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BIRTH: 24 April 1868 Bradley County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 8 Sep 1945 Lone Oak, Hunt, Texas, United States

FATHER: Henry Clay Haney

MOTHER: Katherine Caroline (Callie) Givens

NAME: William Haney

BIRTH: May 1821 Pelham, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 11 Feb 1904 Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Matthew Haney

MOTHER: Anna Maynes

NAME: William Brodus Haney

BIRTH: 14 Apr 1833 Cashocton, Ohio USA

DEATH: 25 May 1912 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

FATHER: William Haney

MOTHER: Elizabeth Hart

NAME: William Simon Haney

BIRTH: May 1852 Malahide, 1654296, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: Abt 1925 Colorado

FATHER: Ebenezer Haney


NAME: William Ennis Haney

BIRTH: 1758 Louisa, Louisa, Virginia, USA

DEATH: September 18,1853 Olive Haney Cemetery, Stacey Fork Co, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Michael Haney

MOTHER: Anna Moles

NAME: William Isaac Haney

BIRTH: 27 Jun 1865 Sidon, White, Arkansas, USA

DEATH: 17 Aug 1936 Sidon, White, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Reuben Roger "Rusteye" Haney

MOTHER: Emma Caroline MURRAY

NAME: William Grant Haney

BIRTH: 28 FEB 1879 Duncannon, Perry County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 11 Dec 1947 York, York County, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: William G Haney

MOTHER: Beulah Jane Dill

NAME: William Leonard Haney

BIRTH: Feb 1849 Malahide, East Elgin, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 10 February 1920 Salt Lake City, Utah

FATHER: Ebenezer Haney

MOTHER: Eliza Ann Carl

NAME: William "Bill" Haney

BIRTH: 21 April 1925 Preston, ID

DEATH: 7 July 1993 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States of America

FATHER: Pierce Melvin Haney

MOTHER: Lucy Cummins Payne

NAME: William Henry HANEY

BIRTH: 6 Sep 1912 Saylorsburg, Monroe, Pennsyvania, USA

DEATH: 6 Apr 1977 East Stroudsburg, Monroe, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Charles Harold HANEY


NAME: William G Haney

BIRTH: Sep 6, 1850 Pennsylvania

DEATH: 27 Sep 1942 Perry County Home, Tyrone, Perry County, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: William H Haney

MOTHER: Edith B G Whooley

NAME: William Phillip Henry Sheridan Haney

BIRTH: 9 Apr 1866 Indian Fork, Upshur, West Virginia, USA

DEATH: 05 May 1957 Fairmont, Marion, West Virginia

FATHER: William Franklin Haney

MOTHER: Barbara Jane Crites

NAME: William Crayton Haney

BIRTH: 29 Mar 1867 Westminster, Oconee, South Carolina, United States

DEATH: 27 Mar 1929 Westminister, Oconee, South Carolina, United States

FATHER: William Buck Haney

MOTHER: Catherine Elizabeth Norris? Haney?

NAME: William Haney

BIRTH: 1755 Queenston, Galway, Ireland

DEATH: 17 Mar 1805 German, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Joseph William Haney

MOTHER: Mary Anne Skiffinton

NAME: William Ezekiel Haney

BIRTH: 14 Nov 1853 Greene County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 24 Mar 1938 Free Union, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Smith George Haney

MOTHER: America Mildred Lamb

NAME: William Alonzo Haney

BIRTH: 30 April 1894 Golden, Wood County, Texas, United States of America

DEATH: 26 Dec 1983 Upshur County, Texas, USA

FATHER: Benjamin F Haney

MOTHER: Nancy Jane (Reed) Baccus

NAME: William George Haney

BIRTH: 02 Feb 1867 Fife Lake, Grand Traverse, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 01 Mar 1950 Montrose, Montrose, Colorado, USA

FATHER: George William Haney

MOTHER: Jane E. Williams

NAME: William Bradford Haney

BIRTH: 01 Apr 1832 Cherokee Nation Tn, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 04 Apr 1903 Millsap, Parker, Texas, United States

FATHER: Robert Haney

MOTHER: Nancy Ann Webb

NAME: William D. Haney

BIRTH: 7 June 1831 Cabell County, Virginia

DEATH: 21 Dec 1886 Wayne, West Virginia, United States

FATHER: William Haney

MOTHER: Martha Dean

NAME: William Haney

BIRTH: Mar 1844 McDowell County NC

DEATH: 4 Dec 1904 Anderson, Anderson, South Carolina, United States

FATHER: James Haney

MOTHER: Matilda Curtis

NAME: William John Haney

BIRTH: 11 Jun 1801 Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 1875/01/13 Polk Co, TN


MOTHER: Elizabeth Bailey

NAME: William Haney

BIRTH: 17 Aug 1873 Killeenadeema, Loughrea, Galway

DEATH: 1956

FATHER: Patrick Hanney

MOTHER: Mary Colgan

NAME: William Ransom Haney

BIRTH: 18 Oct 1848 Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

DEATH: 20 Oct 1919 Winfield, Marion County, Alabama

FATHER: Isaac B. Haney

MOTHER: Mary "Polly" Ward Gould (Haney)

NAME: William Isaac "Will" Haney

BIRTH: 6 Sep 1872 Limestone, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 18 Feb 1923 Leggtown, Limestone County, Alabama

FATHER: Isaac Boyd Haney

MOTHER: Nancy Jane Minerva Legg


BIRTH: 22 June 1901 Athens, Mcminn, Tennessee

DEATH: 31 OCT 1973 Athens, Mcminn, Tennessee, United States of America

FATHER: John Roland Haney

MOTHER: Nancy Caroline Riggs