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BIRTH: 28 January 1860 Delaware, Delaware, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 1929 Ashley, Delaware, Ohio, United States


MOTHER: Emeline Wiseman

NAME: William Henry Westbrook

BIRTH: 28 JUL 1889 Edinburg, Illinois

DEATH: 27 Jun 1972 Edinburg, Christian County, Illinois

FATHER: John Westley Westbrook

MOTHER: Frances Melinda Cook

NAME: William Nathan Westbrook

BIRTH: 27 May 1885 Bloomfield, Johnson, Illinois

DEATH: 3 Apr 1962 Lemay, St. Louis, Missouri

FATHER: Nathan Procter Westbrook

MOTHER: Mary Catherine Grace

NAME: William Anderson Westbrook

BIRTH: 02 February 1888 Cleburne, Johnson, Texas, United States of America

DEATH: Oct 23 1919 truscott, knox, texas, usa

FATHER: John Horace Westbrook

MOTHER: Frances "Fannie" Buetschi (Butsch, Butchee)

NAME: William H Westbrook

BIRTH: Sep 14 1840 Georgia

DEATH: May 24 1915 St Louis City, St Louis, Missouri

FATHER: Alfred W. Westbrook

MOTHER: Sarah Honeycutt


BIRTH: 1795 Southhampton, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 12 Jan 1857 4) South Litchfield, Montgomery, IL, USA

FATHER: Thomas Ridley Westbrook

MOTHER: Mary Yun Shine

NAME: William Garland Westbrook

BIRTH: 1 June 1928 Milano, Texas

DEATH: 23 June 2002 Milano, Texas

FATHER: Elbert Claude Westbrook

MOTHER: Alma G Willingham

NAME: William Felton Westbrook

BIRTH: 27 November 1876 Cobb County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 20 Nov 1963 Colquitt, Georgia

FATHER: John Auston Westbrook

MOTHER: Ella Cowan

NAME: William Homer Westbrook

BIRTH: 6 NOV 1919 Eldorado, ill

DEATH: 23 July 2016 St Louis County, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Charles Westbrook

MOTHER: Luella Karns

NAME: William White Westbrook

BIRTH: 1 Aug 1849 Pea River, Barbour, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 24 Sep 1927 Barbour, Alabama, United States

FATHER: John Manley N. Westbrook

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Ketchum

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: 26 January 1829 Camden Town, St Pancras, London, England

DEATH: 2 January 1887 London

FATHER: Charles James Westbrook

MOTHER: Mary Ann Smith

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: 1694 Henrico County, Virginia, USA


FATHER: James Westbrook

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Puckett

NAME: William Johnson Westbrook

BIRTH: 18 Apr 1874 Near Ashton, MS

DEATH: 04 Feb 1963 Frankston, Anderson, Texas, USA

FATHER: William Bazzell Westbrook

MOTHER: Nancy Caroline Johnson

NAME: William Audrey Westbrook

BIRTH: 28 Mar 1910 Bronson, Sabine County, Texas, USA

DEATH: 31 August 1972 Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas

FATHER: William Penn (Pendleton) Westbrook

MOTHER: Henrietta "Etta" Fuller (Clark)

NAME: William Augustus Westbrook

BIRTH: 8 Dec 1849 Bremen, Haralson, Georgia

DEATH: 11 December 1912 Haralson County, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Champion Westbrook

MOTHER: Susan Elvira Viola Stewart

NAME: William Jasper Westbrook

BIRTH: 05 Feb 1825 Smithdale, Amite, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 3 Dec 1903 Indian Mound, EBR Parish, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: Henry Westbrook

MOTHER: Mildred Milly Anne dna Smith

NAME: William Lewis Westbrook

BIRTH: 14 Mar 1914 Perry, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 31 May 1977 McEwen, Humphreys, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: William Newton Westbrooks

MOTHER: Sarah Frances "Sallie" Horner

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: Aug 1854 Jasper Texas

DEATH: 20 Feb. 1913 Jasper, Jasper, Texas, United States

FATHER: Jarvis Westbrook

MOTHER: Eveline Jones

NAME: William David Westbrook

BIRTH: 5 Feb 1870 Caledonia, Lowndes, Mississippi

DEATH: 1 Apr 1939 Amory, Monroe, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: James Henry Westbrook

MOTHER: Edna Ann "Ede" Egger

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: abt 1770 North Carolina

DEATH: 1834 North Carolina

FATHER: Thomas Westbrooks

MOTHER: Nancy Reice

NAME: William E Westbrook

BIRTH: 10 September 1853 Sumner County, Tennessee

DEATH: 9 March 1932 Warren County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: George Washington Westbrook

MOTHER: Elizabeth Josephine Palmer

NAME: William A. Westbrook

BIRTH: 5 Feb 1786 Fauquier, Virginia

DEATH: 1850 Caldwell, Noble County, Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: Anphilady Hudson

MOTHER: Amphelady D. Hudson

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: 1675/80 Isle of Wight Va (Henrico

DEATH: 1770 Amelia Co Va

FATHER: Samuel Westbrook

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Puckett

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: 1833 Fawley; Southampton, England

DEATH: 23 Dec 1905 Hampshire, England

FATHER: Peter Westbrook

MOTHER: Frances (Fanny) Bulbeck


BIRTH: 13 Sep 1895 Guin, Marion, Alabama, USA

DEATH: Jun 1973 Bedford, Tarrant, Texas, United States


MOTHER: Patsy Mildred Graham