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NAME: Sarah Jane Brown

BIRTH: 5 May 1837 Ipava, Fulton, Illinois

DEATH: 2 FEB 1921 Pleasant Twp., Ipava, IL

FATHER: Thomas Brown

MOTHER: Lucy Beckelhymer

NAME: John Patrick Brown

BIRTH: 27 OCT 1863 Doe Run, Chester County, Pennsylvania

DEATH: 2 JUN 1936 Rantoul, Champaign County, Illinois

FATHER: John Brown

MOTHER: Catherine McGlinchey

NAME: Joseph Seabron Brown

BIRTH: 14 Dec 1874 Campbellton, Campbell, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 3 May 1954 Bonifay, Holmes, Florida, United States

FATHER: Aaron Hamilton Brown

MOTHER: Louisa Marriah Montgomery

NAME: Robert Watson Brown

BIRTH: 22 February 1821 South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 30 Dec 1901 Talledega, Alabama, United States

FATHER: John Lewis Brown

MOTHER: Mary Wells

NAME: Milton Montcalm Brown

BIRTH: 1797 city, , North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 1872 Brasstown, Towns, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Archibald M. Brown

MOTHER: Jane Farris

NAME: William Harrison "Billy" Brown

BIRTH: 1793 Wilkes County, North Carolina, United States of America

DEATH: Oct 1863 Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: Thomas William Brown

MOTHER: Mary Church

NAME: George Washington BROWN

BIRTH: 22 Feb 1833 Washington, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 28 Apr 1904 Honey Grove, Fannin, Texas, United States

FATHER: James Benjamin Brown

MOTHER: Mary A Brown

NAME: Eliza Brown

BIRTH: abt 1822 Honiton, Devon, England

DEATH: 26 Aug 1895 Kensington, Middlesex, England

FATHER: William Brown

MOTHER: Elizabeth Bateman

NAME: Jacob Jay Brown

BIRTH: 14 Apr 1919 Hampton County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 17 Mar 1994 Brunson, Hampton, South Carolina, USA

FATHER: Henry Kirkland Brown

MOTHER: Mourning Honor Roberts

NAME: Bazzell Hollis BROWN

BIRTH: 28 Apr 1793 Burgetstown, Washington, PA

DEATH: 20 May 1854 Jewett, Cumberland, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Nicholas Brown

MOTHER: Sarah Whitaker

NAME: William Burruss Brown

BIRTH: 1822 Fairfield, Jefferson County, Alabama

DEATH: 1893 Fairfield, Jefferson County, Alabama

FATHER: William Brown Pc3-0

MOTHER: Sarah Ann"Sallie" McCracken

NAME: David Brown

BIRTH: 1772 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland UK

DEATH: 10 Jan 1826 Wilberforce nr Windsor, Outer Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Joseph Emerson Brown, Sr (5GGF) (gf of Joseph Brown Gov of GA an Chief Justice)

MOTHER: Mary Margaret Porter - Brown (5GGM) (Immigrant)

NAME: Floyd Herbert Brown

BIRTH: 20 SEP 1896 Owls Head, Franklin, New York, USA

DEATH: 21 Apr 1977 Owls Head, Franklin, New York, USA

FATHER: Lucius Edward Brown

MOTHER: Phoebe Livernois

NAME: Herman Leroy Brown

BIRTH: 29 Mar 1912 Rotan, Fisher, Texas, USA

DEATH: 28 Oct 1982 Elizabeth, Elbert, Colorado, USA

FATHER: Lema Ellis Brown

MOTHER: Minnie Rilla Mason Brown

NAME: Daniel Wellington Brown

BIRTH: 21 Dec 1703 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

DEATH: 26 Feb 1796 Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Joseph Browne

MOTHER: Ruhamah Wellington

NAME: Martin Clyde Brown

BIRTH: 11 Feb 1903 Boone, Cass County, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 2 Oct 1960 Hammond, Spencer County, Indiana, USA


MOTHER: Ida (Arta) Belle Working

NAME: Ezekiel "Zekiel" "Zeke" Brown

BIRTH: 1787 Brunswick County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 04 AUG 1871 Camden, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Captain Hugh Brown

MOTHER: Sarah Crawford

NAME: George S Brown

BIRTH: 6 May 1817 Clermont County, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 07 Sep 1890 Arcadia, Valley, Nebraska

FATHER: Porter Brown

MOTHER: Cynthia Shannon

NAME: Thomas A Brown

BIRTH: 14 December 1827 Knighton, Leicestershire, England

DEATH: 1 Nov 1893 Lafayette, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: Benjamin Brown

MOTHER: Elizabeth Porter

NAME: Belfield Brown

BIRTH: 10 January 1845 Parmleysville, Wayne County, Kentucky, United States of America

DEATH: 26 Dec 1926 Organna, Laclede, Missouri, USA

FATHER: William Brown

MOTHER: Sarah "Sallie" Wood

NAME: Ruby Estelle Brown

BIRTH: 3 Jan 1897 Thornton, Limestone, Texas, USA

DEATH: 1 May 1980 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA

FATHER: Rev. Eugene F Brown

MOTHER: Sarah E Sallie Spray

NAME: Neoma Ethel tran Brown

BIRTH: 20 Sep 1877 Auglaize Twp, Camden, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 15 June 1952 Valley Park (St. Louis County), MO

FATHER: John Samuel 'Frosty' Traw

MOTHER: Sarah Fine Gideon

NAME: William Preston Brown

BIRTH: 10 Mar 1844 Morristown, Hamblen, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 09 JAN 1922 Polk, Atchison, Missouri, United States

FATHER: James H Brown

MOTHER: Mary Ann Holder

NAME: Flora Esther Brown

BIRTH: 7 Mar 1903 Georgia

DEATH: 11 Oct 2000 Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia, USA

FATHER: James David Brown

MOTHER: Martha E Lizzie Cole

NAME: Isaac Anderson Brown

BIRTH: 16 October 1816 Washington County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 29 Apr 1890 Grape Creek, Vermilion, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Elijah Brown

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Glass