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NAME: Solomon Benjamin Adams

BIRTH: 15 Mar 1888 Merry Hill, Bertie County, North Carolina

DEATH: December 4, 1970 Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, United States

FATHER: William Samuel Early Adams

MOTHER: Mary Ann Farless

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 2 August 1796 Roaring River, Wilkes, North Carolina, United States

DEATH: 05 Apr 1858 Savannah, Andrew, Missouri, USA

FATHER: John Hobbs Adams (old john of kentucky)

MOTHER: Lydia "Letty" Simpson

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 15 March 1814 St Clair, Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 20 January 1896 St Clair, Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: William Adams

MOTHER: Sarah Pounds

NAME: Solomon C Adams

BIRTH: 16 December 1770 St Clair, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: July 13, 1841 Jackson Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio

FATHER: Captain Robert Blair Adams

MOTHER: Mary Terrell

NAME: Solomon Harvey Adams

BIRTH: 25 Mar 1892 Trimble, Athens, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 5 Jun 1965 Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Solomon H Adams

MOTHER: Bessie E. Wright

NAME: Solomon Clanton Adams

BIRTH: 5 Feb 1860 Pickens Co., Alabama

DEATH: 31 May 1921 Starkville, Mississippi

FATHER: Thomas Spencer Adams

MOTHER: Lucy Tunstall Clanton


BIRTH: 17/19/20 January 1799 Montgomery County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 9 Jun 1863 Lizton, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Thomas Adams

MOTHER: Catherine Norm Eno/Adams

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 19 September 1796 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 1873 Trinity, Texas

FATHER: William Carey Adams

MOTHER: Polly Hall-Adams

NAME: Solomon David Adams

BIRTH: 21 Jan 1831 Warren, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 7 Oct 1864 Richmond, Wise, Virginia, United States


MOTHER: Susannah "Susan" Sallis

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 5 Jan 1869 Spotswood, Logan, West Virginia, United States

DEATH: 22 MAR 1927 Chapmanville, Logan Co., West Virginia

FATHER: Anthony Adams

MOTHER: Pricy Ann Alifair Chapman

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 7 DEC 1758 Chelmsford, Massachusetts

DEATH: 4 NOV 1833 Vienna, Maine


MOTHER: Elizabeth Richardson

NAME: Solomon Milam Adams

BIRTH: 13 Nov 1832 IL

DEATH: 1 Mar 1887 Lincoln, Crawford, Kansas, USA

FATHER: James Adams

MOTHER: Leovica Milam

NAME: Solomon G Adams

BIRTH: 24 Nov 1835 Magoffin County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 9 February 1899 Menifee Co, KY

FATHER: Solomon Adams

MOTHER: Nancy Hogg

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 22 February 1852 Texas, USA

DEATH: 14 December 1928 Grapeland, Houston County, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: John Ervin Adams

MOTHER: Nancy Green

NAME: Solomon Lewis Adams

BIRTH: 8 Dec 1767 Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, USA

DEATH: abt 1840 probably Rossie, St Lawrence, New York

FATHER: Solomon Jr. Adams

MOTHER: Sarah Meacham

NAME: Solomon Hiner Adams

BIRTH: 20 MAR 1826 Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 29 Jul 1913 Plymouth Twp., Richland, Ohio

FATHER: Solomon Adams

MOTHER: Catherine Hiner

NAME: Solomon B. Adams

BIRTH: 5 Oct 1854 Woodhull, Steuben, New York, United States

DEATH: 16 Jun 1897 Corning, Steuben, New York, USA

FATHER: William Vanrensellaer Adams

MOTHER: Anna Maria Bemis

NAME: Solomon Alfred Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 1840 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

DEATH: 23 Feb 1896 Wattle Flat, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Thomas Maskall

MOTHER: Mary Ann Adams

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 4 Jun 1805 Friends Cove, Bedford, PA

DEATH: 26 Sep 1888 Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio, United States

FATHER: Obediah Adams

MOTHER: Elizabeth Hartzell

NAME: Solomon H Adams

BIRTH: 04 AUG 1859 Trimble, Athens, Ohio

DEATH: 14 NOV 1926 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Jonathan Adams

MOTHER: Parmelia A Stewart

NAME: Solomon Christian Adams

BIRTH: 18 Jan 1856 Quincy, Logan, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 19 Jul 1923 Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Samuel M Adams

MOTHER: Permilla Loffer

NAME: Solomon Wright Adams

BIRTH: 15 February 1801 Rockingham, Windham County, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 25 September 1877 Sherburne Center, Rutland County, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Joseph Adams

MOTHER: Patty Swan

NAME: Solomon Ingalls Adams

BIRTH: 15 Jan 1809 Rodman, Jefferson, New York, United States

DEATH: 24 Feb 1891 Custer, Mason, Michigan, United States

FATHER: Henry Adams

MOTHER: Hannah Ingalls

NAME: Solomon Adams

BIRTH: 29 Mar 1790 Egg Harbor City, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA

DEATH: October 29, 1855 Egg Harbor, Atlantic, New Jersey

FATHER: Jonas Adams

MOTHER: Dorcus Wood

NAME: Solomon Fowler Adams

BIRTH: 30 October 1813 Putnam County, New York, United States of America

DEATH: 23 Jul 1895 Putnam Valley, Putnam County, NY

FATHER: John Adams

MOTHER: Charlotte Travis Dingee