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Name: Marie Lumina Allain

Birth: abt 1892 New Brunswick

Death: 1968 St-Anne-de-Kent, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: Dosithé Allain

Mother: Henriette LeBlanc

Name: Florance M Allain

Birth: 02/21/1923 Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 13 Mar 1995 Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Joseph Zoell Chabot

Mother: Imelda Maynard

Name: Anita Allain

Birth: 18 February 1928 Maine

Death: 5 September 2012 Kindred Nursing, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Joseph Allen

Mother: Mary Fabianna Trial

Name: Lucille Marie Allain


Death: 19 February 1974 Dallas, Texas

Father: Frederick Vincent Allain

Mother: Marie Emilie Dittmann

Name: Henry Fergus Allain

Birth: 3 MAR 1848 West Baton Rouge Parish,Louisiana

Death: 1910/1920 Louisiana, USA


Mother: Adele de GrandPre

Name: adelaide allain

Birth: 1848 Illinois

Death: 28 February 1929 Wallowa County, Oregon, United States of America

Father: Antoine Allain

Mother: Marcelline Gueriain

Name: David Augustin Allain

Birth: 1870 , , New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 19 Jan 1955 Breckenridge, Wilkin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Augustus Allain

Mother: Eleanor Ross

Name: Fergus Duplessis Allain

Birth: 18 Oct 1808 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Death: 01 May 1884 Louisiana, United States

Father: Pierre Francois Allain

Mother: Manette Duplessis

Name: Edmond Allain

Birth: 15 May 1892 Rogersville, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 22 Apr 1982 Rogersville, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: Abraham Allain

Mother: Marie Arseneault

Name: Edwin Harvey Allain

Birth: 23 Feb 1870 St. Anne, Kankakee County, Illinois

Death: 26 Oct 1953 Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA

Father: Ambrose E Allain

Mother: Aurelia (Aurélie) (Chayer) Allain

Name: Peter Adolphe Allain

Birth: 9 Mar 1887 St Charles, Quebec, Canada

Death: 26 January 1976 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine

Father: Adolphe Allain

Mother: Suzanne Arsenault

Name: Ferinand Allain

Birth: abt 1882 Canada French

Death: 1950 Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, USA

Father: Job ALLAIN

Mother: Appoline [Apoline] DAIGLE

Name: Joseph Allain

Birth: 1866 New Brunswick

Death: 20 Jun 1937 Wixom, Oakland, Michigan, USA

Father: Charles Andre Alain

Mother: Marguerite McIntyre

Name: Yves Allain

Birth: 4 Feb 1885 Mom Lives L'Ile Grande France

Death: 13 May 1955 Ketchikan Gateway County, Alaska, USA

Father: Guillaume Hamon Allain

Mother: Mdm Allain

Name: Pierre Joseph Allain

Birth: 2 Oct 1899 Nb

Death: 24 December 1992 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

Father: Lucas Allain

Mother: Marie-Louise Melanson

Name: Clara Eugenie Allain

Birth: abt 1864 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Death: 31 OCT 1951 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Father: Louis Sylvain Allain

Mother: Clara Eugenie Knoblock

Name: Vitaline Allain

Birth: 16 Oct 1859 Bouctouche,New Brunswick,Canada

Death: 7 Jul 1942 Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Calixte Allain

Mother: Marguerite Cormier

Name: Villenueve Francois Allain

Birth: 14 Oct 1838 Louisiana, USA

Death: 9 Nov 1880 Tally Ho, Bayou Goula, Iberville Parish, LA

Father: Pierre Theophile Allain

Mother: Aspasie Helene LeBlanc de Villeneuve

Name: Joseph Allain

Birth: 06 Jun 1896 Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 1 February 1987 Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Adolphe Allain

Mother: Nathalie Boucher

Name: Julie Allain

Birth: 8 Aug 1859 St Anne, Kankakee, Illinois, USA

Death: 24 February 1925 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: Ambrose E Allain

Mother: Aurelia (Aurélie) (Chayer) Allain

Name: Stephen L Allain

Birth: 27 Oct 1907 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Death: 18 Apr 1995 Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana, USA

Father: Edward Victorin Allain

Mother: Eunice Mary Laurent

Name: Sylvio Allain

Birth: 04 Apr 1925 Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 17 Jun 2004 Santa Maria, California

Father: Henri Pierre Allain

Mother: Virginie L. Cormier

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