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Name: Ethel I. Borg

Birth: 02 Feb 1906 Gilmore City, Iowa USA

Death: May 1969 Gilmore City, Humboldt, Iowa, USA

Father: Charles Enoch Peterson Borg

Mother: Alice Bendixen

Name: La Borg

Birth: 11 Mar 1937 Fargo, ND

Death: 14 Mar 2008 Tillamook County, Oregon, USA

Father: Ingemar Borg

Mother: Pearl Peterson

Name: Gustaf J Borg

Birth: 5 May 1872 Veruiland, Sweden

Death: 5 JAN 1962 Fornåsa (Östergötlands län)

Father: Carl Alfred Carlsson Köhl

Mother: Johanna Andersdotter

Name: Elsa Ottilia Borg

Birth: 23 dec 1897 Hyltinge, Södermanland, Sverige

Death: Dec 1978 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Father: August Johansson Borg

Mother: Johanna Charlotta Eriksson

Name: Claus Borg

Birth: May 24, 1875 Frillesas, Sweden

Death: 30Jul1955 Harpster, Wyandot, Ohio, USA

Father: claes Berg

Mother: Sara Stina Andersson

Name: Caroline Marie Borg

Birth: 14 Jan 1850 Hadersleve, Denmark

Death: 23 February 1942 Kansas, USA

Father: Soren Peter Sorensen

Mother: Marie Christine Mortensen

Name: Clara Borg

Birth: 02 MAY 1890 Harwood, North Dakota

Death: 08 Oct 1969 Valley City, Barnes, North Dakota, United States

Father: Olof Weddichson Borg

Mother: Sara Tonette Hansdatter

Name: Glenn F Borg

Birth: 1 May 1896 Elmo, Otter Tail, Minnesota, USA

Death: 14 June 1964 Dalton, Otter Tail, Minnesota, United States

Father: Mårten Nilsson Borg

Mother: Ida Malmgren

Name: Edward Borg

Birth: 5 Oct 1910 Sawyer, Door, Wisconsin

Death: 16 Apr 1969 Seattle, King, Washington

Father: Franz Borg)

Mother: Juliane Rosland

Name: Carl Edward Borg

Birth: 24 April 1890 Minnesota

Death: 2 Jan 1991 Oregon, USA

Father: Carl BORG

Mother: Charlotta Johanna BRYNGELSSON

Name: Olive Lillian Borg

Birth: 10 Jul 1920 Chehalis, Lewis, Washington, USA

Death: June 2001 Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Father: Peter N Borg

Mother: Lenora Ellen Wilson

Name: Raymond Allan Borg

Birth: 24 Apr 1924 Nebraska

Death: 7 September 2010 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska

Father: Carl Elmer Borg

Mother: Ella S Borg

Name: Ester Margie Borg

Birth: Oct 16,1910 Lawler, Minnesota, USA

Death: Jan 31,1967 Wrenshall, Carlton, Minnesota, USA

Father: Axel Edvin Borg

Mother: Ruth Helen Prescott

Name: Edwin B Borg

Birth: 17 Feb 1910 Los Angeles, California

Death: Feb 1981 Newport Beach, Orange, California, USA

Father: Emil Bergström

Mother: Annie Marie Parker

Name: Christina Borg

Birth: 23 Sep 1856 Småland, Sweden

Death: 14 May 1938 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, United States

Father: Carl Magnus Borg

Mother: Anna Sofia Jonsdotter

Name: Nora C Borg

Birth: 12 NOV 1889 Springbank, Dixon, Nebraska, USA

Death: 20 DEC 1952 Wakefield, Dixon, Nebraska, USA

Father: Johan Alfred Borg

Mother: Helena Christina Svensdotter

Name: Augusta Charlotte Borg

Birth: 18 Feb 1855 Eskjo, Sweden

Death: 30 Mar 1949 CO, USA

Father: Karl Gustav Johansson(Borg)

Mother: Johanna Pettersdotter

Name: Jeanniene Elva Borg

Birth: 30 Apr 1934 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

Death: 10 Feb 2002 Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, USA

Father: Jonas Berger Borg

Mother: Virginia Adelia Jenkins

Name: Hjalmer William Borg

Birth: 11 Jan 1892 Chisago Lake, Chisago, Minnesota, USA

Death: 21 AUG 1944 Franconia, Chisago Co, Minnesota, USA

Father: Wilhelm (William) Gummesson

Mother: Hilda Charlotta Magnusdotter

Name: Karl August Borg

Birth: januari 1868 Westchester, Porter, Indiana, USA

Death: 5 mars 1954 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: John Borg

Mother: Johanna Carolina Samuelson

Name: Helen Alvera Borg

Birth: 09 Jul 1904 Minnesota, USA

Death: 16 Sept 1977 Aitkin, Aitkin, MN, USA

Father: Oscar Julius Borg

Mother: Nellie MaryAnn Wilson

Name: William Borg

Birth: 22 Mar 1866 Elmeboda, , Sweden

Death: 18 Dec 1944 Bayport, Washington, Minnesota, USA

Father: Gumme Swenson

Mother: Anna Carlsdotter

Name: Tillie Borg

Birth: 21 Oct 1889 Beaver, Beaver, Utah Territory

Death: 7 Jul 1973 Anaheim, Orange, California, USA

Father: Joseph Louis Borg

Mother: Mary Johnson

Name: Mary L Borg

Birth: 13 Jan 1864 Chesterton, Porter, Indiana, United States

Death: 29 Oct 1953 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: John Borg

Mother: Johanna Carolina Samuelson

Name: Oscar W Borg

Birth: 23 Mar 1897 Sweden

Death: 15 Apr 1977 Cle Elum, Kittitas, Washington, USA

Father: Magnus Eriksson Borg

Mother: Kristina Jansdotter

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