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Name: Benjamin Sowden Beley

Birth: 13 Dec 1841 Linacre Marsh, Lancashire

Death: 11 Jun 1896 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Father: George Beley


Name: Arsene Robert Beley

Birth: 28 Jul 1893 Dasle, Doubs, France

Death: 28 Jun 1972 Lake Worth, Palm Beach, FL, USA

Father: Henri Edmond Beley

Mother: Esther Sire

Name: John Paul Beley

Birth: 13 Jul 1921 Pittsburgh A, Pennsylvania

Death: 3 Nov 1989 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: Joseph Beley

Mother: Julia Homa

Name: Michael Beley

Birth: 21 Nov 1878 Austria, Poland

Death: 24 Jul 1944 Chester, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Michael Beley

Mother: Tekla Mikolajczyszy


Birth: Dec 1834 Dasle, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

Death: 14 Jul 1921 Newark, Rock, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Jean Pierre Beley

Mother: Marie-Catherine Girard

Name: Emma Louisa Beley

Birth: 7 Mar 1882 Canaseraga, Allegany, New York, USA

Death: 12 Nov. 1964 Orange Co., Florida

Father: William Bailey

Mother: Annett Brown

Name: Elaine Beley

Birth: 5 Nov 1935 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 Aug 2005 Sacramento, Sacramento, California

Father: Michael Beley

Mother: Anna (Kavchak) Beley

Name: Ethel Mae Beley

Birth: 1891 of Butte, Silver Bow, Montana

Death: 17 Mar 1954 Seattle, King, Washington, USA

Father: Charles Beley

Mother: Ina May Leclaire

Name: Matty Beley

Birth: Apr 1869 New York

Death: 1938 Syracuse, NY

Father: Fred Beley

Mother: Louisa Matty Beley

Name: Ethel May Beley

Birth: 18 Aug 1881 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Death: 22 Dec 1964 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Father: Benjamin Sowden Beley

Mother: Emma Lucy Dawson

Name: Agnes Annette Beley

Birth: 21 Apr 1873 Horningsea, Cambridgeshire, , England

Death: 21 Apr 1952 Rosseau, Ontario, Canada

Father: Joseph Beaumont

Mother: Esther Adams

Name: Eugene Marselle Beley

Birth: 16 Aug 1931 New Braintree, Worcester, MA, USA

Death: 05 Apr 2007 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Robert Arsene Beley

Mother: Marie Exauria Lacasse

Name: Hans Beley

Birth: abt 1910 Montana

Death: 07 Feb 1987 Yellowstone, Montana, USA

Father: Lewis Beley

Mother: Amelia Rudd

Name: Mary F Beley

Birth: 1865 Oswego County, New York

Death: 9 Apr 1947 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA

Father: Frederick Beley

Mother: Mary Tackley (Beley)

Name: Julia Beley

Birth: 18 Mar 1928 Pittsburgh Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Death: 27 Nov 2011 Pittsburgh Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Father: Michael Beley

Mother: Anna (Kavchak) Beley

Name: Harold E. Beley

Birth: abt 1910 Wisconsin

Death: 30 December 1951 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, United States of America

Father: Eugene Beley

Mother: Gertrude C. Merlet

Name: Dr. John Beley

Birth: May 14,1922 Pennsylvania

Death: 6 Jul 2001 Carnegie, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Stiven Belej (Beley) Betej

Mother: Kathryn Melnyk

Name: Eugene Beley

Birth: 23 Sep 1883 Newark, Rock County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 14 Feb 1975 Sobe, Wisconsin

Father: Eugene "Gene" Beley

Mother: Jane Madru


Birth: 16 Nov 1791 Dasle, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

Death: 1858 Newark, Rock, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Marc Beley

Mother: Marguerite Gros

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