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Name: Samuel Heidelberg Westbrook

Birth: 17 August 1820 Greene County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 13 Nov 1905 Deport, Lamar, Texas, USA

Father: Gray Westbrook

Mother: Margaret Smith Heidelberg

Name: Samuel Ellison Westbrook

Birth: 31 Aug 1809 Warren, Kentucky, USA

Death: 14 Feb 1907 Eldorado, Saline County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: James Westbrook

Mother: Anne McGowen

Name: Samuel Westbrook

Birth: 14 December 1830 South Carolina, USA

Death: 1 Sep 1901 Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia, USA

Father: Wiley Francis Westbrook

Mother: Rebecca C Mooney

Name: Samuel Westbrook

Birth: 9 February 1746 of New Jersey

Death: 10 July 1833 Van Etten, Chemung, New York, USA

Father: Cornelius Westbrook

Mother: Antje (Antjen) Roosa

Name: Samuel "Pappy" Henderson (Big Sam) Westbrook

Birth: 10 Aug 1876 Deport, Lamar County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 17 June 1951 Deport, Lamar County, Texas, United States of America

Father: James Eli Westbrook

Mother: Margaret Maggie Harmon Parchman

Name: Samuel Cuthbert "Sam" Westbrook

Birth: 29 September 1856 Fairburn, Fayette County, Geogia

Death: 17 June 1924 Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas, United States of America

Father: William Rufus Westbrook

Mother: Francis Margaret Black

Name: SAMUEL William Westbrook

Birth: 04 April 1830 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 12 December 1900 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Dr JAMES Henry Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Chapple

Name: Samuel B. Westbrook

Birth: 24 Jun 1840 Christian, Kentucky, United States

Death: 3 Jun 1919 Graves, Kentucky, United States

Father: Alfred Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Webb

Name: Samuel Westbrook

Birth: 1689 Isle of Wright, Colony of Virginia

Death: July 1761 Southamption, Colony of Virginia

Father: James Manley Westbrook

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Puckett

Name: Samuel E. Westbrook

Birth: 26 May 1848 Belmont County, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 31 May 1922 Cross Creek, Jefferson, Ohio, United States

Father: Alfred A Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Wise

Name: Samuel Whitehead Westbrook

Birth: 22 Aug 1865 Rapides, Louisiana, United States

Death: 13 Nov 1905 Union, Louisiana, United States

Father: Uriah Westbrook

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Dean

Name: Samuel A Westbrook

Birth: 29 April 1833 North Carolina

Death: 20 January 1899 Beebe, White, Arkansas, USA

Father: Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Lucinda Gatewood

Name: Samuel B Westbrook

Birth: 24 Jun 1840 Christian, KY

Death: 3 Jun 1919 Graves, Kentucky

Father: Alfred Westbrook

Mother: Eunice Wilson

Name: Samuel Walter Westbrook

Birth: 10 Oct 1884 RED RIVER CO. TX

Death: 19 Oct 1957 Kern, California, USA

Father: WALTER WATSON Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Naomi Westbrook Tucker

Name: Samuel Waite Westbrook

Birth: 13 Jun 1868 NC

Death: 25 Jan 1947 Monroe, Alabama

Father: Charles Wall Westbrook

Mother: Nannie Elizabeth Ward

Name: Samuel W Westbrook

Birth: About 1805 Chester County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 23 Dec 1859 Monroe County, Mississippi, USA

Father: Jarratt Westbrook

Mother: Lucy Blake

Name: Samuel Arthur Westbrook

Birth: 02 Sep 1909 Arkansas

Death: 24 Apr 1978 Decatur, Benton, Arkansas, USA

Father: Thomas Dillard "Pomp" Westbrook

Mother: Annie John GOODLOE

Name: Samuel Westbrook

Birth: Abt 1699 England

Death: Oct 1764 St John The Baptist, Hillingdon, Middlesex, England

Father: john Westbrook

Mother: Mary Kiellick

Name: SAMUEL James Westbrook

Birth: 22 Jun 1862 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 5 July 1939 Manly, New South Wales, Australia

Father: JAMES Horatio Westbrook

Mother: Margaret Bacon

Name: Samuel A Westbrook

Birth: 22 December 1898 Hope, Hempstead, Arkansas, USA

Death: 12 April 1971 Hope, Hemptead, Arkansas, USA

Father: Charles Bluford Westbrook

Mother: Jeanetta Wright

Name: Samuel Dana Westbrook

Birth: 1837 Georgia, United States

Death: December 9, 1863 Point Lookout, , Maryland

Father: Stephen Bartley Westbrook

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Hunt

Name: Samuel William Westbrook

Birth: 28 Apr 1883 Deport, Lamar, TX

Death: 26 March 1969 Clarksville, Red River, TX

Father: John Richard George Westbrook

Mother: Alice Tulitha Telitha Allis Allie Wright Right

Name: Samuel Ellison Westbrook

Birth: 23 FEB 1855 Illinois

Death: 18 FEB 1904 Illinois

Father: William J Westbrook

Mother: Mary Polly Taylor

Name: Samuel Hill Westbrook

Birth: 1690 Southampton, Virginia, United States

Death: 1 Aug 1761 Southampton, Virginia, United States

Father: John Manley Westbrook 1664-1733

Mother: Widdia Priscilla (W. P.) Foster Battle x

Name: Samuel John Westbrook

Birth: 24 Jul 1883 Middlesex, United Kingdom

Death: Mar 1974 Hillingdon, Middlesex, England

Father: Samuel Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Sophia Titmarsh

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