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Name: William Draper

Birth: 12 July 1761 St Andrew, Maghull, Lancashire, England

Death: 21 Jan 1829 Maghull, Lancashire

Father: Jacob Draper

Mother: Margaret Smith

Name: William Aster Draper

Birth: 20 Sep 1881 Danville, Vermilion, Illinois, United States

Death: 10 Apr 1936 Atchison, Atchison, Kansas, United States

Father: James Shanklin Draper

Mother: Rebecca Jane Swisher

Name: William Wood Draper

Birth: 21 Mar 1841 Passalett, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Death: 08 JUL 1910 Atlanta, Georgia

Father: Daniel Davis Draper

Mother: Caroline Matilda Wood

Name: William M 'Billie' Draper

Birth: 6 February 1816 Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 8 May 1897 Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Travis Draper

Mother: Margaret T White

Name: William Draper

Birth: 25 Nov 1818 Easterton, Wiltshire, England

Death: 29 Jun 1898 Kaysville, Davis, Utah, USA

Father: William Draper

Mother: Sarah EARL

Name: William Draper

Birth: 6 Sep 1776 Wyoming, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 24 Dec 1854 Draper, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Lydia Rogers

Name: William Adelburt (Delburt) Draper

Birth: 25 Jul 1875 Alexander, Genesee, New York, USA

Death: 25 Dec 1944 Fulton, Oswego County, New York, USA

Father: Joseph Draper

Mother: Nancy Nemier

Name: William Eliot Draper

Birth: 30 Dec 1874 Upper Alton, Madison Co., Illinois

Death: 27 Sep 1920 Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas, USA

Father: Benjamin Franklin Draper

Mother: Sarah Belinda Armstrong

Name: William Alfred Draper

Birth: 17 Oct 1885 Gittisham, Devon, England

Death: March 1969 Bideford, Devon, England

Father: William Draper

Mother: Jane Randall

Name: William John Draper

Birth: 30 Sep 1888 Woolwich, Kent, England

Death: 1952 New Zealand

Father: James Henry Draper

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Wilson

Name: William Vernon "bill" Draper

Birth: 30 May 1901 Loup City, Sherman County, Nebraska, USA

Death: 9 August 1988 Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, United States of America

Father: Jacob Jay B Fickling Draper

Mother: Mary Abaline Bumb

Name: William Draper

Birth: 1887 Auckland, NZ

Death: 15 April 1951 New Zealand

Father: Joseph Draper

Mother: Rosa McGhan

Name: William Thomas Draper

Birth: 23 May 1898 Belvedere, Kent, England

Death: About 1968 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Father: William Henry Draper

Mother: Emma Jane Wilson

Name: William Henry Draper

Birth: 25 Jun 1877 Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex

Death: 05 JULY 1947 Knowlton, Quebec, Canada



Name: William Belzic "Belly" Draper

Birth: 10 JAN 1875 Wayne City, Wayne Co, Illinois, USA

Death: 02 Jun 1954 Winnebago, Illinois, United States

Father: William Bennett Draper

Mother: Josephine Hooper

Name: William Draper

Birth: 29 November 1841 Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, United States of America

Death: 31 Mar 1909 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States

Father: Ari Draper

Mother: Cynthia P Bender

Name: William Tell Draper

Birth: 06 Aug 1868 South English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA

Death: 11 Jul 1945 Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Father: William Tell Draper

Mother: Mary Anna Thrailkill

Name: William Ira Draper

Birth: 02 Jan 1850 North Vandalia, Jasper, Iowa, USA

Death: 12 Jan 1937 Dawson, Richardson, Nebraska, USA

Father: John M. Draper

Mother: Rebecca Stanton

Name: William Draper

Birth: 1 May 1784 Front Royal, Warren, Virginia, United States

Death: 12 October 1862 Enfield, White County, Illinois, USA

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Priscilla Leiler Breedon Draper


Birth: 5 Mar 1838 Kirtland, Lake, Ohio, United States

Death: 2 MAY 1887 Freedom, Sanpete, Utah, USA

Father: William Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Staker

Name: William Meredith Draper

Birth: 07 Jul 1832 Henry, Virginia, USA

Death: 5 MAY 1862 Williamsburg, James, Virginia, United States

Father: Thomas Jefferson Draper

Mother: Nancy Dent Davis


Birth: 14 November 1855 Crawford County, Illinois, USA

Death: 5 Dec. 1892 Illlinois USA

Father: Francis Franklin Draper

Mother: NANCY P. or C. Gurley

Name: William Oscar Draper

Birth: 25 Mar 1852 N Gwillimbury, York Co, Ontario, Canada

Death: 26 Nov 1944 Parry Sound, Parry Sound District, Ontario, Canada

Father: Elisha Draper

Mother: Julia Ann Micks

Name: William Draper

Birth: 24 APR 1807 Richmond, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada

Death: 28 May 1886 Freedom, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Father: William Draper

Mother: Lydia Lathrop

Name: William Lane Draper

Birth: 31 Mar 1825 Smith, Macon, Tennessee, United States

Death: 8 Jul 1902 Fairfield, Wayne, Illinois, United States

Father: Joshua Draper

Mother: Nancy Wilkins (Draper)

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