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Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 16 JUN 1737 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

Death: 13 APR 1817 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Father: Jonathan Plummer

Mother: Mary Johnson

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 1619 Norfolk, England

Death: 29 Sep 1702 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Francis Plumer

Mother: RUTH Palmer (?)

Name: Samuel Edward Plummer

Birth: 27 JUN 1901 Beaver, Nicholas, West Virginia, United States

Death: 12 OCT 1995 Cowen, Webster, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: Julen Roby Plummer

Mother: Alena A Short

Name: Samuel Forest Plummer

Birth: 28 May 1853 Spring Grove, Green County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 5 Nov 1926 Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Samuel Lane Plummer

Mother: Eunice Craig Belknap

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 8 Jul 1854 Groton, Caledonia, Vermont, USA

Death: 30 Jan 1899 Groton, Caledonia, Vermont, USA

Father: Ebenezer "Eben" Plummer

Mother: Anna Whitehill

Name: Samuel Lane Plummer

Birth: 25 Sep 1794 Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire

Death: 19 Apr 1863 Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire

Father: Nathan Plummer

Mother: Hannah Lane

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 3 Sep 1827 Summerhill, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 21 Feb 1897 Croyle, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Isaac W. Plummer

Mother: Susan Skelly

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 1784 Fleming County, Kentucky, USA

Death: Not Available

Father: James Plummer

Mother: Dorcas Cash

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 19 Oct 1788 Sanford, York, Maine, USA

Death: 22 Nov 1880 Groton, Caledonia, Vermont, USA

Father: Moses Plumer

Mother: Johanna Tuttle

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 17 Jan 1833 Copt Hall Farm, Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Death: 27 May 1888 Taree, , New South Wales, Australia

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Sophia Clifford BARRATT

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 19 Jul 1754 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Death: 15 May 1850 Fincastle, Lee, Kentucky, USA

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Sarah Sollers

Name: Samuel Edward Plummer

Birth: July 1881 Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding

Death: Jun 1962 Sheffield

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Sarah Ann Thomas

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: Bef. 1766 Frederick County, MD

Death: 31 Dec 1828 Fleming County Kentucky

Father: George H. Plummer

Mother: Nancy Kirk

Name: Samuel W Plummer

Birth: 14 Oct 1853 Wilson Creek, Grayson, Virginia, United States

Death: 3 Dec 1934 Mocksville, Davie Co., North Carolina

Father: Christopher Reedy

Mother: Malinda Plummer

Name: Samuel Stevens Plummer

Birth: 8 Aug 1815 Rutherford, North Carolina, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1885 Winfield, Scott, Arkansas, United States

Father: Jeremiah Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Bennett

Name: Samuel Painter Plummer

Birth: 30 Jul 1842 Byfield, Northamptonshire, , England

Death: Sep 1894 London, London, England

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Martha Parker

Name: Samuel O'Neal Plummer

Birth: 15 Jun 1931 Warrenton, North Carolina, USA

Death: 17 Nov 1995 Warren County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Thomas Mansfield Plummer

Mother: Mattie Elizabeth Edwards

Name: Samuel Ernest Plummer

Birth: 11 Aug 1899 Georgia, USA

Death: 08 Aug 1989 Trion, Georgia, USA

Father: Samuel Benjamin Plummer

Mother: Martha Lee (Plummer) Price

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 7 Dec 1691 Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States

Death: 12 Dec 1759 Prince George's, Maryland, United States

Father: Thomas 11 Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Yates

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 4 May 1686 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 1728 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Joseph West Plummer

Mother: Hannah SWETT@8th grandma

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: About 1833 Wexford, Ireland

Death: 27 June 1867 Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland

Father: William Webster Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Kidd

Name: Samuel Colby Plummer

Birth: 25 May 1843 Pittston, Kennebec, Maine

Death: 28 Jun 1929 Wisconsin

Father: Riel B Plummer

Mother: Rosanna Colby

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 6 Jun 1725 Rowley, Massachusetts

Death: Nov 1777 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Father: Thomas 111 Plummer

Mother: Sarah Wilson

Name: Samuel Plummer

Birth: 14 Jan 1721 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 14 Mar 1803 Epping, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Hannah Woodman

Name: Samuel 1800-1876 VA PLUMMER

Birth: 3 Oct 1800 Alexandria, Independent Cities, Virginia, United States

Death: 15 FEB 1876 Plumerville, Conway Co., AR

Father: Gerald Plummer

Mother: Private

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