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Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 30 Jan 1698 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1735 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Thomas Oldham

Mother: Mercy Sprout

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 16 Jan 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: 27 Feb 1902 Pendleton, Lancashire, England

Father: Edmund Oldham

Mother: Frances Hawkard

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 9 Feb 1809 St Clair, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 Jun 1891 Mallory, Clayton, Iowa, United States

Father: William Oldham

Mother: Elizabeth Callihan

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 27 Oct 1700 Droylsden, Lancashire, England

Death: 4 Sep 1756 Hyde, Cheshire, , England

Father: JOSHUA Oldham

Mother: Mary Higginbotham

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 09 Apr 1598 Derby, Derbyshire, England

Death: 26 Jun 1636 Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, USA

Father: William Oldham

Mother: Philippa Sowter

Name: Thomas OLDHAM

Birth: Jun 1832 Prescott, Lancashire, England

Death: 17 Jul 1916 Kirkham, Lancashire, England

Father: Samuel Appleton

Mother: Mary Ann Oldham

Name: Thomas Douglas Oldham

Birth: 7 Oct 1799 Orange, North Carolina, United States

Death: 9 Mar 1886 Orange, North Carolina, United States

Father: William Odom Oldham

Mother: Sarah Pendergrass Oldham

Name: Thomas Earl Oldham

Birth: 13 May 1895 West Fork, Washington Co, Arkansas

Death: 9 May 1964 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Arkansas

Father: Thomas Jefferson Oldham

Mother: Agatha Frances Jane Sample

Name: Thomas Jefferson Oldham

Birth: 6 February 1872 Texas

Death: 15 March 1935 Tucumcari,Quay,New Mexico,USA

Father: Elias Jesse Oldham/Olden

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Erwin

Name: Thomas Oval Oldham

Birth: 1 Sep 1908 Smith, Tennessee, USA

Death: 18 Sep 1976 Lafayette, Macon, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Henry Calvert Oldham

Mother: Maggie Elizabeth Petty

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 9 May 1833 Romiley, Cheshire, England

Death: 8 Jan 1904 Heaton Norris, Lancashire

Father: Ralph Oldham

Mother: Fanny Mellison

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 1 Oct 1838 Bury, Lancashire, , England

Death: 16 Jan 1916 Atchison, Atchison, Kansas, United States

Father: John Oldham

Mother: Maria Heap

Name: Thomas Benton Oldham

Birth: 24 Jan 1901 Jetmore, Hodgeman, Kansas, USA

Death: 28 Oct 1991 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Father: James Breeze Oldham

Mother: Eliza Ann Thomas

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 24 Jul 1837 Hyde, Cheshire, England

Death: 31 Jan 1918 Hyde, Cheshire, England

Father: William Oldham

Mother: Elizabeth Mercer

Name: Thomas Frederick Oldham

Birth: 8 May 1825 Dublin, Ireland

Death: 1 May 1902 Tompkinsville / Kings, New York, USA

Father: John OLDHAM

Mother: Ann Alleston

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 5 Nov 1763 Hyde, Cheshire, England

Death: 10 Mar 1829 Cheshire, England

Father: Samuel Oldham

Mother: Ann Ashton

Name: Thomas William Oldham


Death: 26 Dec 1981 Independence, Jackson, MO

Father: Joel Edwin Oldham

Mother: Cora Belle Newby

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 4 May 1816 Dublin, Ireland

Death: 17 Jul 1878 Rugby, England

Father: Thomas Oldham

Mother: Margaret Ann Bagot

Name: Thomas Eustace William Oldham

Birth: 11 Mar 1874 Southampton, Hampshire, England

Death: 12 Sep 1947 Essex, England

Father: Thomas William Oldham

Mother: Clara Mary Anne Hewitt Tew

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 1680 Nottingham, Clwyd, Calverton, Flintshire, Wales

Death: 03 Feb 1756 21 NOV 1714 • Philadelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John III Oldham

Mother: Mercy Sprout

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 23 May 1785 York, York, Pennsylvania

Death: 21 Aug 1853 Bedford Co., Pennsylvania

Father: Thomas Oldham

Mother: Rebecca Blackburn

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 25 Oct 1823 Richmond, Madison, Kentucky, USA

Death: 3 May 1877 Lexington, Fayette County, Ky

Father: Hezekiah Oldham

Mother: Mary Polly Kavanaugh

Name: Thomas Edward Oldham

Birth: August 4, 1896 Jacksonville FL

Death: 11 Sep 1950 Duval, Florida, United States

Father: Richard Wilson Oldham

Mother: Alice Catherine Damiani

Name: Thomas Oldham

Birth: 1655 Westmoreland, VA, USA

Death: 16 Feb 1756 Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John Oldham

Mother: Mary Smith

Name: thomas oldham

Birth: 1775 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Death: circa 1852 Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Father: Gervas Oldham

Mother: Mary Clarke

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