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NAME: William Henry Westbrook

BIRTH: 7 Feb 1837 Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

DEATH: 23 Dec 1915 Seattle, King, Washington

FATHER: John Westbrook

MOTHER: Miriam Mary Osborne

NAME: William David (Hathcock) Westbrook

BIRTH: 26 Nov 1883 Ashland, Franklin, GA, USA

DEATH: 17 Nov 1965 Ashland (Franklin County), Franklin County, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Francis Franklin Augustus Westbrook

MOTHER: Lavina Jane "Vinnie" Hathcock

NAME: William Ira Westbrook

BIRTH: 25 Apr 1870 Williston, Levy, Florida, United States

DEATH: 11 Jul 1950 Williston, Levy, Florida, United States

FATHER: Talman Howard Tal Westbrook

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Epperson

NAME: William Joseph Westbrook

BIRTH: 15 Sep 1886 Mississippi

DEATH: 23 Feb 1913 Theodore, Mobile, Alabama

FATHER: Edward Martin Westbrook

MOTHER: Harriet Amelia Clark

NAME: William Walter Westbrook

BIRTH: 04 Oct 1889 Atlanta, De Kalb, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 15 Aug 1966 Mangum, Greer, Oklahoma, United States of America

FATHER: Franklin (Doc) Westbrooke

MOTHER: Laura Lue Ada Donehoo

NAME: William Tilford Westbrook

BIRTH: 19 March 1927 Carterville, Williamson County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 12 January 1967 Herrin, Williamson County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: William Tilford Westbrook

MOTHER: Belle Walker

NAME: William Elijah "Tish" Westbrook

BIRTH: 16Nov1874 Milam County, Texas, USA

DEATH: 8J/ul/1927 Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA

FATHER: William Ervin "Buck" Westbrook


NAME: William Henry Mayne Westbrook

BIRTH: 9 May 1888 Sterkspruit, Greytown Rd, Natal, South Africa

DEATH: 14 Aug 1976 Buried:St James Parish Cemetery,Highflats,Ixopo District,Natal,South Africa

FATHER: William Henry (Harry) Westbrook

MOTHER: Alice Mary Mayne

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: 31 Oct 1863 Sampson Co North Carolina

DEATH: 24 Feb 1942

FATHER: Joseph S. Westbrook

MOTHER: Clarissa "Clarcy" Mariah Harris Westbrook

NAME: William Nathaniel Westbrook

BIRTH: 8 FEB 1851 Polk Co., TX

DEATH: 23 Feb 1931 Gallop, McKinley, New Mexico, USA

FATHER: Thomas L Westbrook

MOTHER: Matilda Secrest-Westbrook

NAME: William Ervin "Buck" Westbrook

BIRTH: 12 May 1841 Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 7 Jul 1902 Cameron, Milam, Texas, USA

FATHER: Joshua Isaac Hudson Westbrook

MOTHER: Edna Maybray

NAME: William LaFayettye Westbrook

BIRTH: Jan. 27, 1875 DesArc, Iron County, Mo

DEATH: 10 Jan 1941 Flat River, Saint Francois, Missouri, USA

FATHER: William Caleb Westbrook

MOTHER: Flora L Huff (Westbrook)

NAME: William J Westbrook

BIRTH: 15 March 1813 Illinois

DEATH: 18 Jan 1859 Johnson County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: James Westbrook

MOTHER: Anne McGowen

NAME: William Riley Westbrook

BIRTH: 5 March 1839 Montgomery, Illinois, United States

DEATH: 29 Mar 1883 Brooken,, Indian Territory


MOTHER: Sarah Sally Thompson

NAME: William Thomas Westbrook

BIRTH: 1740 Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 10 Oct 1820 Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina, United States

FATHER: John Westbrook---DNA

MOTHER: Unnamed sister of Amy Foster


BIRTH: 30 Nov 1814 Sampson, North Carolina, United States

DEATH: November 12, 1854 Morehouse, Louisiana

FATHER: Moses William Westbrook Junior---DNA

MOTHER: Martha Lawrence Allen

NAME: William Scott Westbrook

BIRTH: 30 January 1871 Greensboro, Webster Co., MS

DEATH: 12 Nov 1939 Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, United States

FATHER: William Jordan Westbrook


NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: 1827 Christian County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 20 April 1894 Christian County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Wesley Westbrook

MOTHER: Susan Dunn

NAME: William Leon Westbrook

BIRTH: 14 JAN 1891 Denver, Newaygo, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 29 June 1961 Fremont, Denver Twp., Newaygo Co., Michigan

FATHER: Joseph Berry Westbrook

MOTHER: Roxie Barnes

NAME: William Thomas WESTBROOK

BIRTH: 1 October 1750 Rotherhithe, London Borough of Southwark, Greater London, England

DEATH: 30 August 1811 Rotherhithe, London Borough of Southwark, Greater London, England


MOTHER: Ann Gossage

NAME: William R. Westbrook

BIRTH: 10 Oct 1844 Georgia

DEATH: 23 Jun 1899 Forsyth County, Georgia

FATHER: Wiley Francis Westbrook

MOTHER: Rebecca C Mooney

NAME: William Wayne (Sampson) Westbrook

BIRTH: 29 Oct 1907 Winnsboro, Wood, Texas US

DEATH: 16 May 1982 Galveston Island, Galveston, Texas, USA

FATHER: Stephen"Steve" Bartley Westbrook

MOTHER: Minnie Lee Cater

NAME: William Taylor "Taylor" Westbrook

BIRTH: 03 May 1861 Amite County, Mississippi

DEATH: 6 Oct 1947 Amite County, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: William H Westbrook

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth King

NAME: William Westbrook

BIRTH: Abt. 1696 Isle Of Wright, Virginia

DEATH: Bef. 19 Apr 1745 Amelia County, Virginia

FATHER: John Manley Westbrook 1664-1733

MOTHER: Frances Smothnig

NAME: William N (Rice) Westbrook

BIRTH: 1876 Banks Co. Ga

DEATH: 23 Apr 1955 Hall, Georgia

FATHER: THOMAS Crofford Westbrook

MOTHER: Martha Ann Rice