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Name: Howard Elmer Abrahamson

Birth: 7 Mar 1929 South Dakota

Death: 27 Nov 2019 Grand Marais, Cook County, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Thomas Abrahamson

Mother: Lucille G Weiwers

Name: Anna Juliana Abrahamson

Birth: 12/14/1866 Sommaro, Foglo Finland

Death: 14 Nov 1962 Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA

Father: Carl Reinhold Thorsberg

Mother: Anna Sofia Blomqvist

Name: Ethel Alberta Abrahamson

Birth: 23 October 1917 Ludington, Mason County, Michigan, USA

Death: 4 Jul 2002 Ludington, Mason, Michigan, USA

Father: Albert Emanuel Abrahamson

Mother: Anna Caroline Osen

Name: Arthur Abrahamson

Birth: 13 May 1939 Columbus Fra, Ohio

Death: 1 Feb 2007 Ohio, United States of America

Father: Arthur Lewis Payne

Mother: Jeanette Elnora Swisher

Name: Lizzie Abrahamson

Birth: 14 Nov 1893 North Dakota

Death: 6 Jul 1981 New Richmond, St Croix, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Oscar Martinius Abrahamson

Mother: Anna M Bell


Birth: 19 May 1907 South Dakota

Death: 22 MAR 1969 Ventura, Ventura, California, USA

Father: Peter Abrahamson

Mother: Anna Paulsen


Birth: 17 Sep 1897 Westby, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 22 MAR 1993 Rapid City, Pennington, South Dakota, USA

Father: Peter Abrahamson

Mother: Anna Paulsen

Name: Irvin W Abrahamson

Birth: 2 APR 1932 Ford, Stevens, WA

Death: 4 MAY 2012 Plummer, Benewah, ID

Father: Milo Joseph Abrahamson

Mother: Millie Wynne

Name: Alvin Russell Abrahamson

Birth: 31 Oct 1913 Yellow Medicine, Minnesota, USA

Death: 15 Jun 2004 Bowman County, North Dakota, USA

Father: Abraham Abrahamson

Mother: Maud Day

Name: Aleksanderi Kaski Abrahamson

Birth: abt 1858 Russia

Death: 17 Aug 1946 Republic, Marquette, Michigan, United States

Father: Abrahamson Koski

Mother: Liisa Hannusdotter Tuorila

Name: Carl J Abrahamson

Birth: 10 Feb 1885 Illinois

Death: 29 Dec 1957 Northfield, Minnesota

Father: Isak Olaus Abrahamson

Mother: Johanna Elisen

Name: Edna Abrahamson

Birth: abt 1877 Finland

Death: December 07, 1969 Humboldt, California, USA

Father: Anders Rönnqvist

Mother: Kajsa HURR

Name: Frank Oscar Abrahamson

Birth: 29 Jan 1875 Paxton, Ford, Illinois, United States

Death: 5 October 1945 Ford County, Illinois, USA

Father: Gustaf Abrahamson

Mother: Sophia Mathilda Andersdotter

Name: Claus Abrahamson

Birth: abt 1876 Sweden

Death: 23 May 1958 Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: Abraham Abrahamson

Mother: Inga Kajsa Karlsdotter

Name: Robert Dale Abrahamson

Birth: 11 Aug 1936 Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA

Death: 6 June 2016 Hermantown, St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Reuben Leslie Abrahamson

Mother: Lenora Hammerbeck

Name: Ella Abrahamson

Birth: 10 Jan 1896 Michigan

Death: 6 Feb 1984 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Hans Ulrik Abrahamson

Mother: Julia Charlotte Hanson

Name: Kathleen Abrahamson

Birth: 17 Nov 1913 Canada English

Death: 23 Nov 1978 Vancouver, Clark, Washington

Father: Ole Svenungsen Abrahamson

Mother: May Elizabeth Ivison

Name: Arthur George Abrahamson

Birth: 30 November 1891 Valley City, Barnes County, North Dakota, USA

Death: 24 March 1969 Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Ole Mandius Abrahamsen

Mother: Anne M Gilbertson

Name: Johan Abrahamson

Birth: 15 Oct 1842 Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway

Death: 20 Sep 1924 Grafton, Miner, South Dakota, USA

Father: Abraham Elias Jensen

Mother: Anne Knudson

Name: Frank A Abrahamson

Birth: 21 Sep 1884 Minnesota, USA

Death: 10 JUL 1972 Webster, Burnett, Wisconsin, USA

Father: August ABRAHAMSON

Mother: Christin STEN

Name: Fannie Racusin Abrahamson

Birth: 23 Aug 1897 Russia

Death: 31 Jan 1977 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: Herman Racusin

Mother: Gertrude Simon

Name: Alberta Abrahamson

Birth: 4 Jul 1913 California

Death: 18 Jul 1967 Contra Costa, California

Father: Alfred John Abrahamson

Mother: Leah R Bell

Name: Maurice F Abrahamson

Birth: 02 Jul 1916 Illinois, United States

Death: 15 Jul 1993 Fairbury, Livingston, Illinois, United States

Father: Frank Oscar Abrahamson

Mother: Edith I Carlson

Name: George William Abrahamson

Birth: 2 Jun 1927 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 14 April 2008 Bourne, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Knut Hjalmar Abrahamsson

Mother: Anna Cecilia Karlsson

Name: Solomon Abrahamson

Birth: 1 Jun 1904 New York

Death: 26 Feb 1995 Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, United States of America

Father: Jacob Abramson

Mother: Sarah Strunsky

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