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Name: Walter Scott Nichols

Birth: 06 May 1860 Berne, Fairfield Co., OH

Death: 22 May 1929 Lowell, Lake, Indiana, United States

Father: Eli NICHOLS

Mother: Catharine Johnson

Name: Walter Nichols

Birth: 26 Dec 1880 Austin, Travis County, Texas

Death: 7 July 1928 Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA

Father: Robert 'Bob' Nichols

Mother: Martha Annie Boothe

Name: Walter Nichols

Birth: 17 Aug 1904 Tennessee, USA

Death: 4 July 1967 Tennessee, United States

Father: Amos Wiley Nichols

Mother: Menerva Elizabeth Pyburn


Birth: 1898 Illinois

Death: 20 Nov 1965 Clay County, Illinois

Father: John Carter Nichols

Mother: Lenora Idella Shontz

Name: Walter A Nichols

Birth: 22 Aug 1898 MT. Pleasant, Jefferson, Ohio

Death: 16 Mar 1979 Rayland, Jefferson, Ohio, United States of America

Father: William Haverfield Nichols

Mother: Laura Eva Bosley

Name: Walter A Nichols

Birth: abt 1907 West Virginia

Death: 14 Mar 1986 Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, United States

Father: Reuben James Nichols

Mother: Emma M Carpenter

Name: Walter M. Nichols

Birth: abt 1878 Connecticut

Death: 06 February 1949 Danbury, Fairfield, CT

Father: Henry Theophilus Nichols

Mother: Abigail Louise Skidmore

Name: Walter Allen Nichols

Birth: 6 Jan 1888 Tennessee

Death: Nov 1974 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: William Henry Nichols

Mother: Nannie L Nichols

Name: Walter Nichols

Birth: 7 Dec 1890 Michigan

Death: 11 May 1961 Michigan

Father: Dorry Nichols

Mother: Amelia Popkey

Name: Walter Nichols

Birth: Apr 03, 1849 AL

Death: 13 March 1929 Mississippi

Father: Osburn Nichols

Mother: Catherine

Name: Walter W Nichols

Birth: 20 Sep 1883 Waco, McLellan, Texas, USA

Death: 26 Nov 1951 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Augustus Nichols

Mother: Ancyville Mitchell

Name: Walter Edwin Nichols

Birth: 6 September 1866 Crewkerne, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Death: 29 September 1962 Bennion, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Father: William Nichols

Mother: Anne Webber

Name: Walter Ernest Nichols

Birth: 30 Mar 1887 North Carolina,United States of America

Death: 08 Dec 1966 Morganton, Burke, North Carolina

Father: B. Nichols

Mother: Rebecca Alice Laffoon-Nichols

Name: Walter "Earnest" Nichols

Birth: 20 Feb 1899 Texas

Death: 18 Apr 1951 Los Angeles

Father: James Thomas Nichols

Mother: Rachel Lumpkins

Name: Walter Nichols

Birth: 18 Nov 1855 Ohio

Death: 29 Apr 1942 Linn, Missouri, USA

Father: Elias Nichols

Mother: Mary A McCreary

Name: Walter R. Nichols

Birth: Dec 1899 Perry County, Alabama

Death: 22 January 1962 Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, United States of America

Father: Columbus Marion Nichols

Mother: Minnie Lee Osburn

Name: Walter W Nichols

Birth: 20 May 1872 Texas

Death: 26 Feb 1961 Foard, Texas

Father: John Pope Nichols

Mother: Sarah Teague

Name: Walter L Nichols

Birth: 6 Dec 1907 Edgerton, Williams County, Ohio, USA

Death: 13 Aug 1995 Petoskey, Emmet County, Michigan, USA

Father: Charles William Nickels

Mother: Etta Lou Lett

Name: Walter William Nichols

Birth: 30 Dec 1881 Tennessee

Death: 17 Aug 1958 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee

Father: John Nichols

Mother: Rachel Viola Jones

Name: Walter R Nichols

Birth: 26 Apr 1908 Oklahoma

Death: 23 Mar 1979 Sacramento

Father: John Nichols (DNA match)

Mother: Gerdie Hollingsworth

Name: Walter David Nichols

Birth: 10 Aug 1885 Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States

Death: 8 Apr 1972 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: Robert Melton Nichols

Mother: Jinnie Hedge

Name: Walter A Nichols

Birth: 5 Oct 1892 Ceder Falls, Iowa, USA

Death: 1948 Saskatchewan, Canada

Father: William Wallace Nichols

Mother: Amy Warner

Name: Walter W Nichols

Birth: March 1881 Jackson, Florida, USA

Death: Dec 1959 Marianna, Jackson, Florida, USA

Father: John Nichols

Mother: Edith Jenny Hill

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