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Name: Sarah Jane BULLEY

Birth: 1855 At Sea on Board the Ship Constitution

Death: 9 Oct 1931 Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Henry Bulley

Mother: Elizabeth Pike


Birth: 25 Jan 1869 Manning River, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 10 Jul 1919 Hannam Vale, New South Wales, Australia


Mother: Janet Steel (nee Smith )

Name: Emily Hannah Bulley

Birth: 4 March 1887 New South Wales, Australia

Death: 10 Nov. 1957 New South Wales, Australia


Mother: Frances Cecilia Daley


Birth: 28 Jan 1835 DEVON,ENGLAND

Death: 1 Aug 1917 Taree, New South Wales, Australia

Father: William Bulley

Mother: Charlotte Lock Burgoyne

Name: William Bulley

Birth: 31 May 1868 6 Admiralty Street, St Paul's, East Stonehouse, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon

Death: 1981 Plymouth, Devon

Father: George Bulley

Mother: Emma Parsons

Name: Richard Albert Frederick Bulley

Birth: 1 Mar 1869 Lambeth, Surrey, England

Death: Mar 1948 Wandsworth, Greater London, England

Father: William Henry Bulley

Mother: Mary Amelia Broad

Name: John Bulley

Birth: Jun 1798 Dartmouth, Devon, England

Death: 15th April 1881 Noel Villa, Ealing, Middlesex, England

Father: Richard Popham Bulley

Mother: Mary Soper

Name: Henry Bulley

Birth: abt 1853 Mundon, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 24 December 1924 Edmonton, Middlesex, England

Father: Charles Bulley

Mother: Phoebe Titmus

Name: Reginald Harold Bulley

Birth: 1 Oct 1906 Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia

Death: 30 Dec 1956 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Father: John Herbert Bulley

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Hooper

Name: Daniel Bulley

Birth: 1815 Aswell, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 28 Nov 1896 Shoreditch, London

Father: Daniel Bulley

Mother: Sarah Munt

Name: Albert Theodore Bulley

Birth: 15 JAN 1886 Shaldon, St Nicholas, Devon

Death: 05 Oct 1966 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

Father: Theodore Bulley

Mother: Maria Davey

Name: Selina Bulley

Birth: 12 Jun 1911 Morpeth, Northumberland

Death: 12 Apr 1996 Northumberland Central, Northumberland, England

Father: Herbert Bulley

Mother: Leah Pennenah Sanders

Name: Edmund Bulley

Birth: 2 Jul 1879 Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Death: 25 Mar 1962 Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan, USA

Father: William George Bulley

Mother: Mary Ann Fellows

Name: Henry Bulley

Birth: 16 Dec 1813 Kingskerswell, Devon, England

Death: 1886 Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Henry Bulley

Mother: Sarah Colton

Name: Thomas Bulley

Birth: 1780 Combinteignhead, Devon

Death: 30 Jan 1853 Liverpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: Samuel Bulley

Mother: Joanna 'ann' Woods

Name: Sadie Elizabeth Bulley

Birth: 3 Jul 1896 Linwood Bay, Michigan

Death: 26 FEB 1980 Dearborn Heights, Wayne, Michigan, United States

Father: Peter (Boulay) Bulley

Mother: Elizabeth Poupard

Name: Grace Isabella Bulley

Birth: Oct 1881 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, USA

Death: 11 Jan 1930 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, United States

Father: Mitchell Bulley

Mother: Malinda Catherine Laplante

Name: William Northway Bulley

Birth: 09 Nov 1812 Shaldon, Devon, England

Death: 28 May 1880 Shaldon, Devon, England

Father: William Bulley

Mother: Maria Northway

Name: William George Bulley

Birth: 22 Dec 1832 Shoreditch, London, England

Death: 23 Apr 1909 Benton, Berrien, Michigan, United States

Father: John Bulley

Mother: Jane Susannah Summerfield

Name: Mabel E Bulley

Birth: 7 Jan 1883 6 Admiralty Street, St Paul's, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon

Death: 04 Jan 1967 Canterbury, Kent

Father: George Bulley

Mother: Emma Parsons

Name: George Bulley

Birth: 20 Jul 1866 East Stonehouse, Plymouth

Death: Jun 1926 East Stonehouse, Devon, England

Father: George Bulley

Mother: Emma Parsons

Name: Joseph Bulley

Birth: 19 Mar 1780 Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England

Death: Jan 1857 Great Amwell, Hertfordshire

Father: Edward Bulley

Mother: Keziah Wood

Name: George Bulley

Birth: April 1840 Exeter, Devon, England

Death: Mar 1919 6 Admiralty Street, St Paul's, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon

Father: William Bulley

Mother: Catherine Wheeler

Name: George Henry Bulley

Birth: 9 mar 1876 South Molton, England, United Kingdom

Death: Dec 1951 Barnstaple, Devon, England

Father: John Bulley

Mother: Eliza (Unknown)

Name: Samuel Marshall Bulley

Birth: 1 Jul 1850 New Brighton, Cheshire, England

Death: 14 Mar 1908 Farnham, Surrey, England

Father: Samuel Marshall Bulley

Mother: Mary Rachel Raffles

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