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Name: Thomas Henry Crawford

Birth: 05 November 1871 Lansdowne, Leeds and Grenville United Counties, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2 Mar 1926 Carleton, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Crawford

Mother: Agnes McConnell

Name: Thomas CRAWFORD

Birth: 27 Mar 1836 Netherbury, Dorset, England

Death: January 1914 St Thomas, Devonshire

Father: Jonas 1806 Crevett

Mother: Ruth Tizzard

Name: Thomas Tipton CRAWFORD

Birth: 23 Mar 1872 Maynardville, Union, Tennessee, United States

Death: 30 Mar 1949 Maynardville, Union, Tennessee, United States

Father: Samuel C Crawford

Mother: Martha Ann Crawford

Name: Thomas W Crawford

Birth: 31 May 1937 Texas

Death: 05/10/2005 Dallas Texas

Father: George Washington Crawford

Mother: Florence Emily Crawford

Name: Thomas Crawford

Birth: Apr 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: Sep 1936 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Father: John Locke Crawford

Mother: Mary Hardie

Name: Thomas Jackson Crawford

Birth: Mar 28,1862 Georgia

Death: 8 Mar 1914 Wise, Texas

Father: James Talbot Crawford

Mother: Harriett C. Ballard

Name: Thomas CRAWFORD

Birth: 15 September 1832 Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio, United States

Death: 14 Aug 1909 Paola, Miami, Kansas, United States

Father: * Crawford *Phillip Hasenstab*

Mother: Elizabeth Curry Crawford

Name: Thomas Crawford

Birth: abt 1862 Merton, Oxfordshire, England

Death: 1928 Bicester, Oxfordshire, England

Father: John Crawford

Mother: Sarah Ann LANGFORD

Name: Thomas Henry CRAWFORD

Birth: 04 Feb 1829 Smithland, Pendleton, Kentucky, United States,

Death: 18 Feb 1913 Livingston, Kentucky, United States

Father: Granville "Granite" Crawford

Mother: Mary Bean

Name: Thomas E Crawford

Birth: 1873 South Carolina

Death: 30 December 1931 Thunderbolt, Chatham County, Georgia, United States of America

Father: Solomon Elijah Crawford

Mother: Nancy Catherine Pipkin


Birth: 11 Sept 1904 ,Armstrong,Pennsylvania,USA

Death: 9 Apr 1949 Monterey, Monterey, California, USA

Father: George Leslie Crawford

Mother: Estella Mae Ramsey

Name: Thomas sunley Crawford

Birth: abt Nov 1858 Sunderland, Durham, England

Death: 1927 Hartlepool, Durham, England

Father: Ralph Crawford

Mother: Mary Sunley Crawford

Name: Thomas Ragland Crawford

Birth: 2 Aug 1894 Texas

Death: 2 Feb 1953 Alto, Cherokee, Texas, United States

Father: Thomas Robert Crawford

Mother: Martha Ragland

Name: Thomas CRAWFORD

Birth: abt 1854 Bishop Auckland, Durham, England

Death: Jun 1915 Durham, United Kingdom

Father: Thomas 1825 Crawford

Mother: Sarah Jane Little

Name: Thomas Jefferson CRAWFORD

Birth: 9 May 1835 South Carolina

Death: 15 Jun 1898 Pontotoc, Pontotoc, Mississippi, United States

Father: Dr. Crawford

Mother: Nancy Crawford

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