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Name: William Miles Purvis

Birth: 1835 Alabama

Death: 23 Jun 1890 Lee, Mississippi

Father: John J Purvis

Mother: Sarah R Roebuck

Name: William Gregory Purvis

Birth: 21 May 1871 Bedford, Bedford, Tennessee, United States

Death: 23 Jul 1949 Bedford, Bedford, Tennessee, United States

Father: James Purvis

Mother: Martha Minerva Gregory

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 7 Apr 1864 Mississippi, United States

Death: 13 Feb 1931 Erath, Texas, United States

Father: William Washington Purves

Mother: Ferraba Rosanne Jones

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 16 July 1879 Alabama

Death: 2 June 1956 Houston, Alabama

Father: Rev. Purvis

Mother: Catharine (GGgm) Ridgell Purvis

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 7 Dec 1860 , Clarke, Alabama, USA

Death: 3 May 1942 , Clarke, Alabama, United States

Father: Effey Howl

Mother: Effie Howle

Name: William Purvis

Birth: bet 2 Nov 1770 / 10 Jan 1771 Eccles, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Death: 1 Nov,1855 Union Grove, Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Father: William Purves

Mother: Mary Davidson (?)

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 16 Jan 1828 South Shields, Durham, , England

Death: Sep 1881 Tynemouth, Northumberland, , England

Father: Andrew Purvis

Mother: Thomasine Young

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 13 OCT 1796 Fordel Sutlery, Dalgety Parish, by Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland

Death: 3 DEC 1854 Edinburgh, Scotland

Father: Robert Purvis

Mother: Elizabeth (Betty) Cairns

Name: William f purvis

Birth: 2 Feb 1864 Kentucky, USA

Death: 2 Apr 1937 Green, Kentucky, United States

Father: James Russell Purvis

Mother: Elizabeth Etherton

Name: William M Purvis

Birth: 28 July 1908 Kirkland, Georgia, USA

Death: 17 January 1981 Marion, Florida, United States

Father: Orrian Purvis

Mother: Elizabeth "Doll" Leavens

Name: William PURVIS

Birth: abt 1819 Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England

Death: abt November 1898 Tynemouth, Northumberland

Father: Samuel Purves

Mother: Jane Lorrain

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 1 Mar 1832 Alamo, Laurens, Georgia, United States

Death: 24 AUG 1911 Dodge, Georgia, USA

Father: Richard Purvis

Mother: Sarah "Sallie" Burch

Name: William T Purvis

Birth: Abt 1879 Mississippi

Death: 27 MAY 1946 Columbia, Marion, Mississippi, USA

Father: Walden Lewis Purvis

Mother: Mary S Pittman

Name: William Augustus Purvis

Birth: Dec 1855 Alabama, USA

Death: 1918 Escambia, Florida, United States

Father: Thomas Franklin Purvis

Mother: Eleanor HILLIARD

Name: William Michael Purvis

Birth: 18 Nov 1838 Whitburn, Durham, England

Death: July 1877 Durham, Durham, England

Father: William Michael Purvis

Mother: Ann Hutchinson

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 12 May 1877 Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA

Death: 28 April 1939 Kannapolis, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Jackson Purvis

Mother: Henrietta Welsh

Name: William Clyde PURVIS

Birth: 03 Apr 1895 Indiana, USA

Death: 20 Dec 1935 Indiana, USA

Father: Samuel PURVIS

Mother: Margaret Ann PURVIS

Name: William Purvis

Birth: Jun 1856 Bath, Kentucky

Death: 2 Apr 1932 Bath, Kentucky

Father: Asa C Purvis

Mother: Mary Jane Otis

Name: William Charles Purvis

Birth: May 26, 1900 Unionville, Bedford, Tennessee, United States

Death: Aug. 10, 1976 Whitehouse, Lucas, Ohio, United States of America

Father: William Gregory Purvis

Mother: Maggie Lou Faris

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 19 Jan 1882 Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Death: 4 Nov 1958 Hazleton, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Oliver Purvis

Mother: Elizabeth ALLEN

Name: William W. Purvis

Birth: 31 May 1829 Kentucky, United States

Death: Nov. 4, 1926 Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois, USA

Father: Jesse P. Purvis

Mother: Martha Druin (Purvis)

Name: William Walter Purvis

Birth: 2 June 1882 Florida

Death: 17 March 1957 Palmetto, Manatee, Florida, USA

Father: Charles Thomas Purvis

Mother: Julia Amanda Hendry

Name: William Purvis

Birth: 6 Jan 1861 Mississippi, USA

Death: 22 Jun 1924 Buried in Mack Cemetery #2, Livingston, Livinston Parish, Louisiana

Father: William Leggett

Mother: Mary R Purvis

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