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Results for "armstong"

Name: Joseph W. Armstong

Birth: 24 Apr 1865 Ashland, New Castle, Delaware, United States

Death: 7 Mar 1948 Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA

Father: John Armstrong

Mother: Hannah Klair Woodward

Name: Richard Armstong

Birth: 24 Jun 1949 Gregg County, Texas, USA

Death: 2002 O Fallon, Saint Clair, Illinois, USA

Father: Wyatt Wendell Armstrong

Mother: Lola Fae Collins

Name: Washington Armstong

Birth: 22 March 1822 Madison County, Illinois, USA

Death: 13 APR 1887 Fresno, California, United States

Father: Aaron Armstrong

Mother: Mary "Polly" Landers

Name: George Lee Armstong

Birth: 3 May 1863 Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States

Death: 9 May 1952 Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States

Father: George Henry Armstrong

Mother: Eliza Fant Fritter

Name: George ARMSTONG

Birth: 6 Apr 1828 Bilston, Staffordshire, England

Death: Jun 1906 Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Father: Jonathan Armstrong

Mother: Sarah Bassett

Name: Eliza Caroline Armstong

Birth: 11 Jan 1852 Dereham, Oxford county, Ontario Canada

Death: 12 Mar 1887 Bear Lake, Kalkaska, Michigan, United States

Father: Robert Armstrong

Mother: Anne "Annie" Scott

Name: Cora Bell Armstong

Birth: Dec 1875 Evansville, Indiana

Death: 1939 Hillsborough, Florida, United States

Father: Stephen Armstrong

Mother: Francis Jared

Name: Ervin George Armstong

Birth: 1 April 1853 Ontario, Canada

Death: 15 September 1934 Aloha, Cheboygan County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: James Armstrong

Mother: Hannah TROUTEN

Name: Margaret Anne ARMSTONG

Birth: Nov 1857 Wisconsin

Death: 1926 Palermo, Grundy, Iowa, United States

Father: John Armstrong

Mother: Margaret McCaffey

Name: Rachel S Armstong

Birth: Dec 1834 Pennsylvania

Death: 13 Mar 1908 Honey Brook, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Belfast Armstrong

Mother: Margaret Skyles

Name: Nancy Virginia Armstong

Birth: 17 Apr 1844 Carter County, Kentucky

Death: 21 Jul 1901 Carter, Carter, Kentucky, United States

Father: John Wesley Armstrong

Mother: Lucinda McDavid

Name: James Buford Armstong

Birth: 22 November 1901 Gillette, Manatee County, Florida, United States of America

Death: 23 Sep 1979 Manatee, Florida, United States

Father: James Gough Armstrong

Mother: Maggie C Armstrong

Name: Estelle Armstong

Birth: 1900 Alabama

Death: 30 Oct 1955 Georgiana, Butler County, Alabama

Father: Perry Armstrong

Mother: Mattie Clark

Name: William Franics Armstong

Birth: 25 Jun 1906 Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina, USA

Death: 17 dec 1993 Gainesville, Cooke, Texas, USA

Father: Dennis Dial Armstrong

Mother: Mary Priscilla Jones

Name: George Armstong

Birth: abt 1812 Ohio

Death: 18 Feb 1886 Harrison Township, Harrison Co., Indiana, United States

Father: John Armstrong

Mother: Sarah Evans

Name: Elizabeth Armstong

Birth: 1811 Leverington, Cambridgeshire

Death: 1902 Walsoken, Norfolk, England

Father: Armstrong

Mother: Elizabeth Armstrong nee

Name: Thomas Park Armstong

Birth: 31 Jan 1895 Nebraska

Death: 03 Jun 1993 Glenwood, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Winfield Scott Armstrong

Mother: Eliza Ellen BECK

Name: Donald Harry Armstong

Birth: 5 Apr 1918 Northville, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Death: 28 NOV 2001 Livonia,Michigan

Father: Harry Merrells Armstrong

Mother: Clara Jane Rathburn

Name: Lelah Pearl Armstong

Birth: 1907 West Virginia

Death: 31 Aug 1983 Brevard, Florida, United States

Father: Fant Freemont Armstrong

Mother: Viola Florence Walters

Name: Robert Lee Armstong

Birth: 3 June 1937 Wood County, Ohio, USA

Death: 26 Apr 1996 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: Ovid Harold Armstrong

Mother: Lillian Mary BOOTH

Name: Margaret Armstong

Birth: 4/05/1831 Harmar, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 2/04/1886 Acmetonia, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William James Armstrong

Mother: Elizabeth (Isabel) Whyte

Name: Oliver Armstong

Birth: 24 NOV 1846 Washington, Carroll, Ohio

Death: 3 January 1929 Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana, USA

Father: Aaron Armstrong

Mother: Mary Ann Rush

Name: Iris Armstong

Birth: 22 Sep 1920 Purdy, Garvin County, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 19 JUN 1998 Clipper Mills, Butte, California, USA

Father: Olen Dean Armstrong

Mother: Carney Lee Farris

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