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NAME: Roy Leonard Stephens

BIRTH: 05 Feb 1886 Maryville, Blount, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 11 Feb 1962 Marcola, Lane County, Oregon, United States of America

FATHER: David Stephens

MOTHER: Rose Anne Dennison

NAME: Roy Elmo Stephens

BIRTH: 24 Mar 1882 Callaway Co., MO, USA

DEATH: 24 Oct 1962 Centralia, Boone County, Missouri

FATHER: Lock William Stephens

MOTHER: Tennessee Shelton

NAME: Roy Waymond Stephens

BIRTH: 16 Oct 1914 Arcadia, Bourbon, Kansas, United States

DEATH: 18 Aug 2005 Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri, United States

FATHER: William Plesant (Pless) Stephens

MOTHER: Clara Belle West

NAME: Roy C Stephens

BIRTH: 01 Dec 1899 Kildare, Kay, Oklahoma, USA

DEATH: 21 July 1969 Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma, United States of America

FATHER: William Stephens

MOTHER: Anna Belle Kinney

NAME: Roy Stephens

BIRTH: May 16, 1886 Jasper, Steuben, New York, USA

DEATH: Oct 26, 1956 Greenwood, Steuben, New York, USA

FATHER: Comfort Beldon Stephens

MOTHER: Rosina Caroline Norton

NAME: Roy Edwin Stephens

BIRTH: 22 February 1888 Warren, Marion County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 22 April 1958 Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Charles Edward Stephens

MOTHER: Elizabeth Valeria Thomas

NAME: Roy Wendel Stephens

BIRTH: 14 September 1890 Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: 5 July 1951 Sackville, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada

FATHER: Woodford Purdy Stephens

MOTHER: Rebecca Fillmore

NAME: Roy R Stephens

BIRTH: 15 Jan 1887 Montrose, Colorado

DEATH: 21 Sep 1956 Custer County, Colorado, USA

FATHER: James Zeblin Stephens

MOTHER: Emma B. Baker

NAME: Roy Raymond Stephens

BIRTH: 25 Jun 1889 near) Silex, Lincoln County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 02 Jul 1972 St. Louis, Mo

FATHER: Obid Matherly (Obadiah)

MOTHER: Elizabeth Olevia Rector

NAME: Roy Edwin Stephens

BIRTH: 22 MAY 1927 Strattanville, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 21 Dec 2013 Beaver Clarion , Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Harry Edwin Stephens

MOTHER: Mable Lurene Cookson

NAME: Roy William Stephens

BIRTH: 1 January 1917 Moody, Howell County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 22 Nov 1984 Centerville, Appanoose, Iowa, United States of America

FATHER: James Wymond Stephens

MOTHER: Ida Jane Matlock

NAME: Roy Stephens

BIRTH: 28 Jun 1896 Bagwell, Red River, Texas

DEATH: 14 Apr 1938 Denton, Grayson, Texas, USA

FATHER: John Henry Stephens

MOTHER: Mary Isabelle 'Belle' Morris

NAME: Roy Leslie Holman Stephens

BIRTH: 24 Oct 1900 Beauchamnp, Mallee Victoria Australia

DEATH: 12 Nov 1965 Parkville, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Tobias Stephens

MOTHER: Eliza Holman

NAME: Roy Malcolm Stephens

BIRTH: 26 Aug 1914 Alabama

DEATH: 29 Mar 2003 Danville, Danville City, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Fred Stephens

MOTHER: Clemmie Camilla Mouring

NAME: Roy S Stephens

BIRTH: 17 Dec 1920 Beardstown, Cass, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 08 Aug 1964 Beardstown, Cass, Illinois, USA

FATHER: George David Stephens

MOTHER: Rosa B Hurst

NAME: Roy Lester Stephens

BIRTH: 27 Apr 1901 Parker, Texas, USA

DEATH: 6 Dec 1954 Henrietta, Clay, Texas, USA

FATHER: Walter H Stephens

MOTHER: Barbara Etta Belle Nuttall

NAME: Roy Donald Stephens

BIRTH: 8 August 1906 Jennings, Decatur, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 23 October 1933 Dalhart, Dallam Co, Texas

FATHER: Charles Grant Stephens

MOTHER: Ida Armstrong

NAME: Roy Lee Stephens

BIRTH: 18 March 1903 Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 2 March 1973 Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Robert Henry Stephens

MOTHER: Dicie Virginia Lovell

NAME: Roy Stephens

BIRTH: 11 May 1896 Stanton, Powell, Kentucky

DEATH: 26 December 1968 Mount Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky

FATHER: George W. Stephens

MOTHER: Mattie H Scott

NAME: Roy Ralph Stephens

BIRTH: 27 FEB 1892 Norland, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: August 2, 1943 Norland, Ontarip

FATHER: Thomas James Stephens

MOTHER: Marion Antoinette (Nettie) Sharpe

NAME: Roy Lee Stephens

BIRTH: 2 March 1926 oil Springs Love Oklahoma

DEATH: 18 September 1966 Oklahoma City Oklahoma County Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Harvey Leora Stephens

MOTHER: Rosie Rebecca Roper

NAME: Roy Samuel Stephens

BIRTH: 1913/05/28 Henefer,Summit,Utah

DEATH: 24 August 1950 Morgan, Morgan, Utah, United States

FATHER: Robert Jones Stephens

MOTHER: Lucy Beatrice Robinson

NAME: Roy Levi Stephens

BIRTH: 05 Mar 1903 Catoosa County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 22 Sep 1972 Ringgold, Catoosa County, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Jessie Bartow Stephens

MOTHER: Mary Hamata Cornelison

NAME: Roy John Stephens

BIRTH: 07 Mar 1890 Joplin, Missouri

DEATH: Aug 1976 Madison Heights, Oakland, Michigan, United States

FATHER: Asbury M Stephens

MOTHER: Cora H Minard

NAME: Roy Lee Stephens

BIRTH: 21 Apr 1919 Monterey, Owen County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 21 May 2000 Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Forest Stephens

MOTHER: Birdie Hearn, Stephens