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Results for "alston"

Name: Eugene Alston

Birth: 1 Dec 1919 North Carolina

Death: 21 Jan 1959 Rt 1, Graham, Alamance, North Carolina

Father: Ernest Lenwood Alston

Mother: Mattie B Jones

Name: Clarence Alston

Birth: 8 October 1916 Plantersville, South Carolina

Death: 28 January 1978 South Carolina, USA

Father: Random Alston

Mother: Ida SMALLS

Name: Floyd Alston

Birth: 27 Jun 1925 Warrenton, Warren, North Carolina, USA

Death: 8 Jul 2001 Warrenton, Warren, North Carolina, USA

Father: Hugh Alston

Mother: Ida Copeland

Name: Hobbie ALSTON

Birth: 21 Oct 1903 Beauregard, Louisiana, USA

Death: 17 Feb 1952 Winnie, Chambers, Texas, United States

Father: John Alston

Mother: Drucilla "Dru" COOLEY Alston Havens

Name: Ada Alston

Birth: abt 1870 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: 1929 West Derby, Lancashire, England

Father: John Alston

Mother: Hannah Maria Woods

Name: Margaret Janet Alston

Birth: 16 October 1919 Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Death: 27 February 1993 Sarasota, Sarasota County, Florida

Father: Charles Skinner Alston

Mother: Ellen Douglas Robertson

Name: Kemp Plummer Alston

Birth: abt 1856 North Carolina

Death: 11 Jan 1899 Kansas City, Missouri

Father: Kemp Plummer Alston

Mother: Mary Thorne

Name: Jesse Bula Alston

Birth: Jan 1896 North Carolina

Death: 17 Jul 1972 Littleton, Warren, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Blount Alston

Mother: Hortense Williams

Name: William H Alston

Birth: abt 1877 North Carolina

Death: 20 November 1937 Durham, Durham County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Albert Alston

Mother: Ella Davis

Name: George Alston

Birth: 13 Mar 1927 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 21 Jan 2007 Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming, USA

Father: Charles Orville Alston

Mother: Mabel Keyser

Name: Marion R Alston

Birth: 1892 Georgia, United States of America

Death: ABT. 1952 St. Augustine, FL

Father: Robert Bishop Goodman

Mother: Marianne Porcher Alston

Name: Katherine Alston

Birth: Sep 1872 St Saviour Southwark, London, United Kingdom

Death: Sep 1961 Camberwell, London, England

Father: William Joseph Alston

Mother: Jane Hancock Wildman

Name: Walter Alston

Birth: 22 January 1937 Gulfport, Harrison County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 21 May 2009 Gulfport

Father: Clarence Orphie Alston

Mother: Della Woodcock

Name: Mary Alston

Birth: 25 Apr 1852 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1918 American Fork, Utah, Utah, USA

Father: Joseph Alston

Mother: Margaret Hall

Name: Alfred Ernest Alston

Birth: July 1844 Tendring, Essex, United Kingdom

Death: 23 Jun 1935 Colchester, Essex, England

Father: Edward John Alston

Mother: Mary Keningale

Name: Mary Jane Alston

Birth: 12 Jul 1891 Warren, North Carolina, USA

Death: 21 Sep 1987 Henderson, Vance, North Carolina

Father: John Henry Foster

Mother: Lizzie Kearney

Name: John Alston

Birth: 16 May 1850 Tennessee, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1926 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee

Father: John Alston

Mother: Ann Matilda Tulloss

Name: Christine Alston

Birth: 22 May 1915 Franklin County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 4 Jan 2013 Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Father: Walter Alston

Mother: Clara Davis

Name: Frances Elizabeth ALSTON

Birth: 28 May 1864 Bickley, Kent, England

Death: 21 May 1945 Kent, England

Father: James Brown Alston

Mother: Elizabeth Stanwix Hope

Name: Sarah Kearney Alston

Birth: 15 October 1807 Warren County, North Carolina, USA

Death: Jan 26 1892 Triune, Tennessee

Father: John Alston

Mother: Jane Hardaway Davis

Name: Miriam Mamie Alston

Birth: 10 Apr 1869 Halifax, Halifax, North Carolina, United States

Death: 15 November 1948 Roanoke Rapids, Halifax County, North Carolina

Father: Gideon Alston

Mother: Ann Eliza Fort

Name: Hughie Jay Alston

Birth: 05 February 1908 Chatham County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 10 May 1988 Guilford County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Isaac Henderson Alston

Mother: Minerva French

Name: *william Hardy Alston

Birth: Abt 1872 North Carolina

Death: 29 Aug 1916 Fork Township, Warren County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Hardy Alston

Mother: *phoebe "Mulatto" Watson

Name: Dennis Alston

Birth: abt 1902 North Carolina

Death: 18 February 1964 New Jersey, USA

Father: Henderson Taft Alston

Mother: Laura Perry

Name: Lule Alston

Birth: abt 1911 North Carolina

Death: Jul 1982 Hampton, Hampton City, Virginia

Father: Thomas Alston

Mother: Callie Alston

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