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Name: Daniel J Bies

Birth: 10 Jun 1890 Spring Lake, Scott, Minnesota

Death: Dec 1984 The Dalles, Wasco, Oregon, USA

Father: Heinrich Edward Bies

Mother: Hanora Coleman

Name: Eva Bies

Birth: 1885 Indiana

Death: 7 February 1973 Michigan, Laporte, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Bies

Mother: Anna Massonne

Name: Herman Bies

Birth: Apr 22 1913 South Dakota

Death: Mar 1985 Fergus Falls, Otter Tail, Minnesota, USA

Father: Francis Bies

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Kunkel

Name: Antoinette (Tony) Bies

Birth: 25 Aug 1913 Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 19 Aug 1976 Siren, Burnett, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Henry Bies

Mother: Anna Kohout

Name: Peter Alfred Bies

Birth: 14 July 1902 Washington, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 12 Oct 1980 Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Peter Nicholas Bies

Mother: Gertrude Strupp

Name: John Joseph Bies

Birth: 13 Jun 1867 Steinfort, Capellen, Luxembourg, Luxembourg,

Death: 21 Sep 1931 Ferdinand, Idaho, Idaho, United States

Father: Stephen Etienne Bies

Mother: Annie Bies

Name: John Bies

Birth: May 1862 Steinfort, Capellen, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Death: 01 Apr 1940 Seattle, King, Washington, United States

Father: Stephen Etienne Bies

Mother: Annie Bies

Name: Dominique Bies

Birth: Apr 1900 South Dakota

Death: 9 Nov 1990 Langley, Island, Washington, United States

Father: John Peter Bies

Mother: Bernadine Eva Huls

Name: Kenneth Bies

Birth: June 26 1918 Minnesota

Death: 1993 Hennepin, Minnesota

Father: Herman George Bies

Mother: Clara Marie Yunker

Name: Theodore H Bies

Birth: abt 1903 Wisconsin

Death: 14 Sep 1973 Merton, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Peter Nicholas Bies

Mother: Gertrude Strupp

Name: Russell Joseph Bies

Birth: 24 Jul 1924 St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Death: 29 Jul 1976 San Diego, San Diego County, California, United States

Father: Joseph Peter Bies

Mother: Alice Nagel

Name: Frank Bies

Birth: 13 Jan 1820 Koerich, Capellen, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Death: Jul 23, 1906 St Donatus, Jackson, Iowa, USA

Father: Nicolas Bies

Mother: Catharina Maria Nickels


Birth: 21 Feb 1882 Iowa

Death: DEC 7 1931 McCook County, South Dakota, USA

Father: Dominique Bies

Mother: Francesca Duclos

Name: Louise G Bies

Birth: 27 Dec 1889 Minnesota

Death: 6 Nov 1981 Ramsey County, Minnesota

Father: Andrew Bemlott

Mother: Mary Weidermann

Name: Charles Bies

Birth: abt 1825 Baden, Germany

Death: 1895 Ohio

Father: Franz Heinrich Bies

Mother: Mary Ritzhoup

Name: Bernadina E. Bies

Birth: 25 Oct 1872 Brown, Wisconsin

Death: 29 Jul 1908 Cottonwood, Idaho, Idaho

Father: William Huls (Hultz)

Mother: Bernadine Newroller

Name: Antoni P Bies

Birth: 22 Aug 1893 Zabnar, Tornow, Poland

Death: 10 Aug 1967 Ipswich, Essex County, MA

Father: Peter Bies

Mother: Mary ??

Name: Fred Edwin Bies

Birth: 9 Sep 1888 Minnesota

Death: 27 Feb 1940 Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Father: Frederick Bies

Mother: Katherine Umath

Name: Julia Katherine Bies

Birth: 22 Jun 1922 Ferdinand, Idaho County, Idaho, USA

Death: 31 Aug 2009 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon

Father: John Joseph Bies

Mother: Anna Susan Baune Brockman Bies

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