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Name: Mary Bellman

Birth: 9 Apr 1826 Heidelberg Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 11 Feb 1901 Rice Lake, Barron, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Michael Lauck

Mother: Elizabeth Kline (LeVan)

Name: Anna M Bellman

Birth: Jan 1866 Pennsylvania

Death: 14 Sep 1951 White Oak, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John G Bellman

Mother: Wilhemena Helsig

Name: Edwardine Bellman

Birth: 17 Nov 1843 Alabama, USA

Death: 13 Dec 1921 , Mobile, Alabama, USA

Father: Carl Bellmann

Mother: Pauline I Ryan Bellman

Name: Herman T Bellman

Birth: 16 Aug 1907 Cincinnati, OH

Death: 01 Feb 1979 Cincinnati, OH

Father: Jacob Andrew Bellman

Mother: Ida Johanna Reinke

Name: Wm H Bellman

Birth: Feb. 10, 1839 New York, NY

Death: Feb. 7, 1892 Toledo, Ohio, USA

Father: Thomas Bellman

Mother: Mary Ayres

Name: Thomas/ Bellman

Birth: 1777 Milnthorpe, Westmorland, England.

Death: Jun 1854 Westmorland, United Kingdom

Father: Robert Bellman

Mother: Sarah Teasdall

Name: Walter N. Bellman

Birth: 1877 Pennsylvania

Death: 30 Oct 1961 Milton, Northumberland Co., PA

Father: Samuel Sanks Bellman

Mother: Sarah Collier


Birth: Mar 1819 Pennsylvania

Death: Bet. 1900–1908 Ohio

Father: Conrad Billman

Mother: Mary Magdelana Schneider

Name: Grace Bellman

Birth: 18 Jun 1922 New York

Death: 23 Apr 2014 Glen Cove, NY

Father: Joseph Bellman

Mother: Celia Selin

Name: Irene Alt Bellman

Birth: 15 OCT 1922 Kemp homestead, Grant Co., WI

Death: 27 FEB 1988 Cuba City, Grant, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Joseph Francis Alt

Mother: Catherine S Kemp

Name: Andrew Bellman

Birth: 26 Apr 1813 Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa., USA

Death: 1 Jul 1895 New Haven Township, Huron County, OH

Father: John Beelman

Mother: Barbara Sheely

Name: Lawrence Clement Bellman

Birth: 18 Jan 1932 St Bernard, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Death: 15 Nov 2007 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Charles Bellman

Mother: Helen Georgina Meyer

Name: John Robert Bellman

Birth: 17 Aug 1919 Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, USA

Death: 6 May 1991 Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Emil Jönsson Bellman

Mother: Doris Evelyn Callnan

Name: Anna E. Bellman

Birth: 1 Sep 1869 Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: Jul 1939 Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William H Bellman

Mother: Elvina Wanamaker

Name: Mabel BELLMAN

Birth: abt 1901 Minnesota

Death: 12 Apr 1983 Missoula, Missoula, Montana, United States of America

Father: John (Jöns) Bellman

Mother: Karin E Loven

Name: Mary Catherine Bellman

Birth: 13 March 1913 Melrose, Iowa

Death: 9 Aug 2007 West Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA

Father: John Albert Bellman

Mother: Mary Thynne

Name: Helen Therese Bellman

Birth: 28 Nov 1914 Monroe County Iowa

Death: 25 Sep 2003 Clackamas County Oregon

Father: John Albert Bellman

Mother: Mary Thynne

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