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Name: Vera Ella Westbrook

Birth: 11 OCT 1899 Parris, TX

Death: 31 May 1978 Indiahoma, Comanche, Oklahoma, United States

Father: WALTER WATSON Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Naomi Westbrook Tucker

Name: Vera Vernetty Westbrook

Birth: 1 Aug 1844 Smith, Mississippi, United States

Death: 1879 Milam, Texas, United States

Father: Joshua Isaac Hudson Westbrook

Mother: Edna Maybray

Name: Vera Irene Westbrook

Birth: 1 June 1912 Manton Wexfo, Michigan

Death: 19 June 1997 Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan, USA

Father: Henry Alfred Westbrook

Mother: Viola Matilda "Olie" Cain

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: 10 Oct 1912 Croswell San, Michigan

Death: 12 Feb 1996 Florissant, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Chester Roy Westbrook

Mother: Ina Grout

Name: Vera Viola Westbrook

Birth: 13 Nov 1904 Hugo, Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 3 Oct 1983 Dos Palos, Merced, California, USA

Father: Henry Ashley Westbrook

Mother: Ann Jane Burks

Name: Vera Mae Westbrook

Birth: 1 Mar 1909 Piedmont, Calhoun, Alabama, United States

Death: 5 Jul 1991 High Point (P), Guilford, North Carolina

Father: Robert Oscar Westbrook

Mother: Maude Christine Melton Smart

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: 6 May 1918 Alabama

Death: 03 June 1968 Alabama

Father: James Washington Westbrook

Mother: Mary Francis Smith

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: abt 1883 South Carolina

Death: Not Available

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Lizzie Westbrook


Birth: 07 06 1912 wimbledon merton

Death: 17 07 1993 Plymouth, England, United Kingdom


Mother: Emily Beatrice BOWEN

Name: Vera Helen Westbrook

Birth: 20 Oct 1918 Oakdale, Louisiana

Death: 21 Aug 2001 Vidor, Orange, Texas, USA

Father: John Franklin Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Parthenia Impson

Name: Vera Bell WESTBROOK

Birth: 19 Jan 1910 Linden, Marengo, Alabama

Death: 12 Apr 1911 Linden, Marengo, Alabama

Father: Clarence Grower Westbrook

Mother: Carrie Hollis Westbrook

Name: Vera F M Westbrook

Birth: 1st July 1923 St Pancras, London, England

Death: 19th Jan 2017 Oxfordshire

Father: Henry Walter Westbrook

Mother: Florence Grace Howe


Birth: 20 Mar 1916 Stokesley, Yorkshire North Riding

Death: Not Available

Father: Arthur Francis Westbrook

Mother: Annie Hardy

Name: vera westbrook

Birth: Not Available england

Death: 14 dec 1990

Father: Joseph Westbrook

Mother: Francis Annie Thurloway

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: Feb 1891 Texas

Death: Not Available

Father: James Wyatt Westbrook

Mother: Susana (Annie) L Carr

Name: Vera Maxine Westbrook

Birth: 1909

Death: 1926

Father: Oscar Fritz Allen Westbrook

Mother: Emma Kelly

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: Abt. 1903

Death: Not Available

Father: Barney Magill Westbrook

Mother: Julia "Julie" Ann Walker

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: abt 1906 Texas

Death: Not Available arkansas

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Vera Jean Westbrook

Birth: 23 Mar 1956 Marianna Lee, Arkansas

Death: 24 Feb 1990 Hennepin, Minnesota

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: 12 April 1922 Orpington, Bromley, Kent, England

Death: 8 Nov 2011 Orpington, Bromley, Kent, England

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Vera Westbrook

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: vera catherine westbrook

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Vera Katherine Westbrook

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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