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Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 6 Dec 1888 Bodehyltan, Torsås, Kalmar län, Sweden

Death: 11 Dec 1972 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Erik Petersson

Mother: Emma Svensdotter

Name: Sven Johan Petersson

Birth: 2 Apr 1867 Nattraby, Blekinge län, Sweden

Death: 23 May 1941 Isanti County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Peter Israelsson

Mother: Carolina Andersdotter

Name: Sven August Petersson

Birth: 5 Mar 1881 Piggsmåla, Långasjö, Kalmar län, Sweden

Death: 5 Nov 1967 Seattle, King, Washington, USA

Father: Peter Petersson

Mother: Eva Matilda Johannesdotter

Name: Sven Otto Petersson

Birth: 20 Febr 1855 Ullard, Holland, Swedenm

Death: 20 juni 1946 Falkenberg, Halland, Sverige

Father: Peter Salomon Jönsson

Mother: Anna Johanna Nilsdotter

Name: Sven Magnus Petersson

Birth: 16 Mar 1848 Horda Carl Jonsg, Ostra Torsas, Kronobergs, Sweden

Death: 30 Apr 1924 Vissefjärda, Kalmar, Sweden

Father: Peter Jonasson

Mother: Sara Kaisa Svensdotter

Name: Sven Johan Petersson

Birth: 14 FEB 1852 Dädesjö (G)

Death: 14 Aug 1926 St. Paul City, Ramsey, Minnesota

Father: Peter Magnusson

Mother: Catharina Andersdotter

Name: Sven Edvard Petersson

Birth: 12 Feb 1858 Smoland, Sweden

Death: 4 Apr 1933 Escanaba, Delta, Michigan, USA

Father: Pehr Olsson

Mother: Anna Christina Hoberg


Birth: 18 Oct 1876 Smoland, Sweden

Death: Aug 1963 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Johan Magnus Petersson

Mother: Anna Stina Svensdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 16 Jan 1837 Augerum, Blekinge Lan, Sweden

Death: 18 Nov 1903 Karlskrona Stads, Blekinge Län, Sweden

Father: Peter Andersson

Mother: Brita Svensdotter

Name: Sven Anders Petersson

Birth: April 12, 1840 Långaryd, Jönköping, Sweden

Death: 6 Jan 1899 Långaryds, Jönköping, Sverige

Father: Peter Carlsson

Mother: Maja Petersdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 3 Maj 1823 Nöbbeled Södergård, Östra Torsås, Kronoberg, Sverige

Death: 9 Apr 1902 Trotteslöf Norregård, Berga, Kronoberg, Sverige

Father: Peter (Per) Jönsson

Mother: Sara Svensdotter

Name: Sven Peter Petersson

Birth: 1805/12/27 Hyltan (Mönsterås), Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 26 Nov 1867 Mörlunda, Kalmar, Sverige

Father: Pehr Nilsson

Mother: Anna Cajsa Pehrsdotter

Name: Sven Gottfrid Petersson

Birth: 11 MAR 1875 Marbäck, Älvsborgs län

Death: 7 FEB 1965 Köttkulla, Grönahög

Father: Anders Johan Petersson

Mother: Maria Sofia Johansdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 21 Dec 1852 Bokelund, Dunsmåla, Urshult, Kronoberg, Sverige

Death: 8 Okt 1914 Bokelund, Dunsmåla, Kronoberg, Sverige

Father: PETER Håkansson

Mother: CHRISTINA Mattisdotter

Name: Sven Petter Petersson

Birth: 27 1822 Burseryd, Jönköping, Sweden

Death: 8 oktober 1904 Stenbrohult, Burseryd (F)

Father: Peter Arvidsson

Mother: Beata Svensdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 20 AUG 1880 Algutsboda (H)

Death: 07 Jun 1952 Ekeberga (G)

Father: Peter Svensson

Mother: Johanna* Kristina Svensdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 16 June 1878 Angelstad, Kronoberg, Sweden

Death: 20 March 1950 Halmstad, Halland, Sweden

Father: Aron Theander PETERSSON

Mother: Susanna Johansdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 3 JUN 1800 Norra Vallösa, Sjörup (M)

Death: 1860 Petersborg, Södra Villie, Villie (M)

Father: Petter Månsson

Mother: Karna Svensdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 31 Aug 1815 Södergård, Vasternorrland, Sweden

Death: 28 September 1857 Aleberg Norregard, Algutsboda, Kronoberg, Sweden

Father: Peter Pehrsson (Persson)

Mother: Ingierd Gertsdotter (Hjort)

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 4 AUG 1810 Bällstorp, Torsås (H)

Death: 19 FEB 1856 Holmaryd, Torsås fs, Småland (H), Sverige

Father: Petter Jaensson

Mother: Ingjär Persdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 12 APR 1815 Ramdala socken, Blekinge.

Death: 19 APR 1864 Rödebyholm, Rödeby

Father: Peter Petersson

Mother: Anna Andersdotter

Name: Sven Petersson

Birth: 4 Jul 1785 Lilla Bökås, Hovmantorp, Kronobergs Län, Sweden

Death: 17 Apr 1851 Sället, Hovmantorp, Kronobergs Län, Sweden

Father: Peter Svensson

Mother: Maria Persdotter

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