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Name: Ruth Hannah Draper

Birth: 22 Nov 1867 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Death: 23 May 1950 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Father: William Draper

Mother: Ruth Hannah Newton

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 6 Mar 1885 Stowupland

Death: 1 February 1956 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England

Father: William H Draper

Mother: Ruth Dana

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 6 JAN 1806 Plymouth, Grafton, New Hampshire

Death: 15 Oct 1894 Coaticook, Quebec, Canada

Father: Jonathan Draper

Mother: Ruth Mitchell

Name: Ruth Cornell Draper

Birth: 9 Oct 1885 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Death: 25 Dec 1967 Bebington, Cheshire, England

Father: Walter Turner Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Cornell Crowder

Name: Ruth H Myrtle Draper

Birth: 25 February 1905 Indiana

Death: 8 Aug 2007 Rocky Mount, Franklin, Virginia, United States of America

Father: William Almon Draper

Mother: Sarah Myrtle Culley

Name: Ruth Barbara Draper

Birth: 1592 City of London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom

Death: 28 Mar 1627 Ripon, Yorkshire, England

Father: Clement Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Kember Garton

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 22 April 1921 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Death: 28 May 1995 Provo, Utah, Utah, United States

Father: Amos Draper

Mother: Luella Agnes Bradley

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 13 Feb 1892 Orchard, Wayne, Illinois, USA

Death: 22 Oct 1968 Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, USA

Father: Edgar Washington Draper

Mother: Mary Creekmore

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 11 Nov 1901 Tennessee

Death: 18 Nov 1998 Gainesboro, Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Adam Rufus Draper

Mother: Margaret Louise (Maggie) (Almeda) Ray

Name: Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" Draper

Birth: 20 February 1923 Seattle, King County, Washington, USA

Death: 7 September 2009 McKinney, Collin County, Texas, USA

Father: Delmar Harold Draper

Mother: Ruth Elizabeth Holzemer

Name: Ruth Marilyn Draper

Birth: 1 Feb 1926 Brazil IN

Death: 6 Jul 2000 Beech Grove, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Russell Carl Draper

Mother: Edith Shearer

Name: Ruth "Roxy" Ann Draper

Birth: 1808 Montague Twp, Lanark, Ontario

Death: 07 May 1870 Montague, Lanark, Ontario, Canada


Mother: Esther WALLER--Draper

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 10 Jan 1841 Rushden, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 1908 arlesey beds

Father: James Draper

Mother: Edith Gaywood

Name: Ruth Ellen Draper

Birth: 08 June 1926 Danville, Vermilion, Illinois, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1988 Potomac, Vermilion, Illinois, USA

Father: William Oscar Draper

Mother: Edith Leona Goble

Name: Ruth Carol Draper

Birth: 31 Aug 1930 Utah

Death: 6 October 2012

Father: Orlando LeRoy Draper

Mother: Reath Ina Brothersen

Name: Ruth Katherine Draper

Birth: 11 Nov 1910 Pennsylvania

Death: Sep 1976 Coaldale, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: John James Draper

Mother: Mary Catherine (Eisenhart) Draper

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: Abt. 1811 Henry County, Virginia

Death: 01 Aug 1877 Tennessee

Father: Thomas D. Draper

Mother: Lucy Anne Hollandsworth

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 15 May 1865 Tabernacle, Bristol, Gloucester, England

Death: Dec 1931 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Father: Charles Draper

Mother: Ann Kite

Name: Ruth Eunice Draper

Birth: 23 September 1890 Roanoke Township, Northampton, North Carolina, United States

Death: 30 July 1972 Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Winfield Draper

Mother: Pattie J Barrett

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 1795 Ash, Surrey

Death: 1869 Guildford, Surrey

Father: William Draper

Mother: Mary Draper

Name: Ruth McGhee Draper

Birth: 20 January 1901 Gloster, Amite, Mississippi, United States

Death: 5 March 2003 Modesto, Stanislaus, California, United States

Father: Albert Wren Draper

Mother: Martha Eleanor (Mattie) Strawn

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 4 MAR 1727 West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, USA

Death: BEF 20 JUN 1763 West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Thomas Draper (the 2nd)

Mother: Jane Brayman

Name: Ruth annie Draper

Birth: 1907 Long Whatton, Leices

Death: 1974 Derby

Father: George Henry Draper

Mother: Ruth Wilkins

Name: Ruth Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 01 Oct 1917 Maspeth, Queens Co., New York, USA

Death: 19 Jul 1988 Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, USA

Father: Paul Draper

Mother: Lillian Oettner

Name: Ruth Draper

Birth: 6 Jan 1754 Arlington, Massachusetts

Death: 14 Mar 1823 Marlow, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Nathaniel Draper

Mother: Private

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