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Name: Yvonne Alain

Birth: January 1901 Quebec, Quebec

Death: 13 Jun 1988 New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Pierre Allain

Mother: Madeleine Melançon

Name: Felica Alain

Birth: 4 January 1841 LaVernotte, Haute Saone, Franche-Comté, France

Death: 5 October 1895 Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Jacques Allain

Mother: Judith Guenot

Name: Marie Audiana Alain

Birth: 23 Aug 1868 St Roch, Quebec, Canada

Death: 19 Jan 1935 Carleton

Father: Francois Alin

Mother: Lachance Pépin

Name: Joseph "Désiré" Alain

Birth: abt 1871 Quebec

Death: 26 décembre 1950 Ste Helene de Chester, Arthabaska, Quebec, Canada

Father: Francois-Xavier Alain

Mother: Francoise Anastasie Bouffard

Name: Marie-Anne Alain

Birth: 17 Feb 1867 1655026, 1654479, Quebec, Canada

Death: 26 Jun 1952 Ilion, New York, USA

Father: Henri Honore Alain

Mother: Hortense Marie Bond

Name: Esther Alain

Birth: 1873 Carleton,QC

Death: 1969/10/03 Verdun, Île-de-Montréal, Québec, Canada

Father: Juvénal Alain

Mother: Louise Bienvenu

Name: Napoleon Alain

Birth: abt 1867 Quebec

Death: Oct 02, 1956 L'Ancienne-Lorette, Québec, Québec, Canada

Father: Jacques ALAIN

Mother: Philomene Cloutier

Name: Monique Alain

Birth: 04 May 1817 L'Ancienne-Lorette, Québec, Canada

Death: 03 Sep 1895 Lévis, Québec, Canada

Father: Jean Alain

Mother: Marie Louise Mailly

Name: Michel Alain

Birth: 1825 Qc

Death: 01 Jun 1898 St-Raymond, Portneuf, Québec, Canada

Father: Pierre (Cap) Plamondon

Mother: Louise Dery

Name: Lia Lea Alain

Birth: 1 août 1858 Canada

Death: 3 Aug 1943 Lake Forest, Lake, Illinois, USA

Father: Germain Alain

Mother: Marie Julie Groleau

Name: Rose ALAIN

Birth: 1835/05/10 Carleton, Bonaventure, Québec, Canada

Death: 27 Déc 1910 Carleton (Avignon) Québec

Father: Jean Louis Allain

Mother: Victoire Marie Allain (Maiden Na,Leblanc)

Name: Mathilde ALAIN

Birth: 29 Nov 1847 Petit de Grat, Nova Scotia

Death: 3 Oct 1941 Petit de Grat, Richmond, Nova Scotia, Canada

Father: Thomas Allen

Mother: Henriette Samson

Name: Pierre Alias Alain

Birth: Jun 1888 1654979, 1654501, Quebec, Canada

Death: 1980 Newport, (Comté-de-Gaspé), Québec, Canada

Father: Epiphane Allain

Mother: Charlotte Bertrand

Name: adrien theophile alain

Birth: 3 Nov 1897 Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts, USA

Death: 28 Feb 1966 New Westminster, BC, Canada

Father: Simeon Alain

Mother: Marie Proteau

Name: Alma Alain

Birth: December 1894 Quebec, Quebec

Death: 16 May 1956 Québec, QC

Father: Napoléon Alain

Mother: Marie Daigle

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