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Name: William Woodward 'Wood' Dillingham

Birth: 22 May 1873 Merrilltown (Austin), Travis County, Texas, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1952 Merrilltown (Austin), Travis Co., Texas, USA

Father: Brice Dillingham

Mother: Sarah Margaret "Sadie" Woodward

Name: William Hade Dillingham

Birth: 25 Dec 1862 Georgia

Death: 8 Mar 1933 Macon Co, NC

Father: James Marion Dillingham

Mother: Sarah Ann Thomas

Name: William Edward Dillingham

Birth: 28 July, 1859 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 9 July 1953 Rock Hall (Kent County), Kent County, Maryland, USA

Father: Francis Dillingham

Mother: Helen Marr Cooper Danvers

Name: William Robert "Bob" Dillingham

Birth: 11 Aug 1837 Rabun Co, GA

Death: 6 Mar 1903 Cherry Log, Gilmer, Georgia, United States

Father: John Dillingham

Mother: Mary Polly Allen

Name: William Waller Dillingham

Birth: 14 Feb 1868 Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States

Death: 14 May 1936 Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX

Father: Benjamin Franklin Dillingham

Mother: Malinda Mary Margaret Summers

Name: William Collin Dillingham

Birth: 31 July 1856 Little Osage, Vernon Co, Missouri, USA

Death: 13 Jan 1913 Walla Walla, Washington

Father: Robert William Dillingham

Mother: Emily J Wright

Name: William Henry Clay Dillingham

Birth: 5 September 1848 Buncombe County, North Carolina

Death: 21 December 1931 Haw Creek, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Father: Alfred Burton Dillingham

Mother: Delila Caroline Stevens

Name: William Brice/Bryce Dillingham

Birth: abt 1871 Texas

Death: 31 Mar 1956 Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA

Father: Spencer Madison Dillingham

Mother: Julia Mary Sears

Name: William Henderson Dillingham

Birth: 29 Aug 1852 Antioch, York County, South Carolina, USA

Death: Oct 17, 1910 Blacksburg, Cherokee County, South Carolina

Father: James S Dillingham

Mother: Nancy Emeline Ware

Name: William Arvin Dillingham

Birth: 12 Mar 1887 Adair, Kentucky, United States

Death: 11 Oct 1968 Pico Rivera, California, USA

Father: Charles Layette Dillingham

Mother: Mary Lobban Medaris

Name: William Pope Dillingham

Birth: 20 January 1901 Batavia, Boone County, Arkansas, United States of America

Death: 13 Dec 1971 Muskogee, OK

Father: Warren Pope Dillingham

Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Dillingham

Name: William M Dillingham

Birth: 13 Jan 1818 North Carolina, USA

Death: 12 Apr 1895 Clayton, Rabun, Georgia, United States

Father: Hiram Dillingham

Mother: Nancy Ridge

Name: William Charles Eaton Dillingham

Birth: January 1911 St Marylebone, London

Death: AUG 1992 Surrey Northern, Surrey, England

Father: Alfred Henry Dillingham

Mother: Mary Mabel G Williams

Name: William Absalom Dillingham

Birth: 25 Aug 1795 Barnardsville, Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1867 Bernardsville, Buncombe, North Carolina, USA

Father: Absalom Dillingham

Mother: Rebecca Foster

Name: William Rush Dillingham

Birth: Apr 1891 Towns, Georgia, United States

Death: 8 Apr 1959 Towns, Georgia, United States

Father: John Dillingham

Mother: Sarah Josephine Mince

Name: William Sherman Dillingham

Birth: 12 Jul 1893 Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

Death: Oct 1981 Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States of America

Father: William Alfred Dillingham

Mother: Elizabeth Schwettmann

Name: William Maurice Dillingham

Birth: 10 Jan 1916 Caldwell, Kentucky, USA

Death: 3 Nov 2003 Princeton, Caldwell, Kentucky, USA

Father: William C Dillingham

Mother: Minnie Lee Cook

Name: William P Dillingham

Birth: 22 Nov 1851 Adair, Kentucky, United States

Death: 26 Jan 1931 Adair, Kentucky, United States

Father: Champness T Dillingham

Mother: Florinda Fitzpatrick

Name: William E. Dillingham

Birth: 1820 Casey Co.Kentucky

Death: 16 Sep 1882 Johnson CO., MO

Father: Archibald Dillingham

Mother: Lucinda Stevens

Name: William D Dillingham

Birth: 14 May 1813 Adair, Kentucky, United States

Death: 28 Feb 1886 Fairplay, Adair County, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: Champnys Q Dillingham

Mother: Polly T Bailey

Name: William Dillingham

Birth: 28 Sep 1802 Adair, Kentucky, USA

Death: 17 Dec 1876 Moore, Tennessee, USA

Father: Samuel Peter Dillingham

Mother: Becky McCaffrey

Name: William Jennings Dillingham

Birth: 3 FEB 1900 Canadian, Oklahoma

Death: JUN 1980 Yukon, Canadian, Oklahoma

Father: Charles Burton Dillingham

Mother: Louisa "Lulu" Schwarberg

Name: William Hannon DILLINGHAM

Birth: 9 Jan 1829 Hopkins, Kentucky

Death: Dec 1878 Hopkins, Kentucky, USA

Father: Benjamin Clark Dillingham

Mother: Cynthia Holland Hannon

Name: William Gardner Dillingham

Birth: 20 Sep 1843 Big Ivy, Buncombe, North Carolina, USA

Death: 27 Jan 1887 Ivy, Buncombe, North Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Foster Dillingham

Mother: Mary Anderson

Name: William A Dillingham

Birth: 10 Oct 1816 Ontario, New York, USA

Death: 23 Dec 1898 Scottville, Mason, Michigan, USA

Father: Jeremiah Dillingham

Mother: Nancy Thayer

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