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Name: Thomas Anderson Estes

Birth: 1834 Brazoria County,Texas

Death: 5 Mar 1875 Brazoria County, Texas, USA

Father: Anderson Elliott Estes

Mother: Elizabeth Logan

Name: Thomas Henry Clay Estes

Birth: 30 Jun 1829 Adair County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 26 Nov 1893 Scott County, Missouri

Father: John Yates Estes

Mother: Frances Clark

Name: Thomas Newton Estes

Birth: 09 Feb 1830 Paris, Henry, Tennessee, USA

Death: 18 April 1920 Lunenburg, Izard County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Burroughs Estes

Mother: Martha Patty Lloyd

Name: Thomas Leland Estes

Birth: 28 Mar 1896 Monona County, Iowa

Death: 20 FEB 1968 Austin, Mower County, Minnesota

Father: John Thomas Estes

Mother: Zilpha Lou McCall

Name: Thomas Estes

Birth: 28 Sep 1752 Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, United States

Death: 1825 Duanesburg, Schenectady, New York, USA


Mother: Mary Peirce (Estes)

Name: Thomas Jedediah Estes

Birth: 4 Oct 1857 Franklin, Georgia, United States

Death: 27 November 1926 Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Cooper Bennett Estes

Mother: Elizabeth Burton Ayers

Name: Thomas Estes

Birth: 20 Jan 1632 Ringwould, Kent, , England

Death: 15 Apr 1682 Rodham, Kent, , England

Father: Sylvester Estes

Mother: ELLEN Martin

Name: Thomas H. Estes

Birth: 1840 Morgan, Missouri, USA

Death: 31 Dec 1877 Colusa, California, USA

Father: Rev, Andrew Estes-/

Mother: Susana Susan Estes nee-/

Name: Thomas Doyle Estes

Birth: 28 Dec 1816 Union City, Franklin, Missouri, United States

Death: 5 Feb 1887 Newtonia, Newton, Missouri, United States

Father: Elisha Estes

Mother: Mary Jane Doyle

Name: Thomas Estes

Birth: 4 March 1803 South Carolina, United States of America

Death: 1847 Gwinett County, Georgia, USA

Father: Nathaniel Harvey Estes

Mother: Nancy Finley

Name: Thomas Daniel Estes

Birth: 15 Feb 1900 Texas

Death: 5 October 1970 Omaha, Morris, Texas, USA

Father: Louis C Estes

Mother: Minnie Lee Wilson

Name: Thomas Hershal Estes

Birth: 7 Apr 1901 Kennedy, Blaine, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 25 Oct 1974 Sayre, Beckham, Oklahoma, United States


Mother: HARRIOTT Thureescie Hill

Name: Thomas Newton Estes

Birth: 5 December 1846 Fulton County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 1 Nov 1918 Joseph, Wallowa, Oregon, United States

Father: James Estes

Mother: Rebecca Mouler Nolan

Name: Thomas Jefferson Estes

Birth: 8 Apr 1802 Fayette County, Kentucky, United States

Death: 1879 Grandview & Embarass, Edgar County, Illinois, United States

Father: William Marshall Estes

Mother: Frances Lewis

Name: Thomas Sanford Estes

Birth: 14 May 1849 Carrollton, Carroll County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 21 Sep 1934 Alpena, Boone co, Arkansas

Father: John Harris Estes

Mother: Phoebe Flora Ross

Name: Thomas Henry / Harrington Estes

Birth: 20 December 1877 Spring Valley Township (Arbucke), Colusa County California

Death: 20 October 1950 Hillside Hospital; Klamath Falls, Klamath County Oregon

Father: Thomas H. Estes

Mother: Mary S Rutherford (Estes)

Name: Thomas Oscar Estes

Birth: 17 Feb 1873 Pickens, Alabama, United States

Death: 04 Jan 1959 Curry, Walker, Alabama, United States

Father: Elijah Hulsey Estes

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Dollar

Name: Thomas Franklin Estes

Birth: 11 Apr 1877 Missouri

Death: 21 Apr 1951 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: James F Estes

Mother: Martisha A Warmouth

Name: Thomas A Estes

Birth: 17 Jan 1837 Chester, South Carolina, USA

Death: 20 Sep 1914 Winston, Mississippi, USA

Father: Charner ESTES (I)

Mother: Elizabeth Wilks Wilkes

Name: Thomas Gideon Estes

Birth: 23 December 1851 Marion County, Arkansas, United States of America

Death: 17 Jun 1927 Flippin, Marion County, Arkansas

Father: John Gideon Estes

Mother: Missouri Wood

Name: Thomas Estes

Birth: 27 Aug 1784 Durham, Androscoggin, Maine, United States

Death: 16 Aug 1870 Durham, Androscoggin, Maine, United States

Father: Caleb Estes 5gg

Mother: Lydia Bishop

Name: Thomas Walter Estes

Birth: 5 Aug 1810 Columbia, Maury, Tennessee, USA

Death: 10 Aug 1878 Colombia, Maury County, Tennessee, USA

Father: John Henry Estes

Mother: Martha Ann (Mary Ann) "Polly" Jaggers (Austin)

Name: Thomas Monroe Estes

Birth: 07 MAR 1864 Hustonville, Lincoln Co., KY

Death: 14 MAR 1932 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States

Father: William Monroe Estes

Mother: Elizabeth W Betsy Mcwhorter

Name: Thomas Howard Estes

Birth: 20 Sep 1880 TN, US

Death: 1 Mar 1966 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Gideon D Estes

Mother: Martha R. Horn

Name: Thomas Lamar Estes

Birth: 11 OCT 1907 Mississippi, USA

Death: 06 JUN 1932 Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Mississippi, USA

Father: Simpson Andrew Alexander Estes

Mother: Irma Stanley

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