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Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 19 DEC 1739 Newton, Massachusettes

Death: 1817 Upper Canada, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada

Father: Thomas Jackson Draper

Mother: Relief Hyde

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 22 JAN 1769 Newton, Massachusettes

Death: 1841 Pike, Madison, Illinois

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Lydia Rogers

Name: Thomas Jefferson Draper

Birth: 1825 Flynns Lick, Jackson, Tennessee, United States

Death: 18 Jan 1862 Mill Springs, Wayne, Kentucky, USA

Father: James E Draper

Mother: Jane Moore Fitzgerald

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: October 1861 Pemberton, Lancashire, England

Death: 11 Dec 1887 Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England

Father: John Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Ellison

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 15 Sep 1768 Charleston, Berkeley, South Carolina, United States

Death: 20 Aug. 1840 Salt Lick, Jackson Tennessee

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Lucy Coleman

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 12 Jun 1824 Lathom,Ormskirk,Lancashire

Death: Mar 1910 Ormskirk, Lancashire, , England

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Ann Pemberton

Name: Thomas Matthew Draper

Birth: 23 Apr 1865 St Peter's Place, Broad Street, Birmingham

Death: 04 Feb 1939 Nell Lane, Withington

Father: Matthew Draper

Mother: Mary Barker

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 15 Sep 1877 Newburgh, Lancashire, England

Death: 4 May 1923 Adlington, Lancashire, England

Father: William Draper

Mother: Margaret Peet

Name: Thomas Ephraim Draper

Birth: 03 Sep 1875 Kent, DE

Death: 27 May 1958 Greensboro, Caroline, Maryland, United States

Father: Richard John Draper

Mother: Margaretta Richardson

Name: Thomas Frazer Draper

Birth: 23 Sep 1894 Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Death: 21 Oct 1978 Bay Shore, New York

Father: George Rockwell Draper

Mother: Mary Ellen Elizabeth Fowler

Name: Thomas Jefferson Draper

Birth: 7 Oct 1852 Columbus, , Arkansas, USA

Death: 7 May 1916 Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas, USA

Father: Albert James Draper

Mother: Mary Nancy Stinson Cowling

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 15 Aug 1824 South Perrott, Dorset, England

Death: 21 Jan 1860 Indigo Creek, Victoria, Australia

Father: Benjamin Draper

Mother: Sarah Prior

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 2 Sep 1725 North Farnham, Richmond, VA

Death: Aug 1811 Moncks Corner, Berkeley County, South Carolina

Father: Peter Thomas Draper

Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Albertson

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 1786 Lathom, Lancashire, England

Death: 6 May 1857 Lathom, Lancashire, England


Mother: Ann Stopforth

Name: Thomas Samuel Draper

Birth: 4 March 1883 Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire, England

Death: 5 Feb 1959 Wolston, Warwickshire, England

Father: George Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Simcox

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: abt 1791 Ticknall, Derbyshire, England

Death: March 1853 Ticknall, Derbyshire, England

Father: John Draper

Mother: Mary Durant

Name: Thomas Jefferson Draper

Birth: 29 Jun 1838 Bagdad, Jackson, Tennessee, United States

Death: 28 April 1926 Dallas, Texas

Father: Thomas Lyle Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Huddleston

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: ABT 1816 Ticknall, Derbyshire, England

Death: OCT 1858 Ticknall, Derbyshire, England

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Sarah Topliss

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 13 Nov 1875 Bickenhall, Warwickshire, England

Death: 14 Apr 1954 Worcestershire, Worcester, England

Father: William Draper

Mother: Hannah Hill

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 1498 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England

Death: 1545 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England

Father: Sir John Draper

Mother: Agnes Margaret Gunston

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 7 October 1808 Long Whatton, Leicester, England

Death: Mar 1876 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

Father: William Draper

Mother: Mary Wright

Name: Thomas Draper

Birth: 1783 Lasker, Northampton, North Carolina, USA

Death: Oct 1869 Lasker,Northampton,North Carolina,USA

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Lydia Bundy

Name: Thomas D Draper

Birth: abt 1830 Oneida County, New York, USA

Death: After June 1861 Yount Veterans Home, Yount Twp, Napa County, California, USA

Father: George Draper

Mother: Mary Duke

Name: Thomas Makin Draper

Birth: abt 1863 Prescot

Death: 13 Feb 1942 Cornwall, England

Father: Edward Draper

Mother: Ellen Makin

Name: Thomas Early Draper

Birth: 10 JUN 1855 Northampton County, North Carolina, United States of America

Death: 14 May 1922 Northampton County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Wiley Willie Draper

Mother: Martha Sarah Hodges

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