Death: 20 Mar 1930 Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina

Father: David Ezell Skinner Aka Dock

Mother: Anna Thomas

Name: Roy Clyde Skinner

Birth: 27 July 1899 Velasco, Brazoria County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 27 Dec 1967 Freeport, Brazoria, Texas, United States of America

Father: Charles Ernest Skinner

Mother: Katherine "Kate" Crain

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