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Results for "alverson"

Name: Lewis J Alverson

Birth: 16 Jun 1927 Rockford Illinois

Death: 9 Jan 2001 Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States of America

Father: Lewis Herbert Alverson

Mother: Wilma Helen Graham

Name: Isaac N Alverson

Birth: 02 Jan 1825 Utica, Oneida, New York, USA

Death: 02 March 1909 Bristol Indiana

Father: William Olverson

Mother: Ellen Elizabeth BRACE

Name: Joseph C. Alverson

Birth: abt 1878 New York

Death: 6/21/1953 19 Lincoln Avenue, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York, United States of America

Father: James Comfort Alverson

Mother: Caroline Williamson Alverson

Name: Rosa Alverson

Birth: 3 Sep 1881 New York, United States

Death: Feb 1965 Ellington, Chautauqua, New York, United States

Father: James 'William' Alverson

Mother: Mary Alice Davis

Name: Lonie Alverson

Birth: 10 May 1887 Anderson, Tennessee, United States

Death: 8 Jan 1945 Anderson County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Lt. Alverson

Mother: Emma Weaver - Alverson

Name: Thomas Jefferson Alverson

Birth: 26 Jan 1852 South Carolina

Death: 9 June 1911 Union, South Carolina, USA

Father: Nathaniel Alverson

Mother: Mary Sharp

Name: William D Alverson

Birth: 20 April 1875 Bolivar, Mississippi, USA

Death: 27 August 1931 Barling, Arkansas, USA

Father: Daniel Alverson

Mother: Georgeann Humphreys

Name: Emory Alverson

Birth: 9 Feb 1843 Michigan

Death: 1935 Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Oliver Wells Alverson

Mother: Harriet Trumbull

Name: William J Alverson

Birth: 7 Sep 1902 New York

Death: 21 Oct 1958 Catskill, Greene, New York, USA

Father: Burton Alverson

Mother: Emma L. Walker

Name: Samuel H. Alverson

Birth: 1 Feb 1840 Romona, Owen, Indiana, USA

Death: 03 Dec 1907 In.

Father: Wesley Alverson

Mother: Sabina McCarley

Name: Mary A. Alverson

Birth: 26 January 1836 Owen Co, Indiana

Death: 30 Oct 1897 Washington, Indiana, United States

Father: Wesley Alverson

Mother: Sabina McCarley

Name: Gary Dea ALVERSON

Birth: 1 May 1946 Tooele, Tooele, Utah, USA

Death: 7 February 2006 Taylorsville, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Father: Jay Francis Alverson

Mother: Eugenie Marrington Dea

Name: Kent H Alverson

Birth: 03 Nov 1913 New York, USA

Death: June 1986 North Tonawanda NY

Father: Claude B Alverson

Mother: Grace M Hilliker

Name: Myrtle Hila Alverson

Birth: abt 1877 Texas

Death: 22 Aug 1964 Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA

Father: Andrew Alverson

Mother: Martha Caroline Smith

Name: Spurgeon EARL ALVERSON

Birth: 22 May 1892 Villanow GA

Death: 10 Jun 1964 Gordon, Georgia

Father: John Fuller Alverson

Mother: Capitola Keown

Name: William Forney Alverson

Birth: 15, Apr., 1882 Alabama, USA

Death: 1 Oct 1936 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas

Father: John W. Alverson

Mother: Mary Louise Lowrey

Name: Ree Jester Alverson

Birth: 9 Sep 1911 Georgia

Death: 4 Feb 1979 Albany, Dougherty, Georgia, USA

Father: Oscar Winston Alverson

Mother: Ida Mae Lankford Alverson

Name: Paul William Alverson

Birth: 14 Jan 1910 New Prospect, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA

Death: Nov 1981 Inman, Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States

Father: William Crawford Alverson

Mother: MARTHA "Mattie" WILLIAMS

Name: Mary Amelia Alverson

Birth: 1 Oct 1866 Sheboygan County, WI

Death: 18 May 1954 Wautoma, Waushara, Wisconsin, USA

Father: David Alverson

Mother: Mary Jane Stewart

Name: George Alverson

Birth: 1869 St Clair, Alabama, United States

Death: 9 Nov 1944 Odenville, St.Clair, Alabama

Father: Perry Alverson

Mother: Martha Malinda Willingham

Name: Jno. Preston Alverson

Birth: 7 Aug 1875 Rockingham County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1 December 1945 Rockingham County, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Wesley Alverson

Mother: Labendia Lanier

Name: George Emera Alverson

Birth: 04 Sep 1864 Cattaraugus, New York, USA

Death: 25 Jun 1927 Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky, United States

Father: Anson Emera Alverson

Mother: Melissa E Ackley

Name: Addie Lucille Alverson

Birth: 14 March 1893 Simpsonville, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Death: 1977 Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: Richard Hooker Alverson

Mother: Isabella I Lock

Name: Lyle Walter Alverson

Birth: 21 June 1921 Wentworth, Lake, South Dakota, USA

Death: 2 May 1999 Olympia, Thurston, Washington, USA

Father: Claude A. Alverson

Mother: Mary Graff Alverson

Name: Charles Edward Alverson

Birth: 20 December 1891 Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina, United States of America

Death: 12 Jun 1943 High Point, North Carolina, USA

Father: Jesse Edward Alverson

Mother: Nancy Jane Griffin

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