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Name: Susan Sloan

Birth: 07 APR 1881 Athens Alabama

Death: 23 JAN 1962 Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

Father: 3James Samuel Sloan

Mother: Sarah Jane STANLEY

Name: Susan Mae Sloan

Birth: 23.10.1892 Gresham, Henry, Missouri, United States

Death: 5 Dec 1980 Ventura, Ventura, California †

Father: Charles Price Sloan

Mother: Nancy Jane Perryman

Name: Susan H Sloan

Birth: Oct 21 1892 Arkansas, USA

Death: 29 Jan 1975 Christian County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Millard Fillmore* Sloan

Mother: Frances Elizabeth Andrews

Name: Susan Amanda Sloan

Birth: 10 Sep 1820 , Anderson, South Carolina, USA

Death: 4 March 1901 Connecticut, USA

Father: David McCurdy Sloan

Mother: Nancy Ann Trimmier

Name: Susan J Sloan

Birth: Aug 1885 Wisconsin

Death: 16 Oct 1979 Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Hugh Sloan

Mother: Elsie Eudora Clapp Sloan

Name: Susan "Nannie" Sloan

Birth: 7 Nov 1909 Cumberland , Virginia, USA

Death: 26 Jan 1984 Bon Air,Virginia

Father: James Alexander Sloan

Mother: Virginia Elizabeth Jamerson

Name: Susan Sloan

Birth: 2 March 1893 Resaca, Gordon, Georgia, USA

Death: 29 MAR 1978 Whitfield, Georgia

Father: William Douglas SLOAN

Mother: Savannah Lanora Murphy

Name: Susan Ann Sloan

Birth: 25 MAY 1859 Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio, USA

Death: 05 APR 1945 Bettendorf, Scott, Iowa, USA

Father: Alfred Sloan

Mother: Elizabeth GAUMER

Name: Susan E Sloan

Birth: 18 Oct 1867 Illinois, USA

Death: Aug 1961 Melrose, Curry County, New Mexico, USA

Father: John Branchford Sloan

Mother: Serenia J Richardson

Name: Susan Ophelia SLOAN

Birth: 09 Feb 1856 Monroe, Ohio, USA

Death: 12 Apr 1928 Beallsville, Monroe, Ohio, USA

Father: John D Sloan

Mother: Mary Elrod

Name: Susan Addline Sloan

Birth: 24 Mar 1870 Monroe, Tennessee, USA

Death: 27 Jan 1957 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA

Father: Madison Sloan

Mother: Katherine Ross

Name: Susan A. Sloan

Birth: 20 Nov 1849 Lincoln, Tennessee, United States

Death: 8 Aug 1886 Greene, Arkansas, United States

Father: James Sloan

Mother: Sophia Elizabeth Dollins

Name: Susan Sloan

Birth: 1 Apr 1831 Arkansas, USA

Death: 1865 Arkansas, USA

Father: Alexander Henderson

Mother: Anna Halbert

Name: susan sloan

Birth: 12 May 1835 County Down, Ireland

Death: 1913 Kilkeel, Down, Northern Ireland

Father: Henry Sloan

Mother: Mary Colgan

Name: Susan Sloan

Birth: 10 August 1820 Indiana

Death: 23 November 1901

Father: John Sloane

Mother: Sarah Ellen Allen

Name: Susan Sloan

Birth: 1838 Glasgow, Lanark

Death: 1918 Hamilton, Victoria

Father: Francis Sloane

Mother: Mary MacDonnell

Name: Susan E. Sloan

Birth: 1841 Monroe, Tennessee, United States

Death: 1860 Monroe, Tennessee, United States

Father: Archibald Sloan

Mother: Susanah Sloan

Name: Susan Winifred Sloan

Birth: Sep 1899 Kilkeel, Ireland

Death: 13 March 1975 Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Father: Bernard Sloan

Mother: Mary Rooney

Name: Susan Lydia SLOAN

Birth: Jan 1895 Knott, Kentucky, United States

Death: Aft 1910 Knott Co., KY

Father: John Pigman Slone

Mother: Christina "Tena" Branham Smith

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