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Results for "barnett"

Name: Huey Edward Barnett

Birth: 10 Sep 1911 Ensley, Alabama, USA

Death: 31 Jan 1958 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama

Father: Arnold Monroe Barnett

Mother: Celeste "Lessie" Maynord

Name: Milton Pope Barnett

Birth: abt 1859 Louisiana

Death: 1 Nov 1920 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: Milton Pope Barnett

Mother: Laura Esther Bilbo

Name: Maria M. Barnett

Birth: APR 1816 New Lexington, Perry, OH

Death: 1907 New Lexington, Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Barnd

Mother: Julia Ann Eckles

Name: Herbert Barnett

Birth: 22 Sept 1921 South Carolina

Death: 4 July 1992 Rock Hill, York, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: Simon Barnette

Mother: Mary/Maggie Crawford

Name: fallis c barnett

Birth: 17 Jan 1897 Grand River, Daviess, Missouri, USA

Death: 9 Jul 1928 Grand River, Daviess, Missouri, USA

Father: James Alexander Barnett

Mother: Rhoda Ella Worley

Name: Jasper Newton Barnett

Birth: 24 Jan 1856 Smithville, Lawrence County, Arkansas, United States of America

Death: 16 Jul 1943 Lawrence, Arkansas

Father: James Melton Barnett

Mother: Margaret Amanda Finley

Name: John Barnett

Birth: 20 Dec 1881 Gentry County, Missouri

Death: 30 Jan 1952 Barnett, De Witt, Illinois, United States

Father: Jesse E Barnett

Mother: Lilly Pritchett

Name: Charlene Barnett

Birth: 1926 Arkansas

Death: 23 Apr 2014 Searcy, White, Arkansas, USA

Father: Charles Lee Barnett

Mother: Alberta Rebecca Sisson

Name: Hastin Rusaw Barnett

Birth: 19 Aug 1867 Washington, Louisiana, United States

Death: 19 Feb 1935 Collin, Texas, United States

Father: James A Barnett

Mother: *Susan B Williams

Name: Nancy Barnett

Birth: 22 Apr 1856 Missouri

Death: 1 APR 1936 Miller County, Missouri

Father: Daniel Shipman

Mother: Malinda Jane Brockman

Name: Mart Barnett

Birth: abt 1896 Tennessee

Death: May 27,1955 Pulaski Tn

Father: James William Barnett

Mother: Maude Butler

Name: William Barnett

Birth: abt 1811 Bramshott, Hampshire, England

Death: 16 May 1884 Standford, Headley, Hampshire, England

Father: William Barnett

Mother: Sarah GAUNTLETT

Name: Addison N Barnett

Birth: Sep 1859 Iowa

Death: OCT 1931 Washington Township, Ia

Father: William Barnett

Mother: Judith N. Saunders

Name: William Willie Barnett

Birth: 15 December 1842 Illinois, USA

Death: 6 Nov 1921 Jasper, Indiana, USA

Father: James Barnett

Mother: Phoebe Huckins

Name: Joseph Barnett

Birth: abt 1910 Michigan

Death: 10//2/5/97 Mt. Prospect, Illinois

Father: Joseph Golobiowski

Mother: Anna Osiecka

Name: John Barnett

Birth: 1814 Atlanta, De Kalb, Georgia, United States

Death: 14 Feb 1897 Love Co, Township 7, Chickasaw Nation

Father: John Barnett

Mother: Elizabeth Kissiah Robertson

Name: George Seburn Barnett

Birth: 21 JUN 1872 Williamson County, Illnois

Death: 24 October 1940 East Saint Louis, St. Clair County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Wesley Franklin Burnett

Mother: Samantha Burnett

Name: Levi Barnett

Birth: January 1852 Georgia

Death: 1910 Cherokee County, GA, USA

Father: Adam Barnett

Mother: Lucinda Grimes

Name: Isabella N. Barnett

Birth: 1846 Louisiana, USA

Death: 4 Aug 1929 Mississippi City, Mississippi

Father: John Penrose Barnett

Mother: Elizabeth Redman

Name: Martha Ellen Barnett

Birth: 30 Jun 1848 Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA

Death: 17 Mar 1940 Oglethrope Co., GA

Father: Benjamin Harrison Barnett

Mother: Irena Yancey

Name: Flossey Barnett

Birth: AUG 1888 Gallatin, Illinois, United States

Death: FEB 1975 Eldorado, Saline, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Jacob Barnett

Mother: Mary Alice Chaffin

Name: Sylvester Louis Barnett

Birth: 2 Nov 1874 Ohio

Death: 14 Jun 1963 Lima, Ohio

Father: Corp Barnett

Mother: Melissa B. Walters

Name: Betty Lindsay Barnett

Birth: 1903 Michigan

Death: 11 Feb 1996 San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA

Father: Wilfred Lindsay

Mother: Lydia Lytheby Selley

Name: Richard Henry Barnett

Birth: 26 Aug 1875 Attala County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 15 November 1942 Center, Attala County, Mississippi, United States of America

Father: Calvin Monro Barnett

Mother: Lucinda E Brock

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