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Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 4 Nov 1906 Russiaville, Indiana

Death: 22 Nov 1974 Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana

Father: Harvey Burl Sutton

Mother: Anna Elinor Sutton

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 1896 Ontario

Death: 30 Dec 1955

Father: Thomas William Sutton

Mother: Honora Elizabeth Markham

Name: Russel sutton

Birth: Not Available BROWNBURG,QUEBEC

Death: 21 Jan 1974 Brownsburg, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada

Father: John Patrick Sutton

Mother: Daisy Sutton

Name: Russel E Sutton

Birth: Feb 8, 1900 Harrison, Indiana

Death: 22 November 1970 Marshall, Clark, Illinois, USA

Father: John Louis Sutton

Mother: Nancy Jane Hawkins

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 13 Feb 1898 Eagle Twp, Hancock, Ohio, United States

Death: 8 Feb 1981 Hilty Memorial, Pandora, Putnam, Ohio, United States

Father: Harvey Monroe Sutton

Mother: Lazetta May Deeds

Name: Russel Edwin Sutton

Birth: 12 June 1875 McGillivray, Middlesex (North/Nord), Ontario, Canada

Death: 9 Dec 1901 Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Father: James SUTTON

Mother: Sarah Pardy

Name: Russel Lee SUTTON

Birth: 25 JUL 1938 Henderson County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 29 January 1939 Henderson, Kentucky

Father: Edgar Bishop SUTTON

Mother: Hilda Frances DANIELS

Name: Russel William Sutton

Birth: 1 Jun 1913 Texas

Death: 30 SEP 1983 Smith, Texas

Father: George Monroe Sutton

Mother: Artie Mishie Sutton

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 1917 Kansas

Death: Not Available

Father: Roy Cleveland Sutton

Mother: Florence Edna Rummel

Name: Russel J Sutton

Birth: abt 1904 Iowa

Death: Not Available

Father: James E Sutton

Mother: Mary Jane Hughes


Birth: 9 Sep 1894 Shiawassee County, Michigan

Death: 7 Aug 1905 Santa Ana, Orange, California, USA


Mother: Neva A Williams

Name: Russel H Sutton

Birth: 23 September 1905 New Jasper, Greene County, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 3 March 1973 Xenia, Greene County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: harry griffith SUTTON

Mother: Elta livona Hagler

Name: Russel Lee Sutton

Birth: 25 Jul 1938 Henderson

Death: 29 Jan 1939 Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Father: Edgar Bishop Sutton

Mother: HILDA daniel

Name: Russel J Sutton

Birth: abt 1904 Michigan

Death: Not Available

Father: Abraham J Prevost

Mother: Corinne Elise Beaudry

Name: Russel A Sutton

Birth: 14 Jun 1896 Michigan, United States

Death: Not Available

Father: Albert O. Sutton

Mother: Emma A. Tishouse

Name: Russel W Sutton

Birth: abt 1915 Indiana

Death: December 23, 1967 Racine, Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Milliard F Sutton

Mother: Alice Stevens

Name: Russel Andrew SUTTON

Birth: 25 Aug 1965 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Death: About Aug 1994 Truro, Cornwall, England

Father: William Esmond SUTTON

Mother: Sarah Enid M Llewellyn

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 1896 Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Death: 1896 Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Father: Wesley L. Sutton

Mother: Lydia Catherine Reed

Name: Russel Rush Sutton

Birth: 8 February 1921 Barnard, Nodaway County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 11 July 2000

Father: Andrew Milton Sutton

Mother: Althea Alkire

Name: Russel Irvin Sutton

Birth: 10 May 1814 Cocke Co., TN

Death: 8 Jun 1880 Webster, Jackson, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Sutton

Mother: Clarissa Webb

Name: Russel F Sutton

Birth: Jan 1898 Pennsylvania

Death: Not Available

Father: Franklin Sutton

Mother: Margaret Lambert

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 16 Mar 1827 Byram, Sussex, New Jersey, USA

Death: 19 Mar 1857

Father: James Governeur Sutton

Mother: Sara Russel

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 1916 Tennessee

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Sallie F Walls

Name: Russel E Sutton

Birth: 1875 Ontario

Death: Not Available

Father: James SUTTON

Mother: Private

Name: Russel Sutton

Birth: 1839 Tennessee, United States

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Elizabeth L Phillips

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