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NAME: Sallie A Bailey

BIRTH: 17 Oct 1892 Frederica, Kent, Delaware, USA

DEATH: Feb 1984 Millville, Cumberland, New Jersey, USA

FATHER: George C Bailey

MOTHER: Anna Clark Carbey

NAME: Sallie Agnes BAILEY

BIRTH: 27 Dec 1855 Claiborne, Claiborne, Louisiana, United States

DEATH: 27 Dec 1930 Marion, Union, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: John Granville Bailey

MOTHER: Elizabeth Gwin

NAME: Sallie Manasseh Bailey

BIRTH: 25 January 1861 Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 26 February 1954 Collin County, Texas, USA

FATHER: Thomas Alexander Bailey

MOTHER: Margaret Jane Carson

NAME: Sallie Henry Bailey

BIRTH: 30 Nov 1860 Halifax County, VA

DEATH: 17 Oct 1941 Halifax County, VA

FATHER: William T Bailey

MOTHER: Susannah Thompson Terry

NAME: Sallie Ann Bailey

BIRTH: 22 Dec 1843 Madison, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 07 Jan 1916 Belmont, Iroquois, Illinois, USA

FATHER: John Lemon Bailey

MOTHER: Rebecca Kelly

NAME: Sallie Bailey

BIRTH: July 1882 Crenshaw Co., AL

DEATH: 8 Jan 1919 Luverne, Crenshaw, Alabama

FATHER: Stephen Oliver Bailey

MOTHER: Derinda Miranda McCarthy

NAME: Sallie Catherine Bailey

BIRTH: 24 Dec 1887 Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 4 Jun 1959 Jonesville, Lee, Virginia, USA

FATHER: James Marion Bailey

MOTHER: Susan F. Moore

NAME: Sallie Bailey

BIRTH: 2 Jul 1900 Lee County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 4 March 1939 Ewing, Lee County, Virginia


MOTHER: Margaret Maggie J Crigger

NAME: Sallie Bailey

BIRTH: 26 Mar 1843 Alabama, USA

DEATH: 27 Sept 1902 Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: James F Jr Bailey

MOTHER: Cornelia Ann Bibb

NAME: Sallie Lenora Bailey

BIRTH: 24 May 1886 Webster, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 4 Jul 1964 Webster, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: Thomas Franklin Bailey

MOTHER: Eliza J Mackey

NAME: Sallie Omie Bailey

BIRTH: 14 November 1881 Tallapoosa Co., AL

DEATH: 13 Sep 1919 Fayetteville, Talladega, Alabama, United States

FATHER: James Anderson Gamble

MOTHER: Susan Francis Brown

NAME: Sallie C Bailey

BIRTH: 07 May 1881 Kingston, Roane, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 22 Apr 1960 Loudon, Tennessee

FATHER: George Washington Bailey

MOTHER: Nancy C “Nannie” Ruggles

NAME: Sallie Mae Bailey

BIRTH: 22 May 1918 Jacksonville, Florida

DEATH: 26 Nov 1992 Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Wesley P Owens

MOTHER: Sallie Mae Davis

NAME: Sallie Elizabeth Bailey

BIRTH: 28 Mar 1877 Abingdon, Washington, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 13 Jun 1974 Rockville, Parke, Indiana, United States

FATHER: William Dudley Bailey

MOTHER: Nancy Jane Hayton

NAME: Sallie Emestine Bailey

BIRTH: 20 Aug 1895 West Virginia

DEATH: 04 April 1961 Weston, Lewis, West Virginia, United States

FATHER: Walter Hayes Bailey

MOTHER: Margaret Riddle

NAME: Sallie Bailey

BIRTH: 5 February 1859 Delaware

DEATH: 17 Sep 1946 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA

FATHER: Nathaniel Bailey

MOTHER: Annie Bailey

NAME: Sallie Bailey

BIRTH: 1878 Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama, United States of America

DEATH: 27 March 1932 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: Joseph Bailey


NAME: Sallie Craig Bailey

BIRTH: 28 Sep 1841 Versailles, Kentucky

DEATH: 20 May 1928 Jefferson, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: Benjamin James "Ben" Bailey

MOTHER: Susan A Craig

NAME: Sallie Elizabeth Bailey

BIRTH: 30 MAY 1868 Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 18 Jan 1945 Smithland, Marion, Texas, United States

FATHER: James David Bailey

MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie) Moseley

NAME: Sallie Maude Bailey

BIRTH: 7 October 1918 Greenville, Hunt, Texas, USA

DEATH: 30 April 2012 Bogata, Red River, Texas, USA

FATHER: Jesse Claron Bailey

MOTHER: Idras Naomi Hightower

NAME: Sallie Virginia Bailey

BIRTH: 1892 Mena, Polk, Arkansas, USA

DEATH: 29 May 1929 Jackson, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Alvin Radford Bailey

MOTHER: Sarah Cornelia Cross

NAME: Sallie Mary Bailey

BIRTH: 14 Feb 1886 Albemarle County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 8 December 1960 Maryland

FATHER: Edward Franklin Bailey

MOTHER: Sarah Frances Gibson

NAME: Sallie G. Bailey

BIRTH: 12 Jul 1861 Union, SC

DEATH: 18 Dec 1956 Union, SC

FATHER: George B. Bailey

MOTHER: Cinthia Bailey

NAME: Sallie Bailey

BIRTH: 8 Feb 1897 Indiana

DEATH: 22 Nov 1998 Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan, United States

FATHER: Albert C Bailey

MOTHER: Mima J Bailey

NAME: Sallie Iola Bailey

BIRTH: 11 Jan 1878 Shelby, Texas

DEATH: 12 Dec 1946 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

FATHER: William B. (W.B.) Bailey

MOTHER: Martha A. Revvill