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Name: Magdelene (Lena) Axtman

Birth: 25 Apr 1900 North Dakota

Death: 16 Dec 1987 St. Paul, Ramsay, Minnesota, USA

Father: Michael Axtmann

Mother: Walburga Christena Stauss (Stouse)

Name: Ferdinand Axtman

Birth: 1 Feb 1917 North Dakota, United States

Death: 21 Mar 1979 Glendale, Los Angeles, California,USA

Father: Peter Axtmann

Mother: Margaretha Martha Goetz

Name: John Peter Axtman

Birth: 12 May 1910 Orrin, Pierce County, ND, US

Death: 15 Jan 1999 Rugby, Pierce, ND, USA

Father: Peter Axtmann

Mother: Marianna "Mary" Gerhardt Axtman

Name: William Henry Axtman

Birth: 02 Mar 1924 Medford, Massachusetts

Death: 31 Mar 2005 Culpepper, Virginia

Father: Albert John Axtman

Mother: Marian Augusta Hatch

Name: Katherina M Axtman

Birth: 18 November 1906 Rugby, Pierce County, North Dakota, United States of America

Death: 1 May 1981 Vancouver, Clark County, Washington, United States of America

Father: Franz Stephen Axtmann

Mother: Cunegunda 'Gina' KISTNER

Name: Elizabeth Theresa AXTMAN

Birth: 03 April 1921 Balta, Pierce, North Dakota, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1995 Vancouver, Clark, Washington, USA

Father: Frank J Axtman

Mother: Magdalena Bohl

Name: Dorothy Lena Axtman

Birth: 1882/05/12 Elsass,Kutschrgan,,Ukraine

Death: 1970/10/04 Portland,,Oregon,USA

Father: Peter Mastel

Mother: Lugarda Fritz

Name: Lucille G Axtman

Birth: abt 1926 North Dakota

Death: 23 Nov 2012 Minot, Ward County, North Dakota, USA

Father: Ignatz Axtmann

Mother: Helen Peters

Name: Michael Axtman

Birth: 10 Mar 1870 Baden, Kuchurgan, Ukraine, USSR

Death: 13 Mar 1960 Harvey, Wells, North Dakota, USA

Father: Steffanus Stephan Axtmann

Mother: Maria Braunstein

Name: John J. Axtman

Birth: 10 Nov 1899 North Dakota, United States

Death: 2 Sep 1966 Rugby, Pierce, North Dakota, United States

Father: Joseph Axtmann

Mother: Elizabeth Wangler

Name: Nicholas Albert Axtman

Birth: 24 Oct 1911 North Dakota

Death: 5 Dec 1994 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: Frank Mick Axtman

Mother: Dorothea Lena Mastel

Name: Elizabeth Axtman

Birth: 7 August 1911 Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

Death: 26 APR 1998 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States of America

Father: Stephen Herbach

Mother: Emerenziana ANDREAS (Herbach) (Shafer) (Reis)

Name: Regina J. Axtman

Birth: Sept 28, 1925 Pierce County, North Dakota, USA

Death: 17 Apr 2011 Rugby, Pierce, North Dakota

Father: John J. Axtman

Mother: Magdalena Wolf

Name: Anton Axtman

Birth: 22 Jan 1883 Baden, Odesa, Russia

Death: 24 December 1961 Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota, United States of America

Father: Joseph Axtman

Mother: Helena Wangler

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