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Name: Louis Bester

Birth: 1846 Bruce, , Ontario, Canada

Death: 14 Oct 1917 Chepstow, , Ontario, Canada

Father: Johann Bester

Mother: Maria Louisa Warlier

Name: William Bester

Birth: 1850 Lt Eversden, Cambridgeshire, England

Death: Dec 1901 Caxton, Cambridgeshire, England

Father: john bester

Mother: Ellen Northrop

Name: Minnie Alice Bester

Birth: 1868 Little Eversden, Cambridgeshire, England

Death: 22 Dec 1956 Edmonton, Middlesex, England

Father: Charles Bester

Mother: Sarah Gill

Name: Henry Louis Bester

Birth: 8 Jun 1886 Lawrence, Ohio

Death: 14 December 1960 Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: William John Bester

Mother: Hannah Bruno

Name: Horace D Bester

Birth: 22 May, 1813 Stafford, CT

Death: 15 Apr 1886 Mantua, Portage, Ohio, United States

Father: Alvan BESTOR

Mother: Lucy Carlton

Name: Charles Bester

Birth: 22 Nov 1833 Little Eversden, Cambridgeshire, , England

Death: Sep 1903 Edmonton, Middlesex, , England

Father: John Bester

Mother: Mary Constable

Name: Earl Thomas Bester

Birth: abt 1901 Michigan

Death: 18 April 1986 Argyle, Marshall County, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: John Bestard

Mother: Mary Williams

Name: Angeline Bester

Birth: 27/09/1912 Minnesota City, Winona, Minnesota, United States

Death: 12/12/1985 Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, USA

Father: Peter Paul Bester

Mother: Theresia Bester

Name: Dorothy Gertrude Bester

Birth: November 10,1910 Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan, USA

Death: 12 Oct 2001 Charlevoix, Charlevoix, Michigan, USA

Father: Henry Benjamin Bester

Mother: Rose Ellen Rhine

Name: John Bester

Birth: 10 Apr 1876 Ontario

Death: 1955 Walkerton

Father: Henry Bester

Mother: Maria Mathias-Bester

Name: Susan S Bester

Birth: Sep 1839 Massachusetts

Death: 09 Feb 1927 Enfield, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Alvin Bestor

Mother: Priscilla Parker NEWELL

Name: William Cox Bester

Birth: 22/08/1863 Little Eversden,Cambridgeshire...

Death: 1947 Edmonton,London...

Father: Thomas Bester

Mother: Ellen Cox

Name: Florence Adeline Bester

Birth: Mar 1880 Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

Death: Mar 1965 Surrey, Northern.

Father: George Bester

Mother: Elizabeth Proctor

Name: robert bester

Birth: Dec 1872 Warboys, Hunts

Death: MAR 1957 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

Father: Henry Bester

Mother: amelia Fletcher

Name: Hazel A Bester

Birth: abt 1909 Michigan

Death: 21 Jan 1990 cadillac MI

Father: Henry Benjamin Bester

Mother: Rose Ellen Rhine

Name: Elmer Carl Bester

Birth: 9//3//1916 South St Paul, Dakota, Minnesota, USA

Death: 7 Aug 1999 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Charles Henry Bester

Mother: Christine Ohmann

Name: Emma Bester

Birth: 4 Dec 1852 New Jersey

Death: 4 Feb 1927 Ramsey, Minnesota

Father: Carl H Bester

Mother: Anne Bleidorn

Name: Irene Bester

Birth: 15 Jan 1929 Detroit, Wayne, MI

Death: 24 April 1992 Northville, Wayne County, Michigan, USA

Father: Stanley BESTER

Mother: Josephine (Josefa) MIGUT

Name: Walter Bester

Birth: 13 Nov 1920 Havana, Hale County, Alabama

Death: 13 January 1986 Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Vaughn Bestor

Mother: Lula Jones

Name: John Bester

Birth: Dec 1846 Barrington, Cambridgeshire, England

Death: Mar 1920 Caxton Cambridgeshire

Father: James Bester

Mother: Elizabeth Picken

Name: Henry Bester

Birth: 1850 Formosa, Bruce, Ontario

Death: 21 Nov 1929 Greenock, Bruce (East/est), Ontario, Canada

Father: Johann Bester

Mother: Maria Louisa Warlier

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