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Name: William Marion Kidd

Birth: 02 FEB 1866 Gilmore's Lick Lincoln County, Kentucky

Death: 03 Jan 1940 Lincoln County, Ky

Father: Daniel J Kidd

Mother: Hannah Annie Griffitts

Name: William Woodger Kidd

Birth: abt 1858 Hartlepool, Durham, England

Death: 12 September 1939 Chalet Nursing Home, Whickham, County Durham, Northumberland

Father: Thomas Allan Kidd

Mother: Lucy Woodger

Name: William Kidd

Birth: 29 Mar 1853 Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland U.K

Death: 30 Jan 1941 Newnham, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Father: William Hepburn Kidd

Mother: Janet Wood

Name: William Wesley Kidd

Birth: 31 Jan 1858 Randolph County, Alabama, USA

Death: 22 Feb 1941 Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA

Father: Luke Gipson Kidd

Mother: Lucy Ann Kidd

Name: William Peter Kidd

Birth: 03 Dec 1885 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 26 AUG 1926 Buried: Laurel Cemetery, McCreary Co., Ky

Father: James Gideon Kidd

Mother: Martha Strunk

Name: William Ervin Kidd

Birth: 1 Apr 1861 Gate City, Scott, Virginia, USA

Death: 24 Oct 1924 Tyrone, Texas, Missouri, USA

Father: Demarcus LaFayette KIDD

Mother: Mildred Stewart

Name: William Siree Kidd

Birth: 9 Oct 1827 Alabama, United States

Death: 22 Sep 1901 Loyal Valley, Mason, Texas, United States


Mother: Elizabeth Widby

Name: William Townsend Kidd

Birth: 04 Jul 1835 Lauderdale,Tennessee

Death: 28 Sep 1924 Covington, Tipton, Tennessee, USA

Father: Andrew Ulyssis Kidd

Mother: Nancy M. Townsend

Name: William Kidd

Birth: 11 Jul 1838 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Death: July 1909 Hunslet, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: William Kidd

Mother: Maria Smith

Name: William Kidd

Birth: 05 Aug 1895 South Dudswell-East Angus Quebec Canada

Death: 9 Feb 1983 Victoria, BC

Father: Thomas James Kidd

Mother: Annie Barbra Jamieson

Name: William Hubbard Kidd

Birth: 17 Dec 1887 Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Death: 1969 Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Father: William Hubbard Kidd

Mother: Hester/Esther McCann

Name: William George Kidd

Birth: 29 Sep 1867 7 Shipwright Buildings, Stepney (Mile End) London

Death: Aug 1931 Poplar, London, England

Father: Thomas KIDD

Mother: Mary Ann Sarah Tuckey

Name: William Kidd

Birth: 13 Feb 1888 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Death: 31 May 1976 Davison, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Father: William Kidd

Mother: Christina Barclay

Name: William George Kidd

Birth: 24 Jun 1895 Longford, Clay, Kansas, United States

Death: 24 Jan 1966 Junction City, Geary, Kansas, United States

Father: George Wellington Kidd

Mother: Susan (Susannah) Cox

Name: William "Willie" Kidd

Birth: 23 Feb 1884 Nelson County, Virginia, United States

Death: 15 Apr 1969 Manassas, Independent Cities, Virginia, United States

Father: William J "Willie" Kidd

Mother: Sallie Demaris Johnson

Name: William George Kidd

Birth: 23 Feb 1902 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 26 Jun 1981 Eureka, Greenwood, Kansas, United States

Father: Benjamin F Kidd

Mother: Minnie Grace Payton

Name: William Sherrill Kidd

Birth: 28 Nov 1914 Seddon, Bland, Virginia

Death: 3 Jan 2005 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Franklin Stuart Kidd

Mother: Dora Sweeney

Name: William Everett Kidd

Birth: 06 May 1915 McCreary County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 30 Apr 1987 Whitley City, McCreary County, Kentucky, USA


Mother: Mary Jones-Kidd

Name: William Kendrick Kidd

Birth: abt 1857 Rotherfield, Sussex, England

Death: abt Feb 1912 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Father: William Kidd

Mother: Eliza Rogers

Name: William Monroe Kidd

Birth: 20 Aug 1856 Lincoln County, Tennessee

Death: 23 Dec 1933 Harms, Lincoln, Tennessee, USA

Father: James H KIDD

Mother: Monica Eliza A Tate

Name: William Herbert Kidd

Birth: March 28, 1863 Darton, Yorkshire County, England

Death: May 3, 1934 Sharpsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Kidd

Mother: Ruth Secker Johnson

Name: William "Billie" Jefferson Kidd

Birth: April 23, 1860 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA

Death: July 17, 1947 Scott County, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Riley "Billy" Kidd

Mother: Elizabeth Jane "Sallie" "Betsy" Gilreath

Name: William George Kidd

Birth: 17 Jul 1861 Northern Ireland

Death: 3 SEP 1937 Washington, D.C., USA

Father: Benjamin Kidd

Mother: Jane Martin

Name: William Sidney Kidd

Birth: 30 Nov 1834 N. C

Death: 19 Jul 1927 Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina

Father: william s kids

Mother: Mary "Polly" Childers

Name: William Kimbro Kidd

Birth: 1788 Caswell County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 21 Sep 1870 Columbus, Lowndes, Mississippi, USA

Father: Benjamin (Son of James) Kidd

Mother: Nancy Ann Spencer - Kidd

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