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Name: William O Westbrook

Birth: Oct 1873 United States

Death: Jan 6, 1950 Van Etten, Chemung, New York, USA

Father: George Washington Westbrook

Mother: Charlotte Gilkey


Birth: 12 Jun 1831 Knox, Ohio, USA

Death: 06/10/1897 Marengo, Morrow, Ohio, USA

Father: Solomon Westbrook

Mother: Marthena Edmunds Crawford

Name: William Jackson Westbrook

Birth: 13 Sep 1869 Georgia

Death: 31 MAY 1955 Fulton County, Georgia, USA

Father: James Madison Westbrook

Mother: Georgia Ann McCraw

Name: William Epps (Chatham) Westbrook

Birth: 24 Aug 1837 Vickerys Creek, Forsyth, Georgia, United States

Death: 1911 Cumming, Forsyth, Georgia, United States

Father: Wiley Fletcher Westbrook

Mother: Mary Chatham

Name: William Rufus Westbrook

Birth: 5 Jul 1817 Westbrook, Sampson, North Carolina, United States

Death: 7 Feb 1898 Union City, Fulton, Georgia, United States

Father: Moses B. Westbrook Sr.---DNA

Mother: Edna Frances Gainey

Name: William M Westbrook

Birth: 3 Jun 1831 Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 23 Dec 1908 Towanda, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Henry Westbrook

Mother: Ruth Allen

Name: William J W Westbrook

Birth: 27 Jul 1864 Fairburn, Campbell County, GA

Death: 4 Jun 1936 Sipe Springs, Comanche, Texas, USA

Father: William Rufus Westbrook

Mother: Francis Margaret Black

Name: William Gainey Westbrook

Birth: 6 Jul 1838 Fulton County, Georgia, USA

Death: 22 Aug 1921 Menard County, Texas, USA

Father: Barney Blackburn Westbrook

Mother: Eliza Frances Christian

Name: William King Westbrook

Birth: 27 Feb 1811 Sampson, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1900/02/20 Marion, Alabama, USA

Father: Furnifold Westbrook

Mother: Martha Patsy Tart

Name: William Solomon Westbrook

Birth: 21 Dec 1869 Hamilton, Tennessee, USA

Death: 06 Apr 1949 Oak Ridge, Anderson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Gilliam Hudson Westbrook

Mother: Nancy Jane Rowe

Name: William George Westbrook

Birth: 27 Feb 1870 KentishTown North London

Death: Sep 1943 Greenford Middlesex

Father: William George Westbrook

Mother: Jane Louisa Clarke

Name: William McKinley Westbrook

Birth: 28 Nov 1900 Greenville, Hunt, Texas, USA

Death: 20 May 1972 Pixley, Tulare, California, USA

Father: William Henry Westbrook

Mother: Mollie Marantha Sarah Elizabeth Wheat

Name: William Henry Westbrook

Birth: 31 Jul 1875 Woodsdale, Person, North Carolina, USA

Death: 24 SEP 1968 San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX

Father: Robert Henry Westbrook

Mother: Martha Jane Jones

Name: William W Westbrook

Birth: 24 Nov 1824 Caswell, North Carolina, United States

Death: 08 Apr 1919 Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota, USA

Father: Yancey James Westbrook

Mother: Jane Carroll Coil

Name: William George Westbrook

Birth: 14 May 1832 Earl Street Piccadilly London W.1

Death: 29 Apr 1915 837 High Road, Tottenham

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Amelia Harvey


Birth: July 14, 1900 Peru, Morrow, Ohio

Death: 5 Sep 1972 Mt., Gilead, Morrow, Ohio, USA

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Myrtle Belle Shaw

Name: William David "Bill" Westbrook

Birth: 23 May 1924 Ashland, Franklin, GA, USA

Death: 12 Jan 2012

Father: William David (Hathcock) Westbrook

Mother: Lillie Cleveland "Clevie" Perry

Name: William Henry Westbrook

Birth: 25 Jul 1854 Baldwin County, Georgia, USA

Death: 24 Dec 1925 LAURENS CO. GA

Father: William Allen Westbrook

Mother: Mary Ann (Polly) Wall

Name: William E. Westbrook

Birth: 5 Feb 1830 North Carolina, USA

Death: Bef 1870 Marion County, Alabama

Father: William King Westbrook

Mother: Bythina Elizabeth Wilson

Name: William A Westbrook

Birth: 21 Jan 1816 Ohio

Death: 8 Mar 1894 Washington, Monroe, Ohio, United States

Father: William A. Westbrook

Mother: Dorcas Enoch Moffat Moffett

Name: William Hill Westbrook

Birth: 14 JUL 1900 Guin, Marion, AL, USA

Death: 27 MAY 1986 Birchwood, Hamilton, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Columbus Jefferson Westbrook

Mother: Janie G Marchman

Name: William Henry Westbrook

Birth: 02 April 1858 Canada Eng

Death: 17 Aug 1915 Croton, Newaygo County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Charles Frederick Westbrook

Mother: Miriam Peirson

Name: William Howell Westbrook

Birth: 29 Oct 1857 Dallas, Arkansas, United States

Death: 21 Jan 1912 Pine Bluff, Jefferson, Arkansas, United States

Father: John R Westbrook

Mother: Sara M Ross

Name: William Lester Westbrook

Birth: 29 Nov 1898 Spring Garden, Cherokee, Alabama, USA

Death: 28 Oct 1981 Spring Garden, Cherokee, Alabama, USA

Father: Joseph Daniel Westbrook

Mother: Ada Talulla Smalley

Name: William Henry Westbrook

Birth: 18 June 1889 Poplar, London, England

Death: March 1960 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

Father: Charles Richard Westbrook

Mother: Mary Ann Henrietta Miller

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