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Name: William Haney

Birth: October 14 1917 Georgia

Death: 23 January 2003 Woodstock, Cherokee, Georgia, USA

Father: Homer David Haney

Mother: Doshia R Cook

Name: William Haney

Birth: 25 Aug 1872 Van Buren, Michigan

Death: 5 Apr 1949 Benton Harbor, Berrien, Michigan, USA

Father: William George Haney

Mother: Alphronia C. Bair

Name: William T Haney

Birth: 5 Sep 1857 East St. Louis, Illinois, USA

Death: 3 MAY 1937 St. Joseph Co., Indiana, United States

Father: John Haney

Mother: Bridget Walsh

Name: William Milton Haney

Birth: abt 1884 Indiana

Death: 8 Mar 1962 Carcinoma, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, USA

Father: David Haney

Mother: Susan C. Neel

Name: William Jefferson Haney

Birth: 25 Aug 1871 Floyd, Georgia, USA

Death: 8 Mar 1931 Floyd County, Georgia

Father: Ransom Bird Haney

Mother: Martha Blackstock

Name: William D Haney

Birth: 7 Jun 1831 , Cabell, West Virginia, USA

Death: 22 December 1886 Wayne County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: Pvt. Haynie

Mother: Martha Dean

Name: William S. Haney

Birth: 2 December 1889 Wayne County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 19 May 1980 Dunlow, Wayne, West Virginia, USA

Father: Sampson Haney

Mother: Lydia Smith-Damron

Name: William C Haney

Birth: 17 Feb 1819 South Carolina, United States

Death: April 10, 1869 Limestone County, Alabama, USA

Father: Isaac Haney

Mother: Jennie/Jenny Jean WHITE (Haney 1)

Name: William Haney

Birth: 1801 Dudley, Worcestershire, England,

Death: 1867 Dudley, Worcester, England

Father: William Haney

Mother: Sarah Bucks

Name: William Simon Haney

Birth: May 1852 Malahide, Elgin Co, Ontario, Canada

Death: abt 1925 Colorado, United States

Father: Ebenezer Haney/Hainey


Name: William H Haney

Birth: Abt 1836 Pulaski, Kentucky, USA

Death: Aft 1900 Fleming, Kentucky, USA

Father: James Haney

Mother: Sally Phelps

Name: William Haney

Birth: 12 Apr 1830 Birchwood, Hamilton, Tennessee, United States

Death: 13 Mar 1894 Birchwood, Hamilton, Tennessee, USA

Father: Hiram Haney

Mother: Miriam Elliott

Name: William Henry Haney

Birth: 17 Jul 1866 Haddonfield, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Death: 01 Mar 1923 Hillsdale, Balto. Co., Maryland

Father: William T Haney

Mother: Bridget O'Loughlin

Name: William Franklin Haney

Birth: 9 Jun 1833 Marion, Smyth, Virginia, USA

Death: 23 Mar 1919 Marion, West, Virginia, USA

Father: John M HANEY

Mother: Anna L Poling

Name: William Robert Haney

Birth: 13 Aug 1862 Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland

Death: 15 Jan 1932 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey

Father: William Thomas Haney

Mother: Bridget Reynolds

Name: William Henry Haney

Birth: 6 Sep 1912 Monroe, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 6 Apr 1977 East Stroudsburg, Monroe, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Harold HANEY

Mother: Emma Elizabeth VAN BUSKIRK

Name: William Haney

Birth: 7 November 1920 , Gwinnett, Georgia, USA

Death: 17 November 2011 Gwinnett County, Georgia

Father: John Samuel Haney

Mother: Ella Leora Fraser

Name: William W. Haney

Birth: 9 Feb 1854 Grant, Preston, West Virginia, United States

Death: 8 Jan 1930 Preston, West Virginia, United States

Father: Mathew Haney

Mother: Eliza Murray

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