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Name: Erma Ally

Birth: 19 Mar 1911 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States

Death: Jun 15, 1994 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, United States

Father: John Harvey Ally

Mother: Margaret Ann Shrader

Name: Gertrude Margarete Ally

Birth: Feb 15, 1920 BUTLER O

Death: Oct 14, 1984 Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio U.S.A

Father: Harvey Elwsorth Ally

Mother: Helen Gertrude Scott

Name: George Leroy ALLY

Birth: 5 July 1932 Ohio

Death: 15 April 1975 Plymouth, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: Harvey Elwsorth Ally

Mother: Helen Gertrude Scott

Name: William P Ally

Birth: 28 Aug 1855 Rockingham County, NC

Death: 9 October 1929 Winston-Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina, USA

Father: Peter Eli Alley

Mother: Angeline F Williams

Name: Joseph Urbain Antonio Ally

Birth: 25 mar 1879 Pierreville (20041369

Death: 9 Oct 1964 Glendale, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Cyprien Alie Allie

Mother: Eugénie Courchesne

Name: Richard Ally

Birth: 15 Apr 1888 Palestine

Death: 1966 Ramallah, Jordan

Father: VanHatt Ally

Mother: Susan Jassar

Name: Daniel Ally

Birth: 2 Jan 1843 Quebec

Death: 28 Juin 1907 Pierreville, QC

Father: Etienne Alie

Mother: Euphresine Moni

Name: Germaine Helena Ally

Birth: 3 Jul 1904 Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 04/16/1992 Cowansville, Brome-Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada

Father: Lorenzo Daniel Ally

Mother: Marie Elmire Baillargeon

Name: Arthur Ally

Birth: 16 juillet 1893 Baie-du-Febvre, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada

Death: 05 Jan 1972 St-Celestin, Nicolet Co., Quebec, Canada

Father: Antoine Agapit Hormidas Alie

Mother: Marie Séraphine Lemire

Name: Mary R Polly Ally

Birth: 14 Feb 1787 Amherst, Amherst, Virginia, United States

Death: 05 Aug 1837 Carthage, Leake, Mississippi, United States

Father: David Allee


Name: Adolf Cyriel Ally

Birth: 12 Oct 1885 Ruiysselede, Belgium

Death: 28 September 1961 Madera

Father: Petrus Augustinus ALLY

Mother: Emma Deneve

Name: Syed Tafajul Ally

Birth: 12/10/1893 Singapore, East Indies, Northern Province, South Africa

Death: 22 Jun 1948 Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Father: Jacob Ally

Mother: Ally

Name: Harvey Ellsworth Ally

Birth: Nov 13, 1926 Belleville R, Ohio

Death: May 25, 2005 Bellville, Richland Co., Ohio, US

Father: Harvey Elwsorth Ally

Mother: Helen Gertrude Scott

Name: Marie Elise Ally

Birth: 12 Oct 1861 Pierreville, Yamaska, Quebec, Canada

Death: 10 Feb 1946 Pierreville, Yamaska, Quebec, Canada

Father: Joseph Allie

Mother: Henriette Cote

Name: Harvey Elwsorth Ally

Birth: May 02, 1898 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, United States

Death: Sep 22, 1945 Butler, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: John Harvey Ally

Mother: Margaret Ann Shrader

Name: Philip Ally

Birth: 1805 North Carolina, USA

Death: 1870 Putnam, Indiana, USA

Father: Eramus Alley

Mother: Mary BASDEL

Name: Middy Ally

Birth: 1819 Tennessee, USA

Death: 15 November 1857 Williamson, Illinois, United States

Father: Herbert Alley

Mother: Polly Sneed

Name: William Ally

Birth: 1686 Cumnor, Berkshire, England

Death: 1771 Cumnor, Berkshire, England

Father: William Ally

Mother: Elizabeth Ally

Name: Nancy Ally

Birth: Jun 1814 Maine

Death: 4 August 1903 San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, United States of America

Father: John Alley

Mother: Sarah "Sally" Hibbard

Name: Sarah Ally

Birth: 18 Oct 1655 Newbury,Essex,Massachusetts,USA

Death: 6 October 1680 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Thomas Silver

Mother: Katherine Coker

Name: Abdul Albert Ally

Birth: 10 Sep 1910 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana

Death: 10 Mar 1980 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America

Father: Sofur Ally

Mother: America Mercia Santa Cruz

Name: Lorenzo Daniel Ally

Birth: 15 Apr 1877 Pierreville, Canada

Death: February 1943 Chicopee, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Daniel Ally

Mother: Elmire Lauzière

Name: maharajah joseph ally

Birth: 1/17/1936 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Death: Sep 1994 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Father: Sorrob Paul Ally

Mother: Myrtle Marie Ally Desdunes

Name: Roger (Edmond) Ally

Birth: 16 nov 1908 Pierreville, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada

Death: 18 mar 1972 Pierreville, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada

Father: Hector Ally

Mother: Georgienna Crevier

Name: George Etienne Ally

Birth: July 7, 1882 Pierreville, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada

Death: May 11, 1936 Pierreville, Québec

Father: Amand (Armand) Ally Alie

Mother: Ernestine (Moreau Maureault) Maurault

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