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Name: William P PLUMMER

Birth: 26 May 1835 Ohio, United States

Death: 6 JAN 1887 Kansas

Father: John P. Plummer

Mother: Mariah Mary Smith

Name: William James Plummer

Birth: 30 Mar 1827 Ashe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 20 Sep 1908 Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Sallie Catherine Richardson

Name: William Plummer

Birth: 02/21/1875 Hardin County, Ohio, USA

Death: 21 Jan 1938 Ohio

Father: Israel Plummer

Mother: Laura Ruble Plummer

Name: William Plummer

Birth: 23 Nov 1929 Evanston Co, Illinois

Death: 5 January 2000 Annandale, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Father: Charles Cazenove Plummer

Mother: Helen Roxana Peyton

Name: William A. Plummer

Birth: 30 Nov 1869 Summerhill Twp., Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Death: 16 May 1935 Gary, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Miriam Maria Clark

Name: William Plummer

Birth: 29 Dec 1823 Fayette, Indiana, United States

Death: 19 February 1909 Clinton County, Indiana, USA

Father: Ira Plummer

Mother: Frances "Fanny" Pearsey

Name: William Plummer

Birth: Abt 1839 Maine

Death: 22 Nov 1916 Minniewaukan, Benson, North Dakota, USA

Father: Stephen PLUMMER

Mother: Eleanor Hoar

Name: William H Plummer

Birth: Abt. 1839 Michigan

Death: 30 MAY 1933 Seattle Washington (King Co.)

Father: William Webster Plummer

Mother: Margaret Granger Bird

Name: William B Plummer

Birth: Aug 1856 Sanford, Maine, USA

Death: 11 March 1918 Springvale, York County, Maine, United States of America

Father: Luther Worster Plummer

Mother: Mary Seavey

Name: William Taylor PLUMMER

Birth: Oct 1848 Iowa

Death: 25 September 1930 Harlan, Fayette, Iowa, United States

Father: Levi Plummer

Mother: Martha Morrow

Name: William Plummer

Birth: 1828 Spitalfield, London, England

Death: 5 Dec 1905 London, Surrey, England

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Sarah Abbott

Name: William T Plummer

Birth: 21 September 1875 Stanford, Lincoln, Kentucky, USA

Death: 21 April 1935 Stanford, Kentucky, USA

Father: Henry Green Plummer

Mother: Rhoda Ann James

Name: William Curtis PLUMMER

Birth: 15 Aug 1907 Scott County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1990 San Bernardino

Father: William Alexander Plummer

Mother: Martha Robertson

Name: William F Plummer

Birth: 04 Mar 1880 Smithville, Bastrop, Texas, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1920 Dallas,TX

Father: William Franklin Plummer

Mother: Annie M Roberts

Name: William J Plummer

Birth: 2 April 1917 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 January 2013 North Wales, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Um Plummer

Mother: Gertrude Anna Dalton

Name: William M Plummer

Birth: 05 Jun 1843 Friendswood, Hendricks, Indiana, USA

Death: 13 Jan 1921 Madison, Morgan, Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Nancy Moon

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