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Name: Caris BARTON

Birth: 24 Jul 1896 Georgia, United States

Death: 29 Sep 1970 Gordon County, Georgia, USA

Father: Haney Washington Barton

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Sloan

Name: John Burgess Barton

Birth: 13 October 1880 South Carolina

Death: 21 March 1958 South Carolina, United States of America

Father: John Burgess Barton

Mother: Amanda Mandy Cullum

Name: Lavon Harper Barton

Birth: Sep 1930 Warrenville, Aiken County South Carolina

Death: 06 Aug 2012 Graniteville, Aiken County, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: Marvin Harper

Mother: Helen Leila Phillips

Name: Katie Barton

Birth: Jun 1876 Georgia

Death: 20 Nov 1969 Lake City, Columbia, Florida, USA

Father: Josiah Barton

Mother: Fanny Newsome

Name: Mattie Belle Barton

Birth: 2 May 1865 Pendleton, Kentucky, USA

Death: 28 Oct 1928 Pendleton County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Thomas Marion Barton

Mother: Mary Jane Beckett

Name: Harry Overton Barton

Birth: 5 May 1881 Davis Co., Iowa

Death: 1968 Black Hawk County, Iowa, USA

Father: Henry Barton

Mother: Isbelle Logsdon

Name: Joseph BARTON

Birth: 28 Jul 1879 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Death: 4 Aug 1943 Montréal, Québec, Canada

Father: Thomas Alphonsus BARTON

Mother: Jane Courtenay

Name: Beatrice Barton

Birth: 25 Oct 1910 Alabama, USA

Death: 28 Dec 1968 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: James Bascomb Barton

Mother: Laura Barton

Name: Maryette A Barton

Birth: 13 December 1846 Sherwood, Branch, Michigan, USA

Death: 21 Feb 1934 Union, Branch, Michigan, USA

Father: Robert M Barton

Mother: Mariah Waugh Barton

Name: Phoebe Louella Barton

Birth: 10 Oct 1861 Augusta Township Canada

Death: 30 Sep 1946 Prescott, Grrenville, Ontario, Canada

Father: Erastus Barton

Mother: Mary Place

Name: Lillian C. Barton

Birth: 18 June 1904 Garrison, Nacogdoches, Texas, USA

Death: 19 Dec 1988 Pasadena, Harris County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Robert Carroll

Mother: Minnie Little

Name: Elizabeth Barton

Birth: abt 1847 Cambridge, Gloucestershire

Death: Jun 1932 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

Father: John Barton

Mother: Sarah Perrett

Name: Zola D Barton

Birth: 17 Jul 1921 Spanish Fork, Utah Co., UT, USA

Death: 11 Nov 2008 Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Father: Floyd Homer Davis

Mother: Myrl Hales

Name: Clara Belle BARTON

Birth: abt 1900 Missouri

Death: 23 Mar 1987 Sacramento

Father: Kire Barton

Mother: Mary J Hutchins

Name: Annie Rex Barton

Birth: 26 JAN 1898 Whitesboro, Grayson County, Texas

Death: 28 FEB 1974 Tuttle, Grady, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Joseph Henry Rex

Mother: Sophia Arkansas Youngblood

Name: Pearl Barton

Birth: November 1884 Michigan, United States of America

Death: 6 Nov 1932 Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: Robert Barton

Mother: Annetta Kattie Simons

Name: Donald Blagge Barton

Birth: 23 Aug 1903 Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 2 Jun 1990 Fitchburg

Father: John Alfred Barton

Mother: Mabel Augusta Samuels

Name: William D Barton

Birth: Abt. 1824 Granby, Hampshire, MA

Death: 24 Nov 1886 Granby, Hampshire, MA

Father: Phinehas Dwight Barton

Mother: Eunice Chapman Preston

Name: George Barton

Birth: 2 Jul 1878 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Death: Mar 1948 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Father: George Alfred Barton

Mother: Eliza BUTCHER

Name: Ellesworth Elmer Barton

Birth: abt 1896 Pennsylvania

Death: Apr 1984 Irwin, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William James Barton

Mother: Mary J Cleland

Name: Howard Homer Barton

Birth: 28 Sep 1907 Greeley, Reynolds, Missouri, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1977 St Louis, MO Concordia Cemetery

Father: James Henry Barton

Mother: Grace Smith

Name: Eugene Edward Barton

Birth: 1908 Virginia

Death: Apr 1969 Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Father: Edgar Sanders Barton

Mother: Mary Elmina Barton


Birth: 1887 BRISTOL SOMERSET 6a 3

Death: 11 January 1968 Bristol

Father: James John BARTON

Mother: Ellen Jane MILLER

Name: Mary Jane Barton

Birth: 1 Jul 1848 Bertie, Welland, Ontario, Canada

Death: 9 Apr 1928 Stevenville, Bertie, Welland, Ontario, Canada

Father: Jacob (II) Barton

Mother: Elizabeth (Betsy) Watson


Birth: 23 Jul 1865 Pendleton KY

Death: 9/13/1941 Miami, Ohio

Father: David Harrison Barton

Mother: Isabelle Ellen Aydelotte

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