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Name: Jacob Barlett

Birth: abt 1756 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 20 Apr 1828 Licking County, Ohio, USA

Father: Paul Berlet Barlet

Mother: Anna Catharina WERTH

Name: James Wilson Barlett

Birth: 18 Oct 1848 Clarion Co, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 March 1919 Kane, McKean, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Barlett

Mother: Euphemia Simpson

Name: Zola Belle Barlett

Birth: 04 09 1939 Wright County, Missouri, USA

Death: April 16, 2016 Fort Mill, York, South Carolina, USA

Father: Wilburn Oscar Barlet

Mother: Nancy Meg Nola Newberry

Name: Tessie May Barlett

Birth: 20 Jun 1889 Greene, Illinois, USA

Death: 29 Mar 1918 Kane, Greene County, Illinois

Father: George James Bartlett

Mother: Lucinda Adams

Name: Lillian E. Barlett

Birth: 8 Aug 1876 Linwood, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Death: 23 Apr 1935 Oxford, Ontario, Canada

Father: Henry Charles Barlett

Mother: Margaret Jane Rogers

Name: Harriett E. Barlett

Birth: 12 SEP 1842 Morgan County, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 2//2//1915 Hocking County, Ohio, USA

Father: Henry Dutton Bartlett

Mother: Sarah Vance Throckmorton

Name: Jacob Barlett

Birth: 8 Oct 1868 Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 26 Apr 1958 Angola, Steuben, Indiana, USA

Father: Ephriam Abraham Barlett

Mother: Mary Catherine Lewellen

Name: Ephriam Abraham Barlett

Birth: 13 February 1826 Heidleberg Twp Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 July 1873 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel Berlet

Mother: Maria Schaver

Name: Tiny Lorene Barlett

Birth: 18 Jan 1923 Stonehill, Dent, Missouri, United States

Death: 24 January 2011 Norwood, Wright, Missouri

Father: Wilburn Oscar Barlet

Mother: Nancy Meg Nola Newberry

Name: Christina Barlett

Birth: 15 Nov 1838 Scotch Hill, Farmington Twp, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Feb 1907 Tylersburg, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Peter Barlett

Mother: Susanna Scott

Name: Louie Bernice Barlett

Birth: 6 Apr 1890 Sabina, Clinton, Ohio

Death: 7 Oct 1926 Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio

Father: Thomas Elwood Barlett

Mother: Anne Arabella Trout

Name: Adda Elizabeth BARLETT

Birth: 16 Sep 1872 Bayham, Elgin (East/est), Ontario, Canada

Death: 9 Dec 1945 Vienna, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Father: Asel Bartlett

Mother: Catherine C Stratton

Name: Henry Charles Barlett

Birth: 4 Jun 1851 Germany

Death: 25 Aug 1927 Woodstock, , Ontario, Canada

Father: John Barlett

Mother: Catherine Happel

Name: Edward K Barlett

Birth: 18 JAN 1895 Tamaqua, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 OCT 1976 Pompano Beach, Broward County, Florida, USA

Father: Henry Barlett

Mother: Elizabeth A Kesten (Keston)

Name: Leo Banks Barlett

Birth: 02 Apr 1878 Scotch Hill, Farmington twp., Clarion Co. Pennsylvania

Death: 16 Jun 1952 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA

Father: James Wilson Barlett

Mother: Lucinda Jane Magee

Name: Mary Ellen Barlett

Birth: 23 JUN 1863 Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada

Death: 11 Oct 1937 Coolidge, Pinal, Arizona, USA

Father: Charles Bartlett

Mother: Alice Bartlett

Name: Daniel Burt Barlett

Birth: 26 Feb 1887 Salem, Dent, Missouri, United States

Death: 23 June 1951 Oregon City, Clackamas County, Oregon, USA

Father: John Conrad Barlett

Mother: Sarah Alice Moore

Name: Nancy Jane Barlett

Birth: 1834 Pennsylvania

Death: 05 Nov 1915 Dixonville, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Fred Barlett

Mother: Jane Fleming

Name: Nancy E. Barlett

Birth: 18 Aug 1854 Farmington, Clarion, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 3 Apr 1909 Parker, Armstrong, Pennsylvania

Father: Peter Barlett

Mother: Susanna Scott

Name: Jacob Daniel "Dan'l" Barlett

Birth: 24 Jun 1798 Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 11 Dec 1892 Crawford Co. Ohio

Father: Johannes Berlet

Mother: Susan/Susannah Bowman

Name: Isaac Glen Barlett

Birth: 3 June 1910 Jay County, Indiana, USA

Death: 1 May 1984 Angola, Steuben County, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Barlett

Mother: Sophia Frances Sutton

Name: Leon Barlett

Birth: 02 Jun 1909 Webb City, Jasper, Missouri, USA

Death: 9 Feb 1932 Commerce, Ottawa, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Daniel Burt Barlett

Mother: Gertrude Elizabeth Walker

Name: Chancey Vernon Barlett

Birth: 16 Feb 1897 Wells, Indiana, United States

Death: 25 Apr 1979 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Barlett

Mother: Sophia Frances Sutton

Name: Roy Tobias Barlett

Birth: 2 Oct 1892 Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 1 January 1955 217 N. 12th. St Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Harvin Tobias Barlett

Mother: Ida Alice Fernsler

Name: Susannah Barlett

Birth: 15 October 1818 Scotch Hill, Clarion Co. Pennsylvania

Death: 5 November 1895 Barnett Twp, Forest Co., Pennsylvania

Father: Peter Barlett

Mother: Christiana Switzer

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