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Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 22 OCT 1879 Bingenheim

Death: 14.Juli 1955 Werl, Lippe, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

Father: Heinrich Lohfinck

Mother: Catharina Holler

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 10 MAY 1889 Bingenheim

Death: Not Available

Father: Wilhelm 1. Lohfink

Mother: Katharina Lotz

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 2 SEP 1809 Völzberg

Death: 22 SEP 1809 Völzberg

Father: Johann Wilhelm Lohfink

Mother: Eva Elisabeth(a) Batz

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 21 Mai 1853 Stedtfeld, Eisenach, Thüringen, Deutschland

Death: 17.04.1895 Eisenach, Thüringen, Deutschland

Father: Johann Heinrich Lohfinck

Mother: Henrietta Niebergall

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 30.09.1912 Fischborn, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Deutschland

Death: 23.03.1952 Hanau

Father: Heinrich Lohfink

Mother: Maria Siebenlift

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 11 OCT 1877 Bingenheim

Death: 16 APR 1879 Bingenheim

Father: Konrad Lohfink

Mother: Henriette Habermehl

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 4 Mai 1893

Death: 18 AUG 1956 Frankfurt/Main

Father: Gustav Otto Lohfink

Mother: Katharina Rosenthal

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 16 Okt 1897 Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Deutschland

Death: 20 Jan 1898 Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Deutschland

Father: Wilhelm Lohfink

Mother: Anna Catharina Fladung

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 14 JAN 1874 Völzberg

Death: 24 AUG 1959 Völzberg

Father: Hans Christian Lohfink

Mother: Anna Margretha Reifschneider

Name: Wilhelm Kurt Werner Lohfink

Birth: 26.11.1912 Eisenach, Thüringen, Deutschland

Death: 16.11.1987 Berlin-Zehlendorf

Father: Karl Heinrich Lohfink

Mother: Anna Franziska Frieda Abä

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: abt 1885 Bow, London, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Adelbert Lohfink

Mother: Emma Drube

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: abt 1884 Germany

Death: Not Available

Father: William Frederick Lohfink

Mother: Elizabeth Ulreich

Name: Wilhelm Dieterich Lohfink

Birth: 07.01.1886 Eisenach, Thüringen, Deutschland

Death: Not Available

Father: Wilhelm Lohfink

Mother: Louise Eleonora Thiel

Name: Wilhelm Philipp Lohfink

Birth: 25 JUL 1863 Bingenheim

Death: 18 JAN 1868 Bingenheim

Father: Heinrich Lohfinck

Mother: Elisabetha Spengler

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 30 Okt 1874

Death: Not Available

Father: Jakob Lohfink

Mother: Anna Katharina Sargk

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 31 OCT 1888 Bingenheim

Death: Not Available

Father: Jacob Wilhelm 2. Lohfink

Mother: Anna Metz

Name: Wilhelm Heinrich Lohfink

Birth: 5 OCT 1863 Bingenheim

Death: Not Available

Father: Louis Christian Lohfink

Mother: Eva Maria Lutter

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 20 Nov 1912

Death: 30 März 1944 Eiterfeld, Hessen, Deutschland

Father: Magnus Josef Lohfink

Mother: Private

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: 6 März 1870

Death: 27 Aug 1939 Frankfurt V, Hessen, Deutschland

Father: Private

Mother: Clementine Gieseler Lofink

Name: Wilhelm R (William) Lohfink

Birth: 10 Jan 1908 Germany

Death: 10 Jun 1945 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Wilhelm Lohfink

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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